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  1. dkleeh

    Rules Question

    Thanks @scunnySent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  2. I would like to be able to program my cameras to only record motion when the system is in AWAY, NIGHT, OR VACATION MODE. I don't need it recording when I am HOME and moving around the house. I'm sure many people, like myself, are not always home at the same time everyday. An alarm state parameter in the rules would help a lot. This ability could go much further than cameras as well, though I am primarily interested in the camera function. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  3. dkleeh

    Rules Question

    Is there a way to set a rule to function ONLY when the alarm system is in a certain state? Example: I want my cameras to only record motion when the system is in AWAY, NIGHT, OR VACATION MODE. I don't need it recording when I am HOME and moving around the house. If this cannot be done, how do I submit a request with @irisbylowes for consideration? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  4. Wondering what the possibility of a BLINK CCTV integration with IRIS is.... Any thoughts?? Looking like they have a functioning integration with SmartThings
  5. Darn it you were quick on that. [emoji12] Congratulations!
  6. dkleeh

    Update must be coming

  7. dkleeh

    Osram a19 Bulbs

    With the OSRAM I continue to experience the rolling disconnect; however, the disconnects now seem to be isolated to just two of the bulbs. Now, concerning the GE Links, I can officially say that I am experiencing ZERO problems with the three that I have in place. Funny part, my app no longer lists the GE Links as GE, it just shows "uncertified device". Go figure.
  8. Now there's a question I'd like to see answered....Anybody know of any CCTV that function on the system that are NOT IRIS BRANDED?
  9. Samsung Smart Home flaws let hackers make keys to front door:
  10. On the Care Behavior "MONITOR HOME TEMPERATURE" adding in "DAYS AND TIMES TO MONITOR" like some of the other behaviors have would be phenomenal! As it currently stands: If this could be added, like in the "No Acivity Detected Behavior", it would be so helpful:
  11. The absolute lowest fps you should EVER set a camera to record at is 15fps. Anything lower than that and you're missing WAY too much! That being said, @Vettester is spot on with what home surveillance systems should be set to.
  12. When is IRIS going to come out with a list of "compatible" products that will work with V2? Samsung Smartthings has a decent example of what would be nice to have with our system: The only list that I have seen on the IRISBYLOWES Website is a short list of IRIS products that they're trying to sell.
  13. Okay, so here is one I'm at a loss with. This rule, when setup, will function one time. We'll say that I set the rule to turn off a switch for 1 hour after the temperature of the sensor goes below 75°. The rule will do just that, shutting off the switch for 60 minutes before turning back on; however, it is at this point the rule fails. After running properly the first time, the rule will never shut down the switch when temperatures meet the requirements again. Any input or thoughts?
  14. Well, the new update must have brought me a new little glitch: I didn't have a disconnect issue with my CT101 before today.
  15. dkleeh

    Smart Things?

    Yea, I read that the other day... Made me think about all those who jumped ship early on in the V2 "experience".