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  1. tblessing

    My migration experience from Iris to Hubitat

    Thanks! got it all hooked in.. sad to see Iris go though... def not as easy but seems good enough. Not impressed with the range of the HE Hub and the cord on it is ridiculously short.
  2. tblessing

    My migration experience from Iris to Hubitat

    Me too -- have not found anything on Alexa to make my door contacts activate on Hubitat. Any direction on this would be appreciated.
  3. tblessing

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Just having the V1 devices work to some degree would be nice -- especially any of the security features including the key pad -- unless that is going to be considered plastic trash for the landfills. Maybe we can use the radios for something... seems like a lot of wasted electronics.
  4. tblessing

    So I got the Pet Door...

    When is Iris going to put the pet door features back into Hub2? It used to be set up so that if the fire alarms went off -- I could set this to open up and unlock the doors. After version 2 this went away with other features that made Iris nice to use... the Pet Safe dog door has lost most of its functionality now and other than being able to open or close it manually and the use of the tags -- none of the other features work anymore. Iris is such a piece of junk anymore and Lowes had a good product and someone came along and really messed this up.. im pissed because really -- this is a safety issue and should be addressed.. allowing the pet door to be part of the rules and scenes.
  5. tblessing

    Iris 2.5?

    This is the reason I stopped paying for the service. The people behind the platform are just not pros at communicating issues, etc.. when there is a known issue like this it causes people to think there is something wrong like the batteries are going out, etc.. none of my devices report the proper battery levels anymore so I am in the dark with this system.. when there is a known issue, they should have a notice that you see when you sign into the app... This system is still ridiculous and I just cannot rely on it for real security or for protection.. just too many loose ends.