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  1. blade4287

    Smart Things?

    Just wanted to chime back in as it's been almost a year since I moved to ST...and I still couldn't be happier. The latest update brings notifications if items go offline and it has proven to be 100% rock stable. I love that just about every device out there whether its officially supported or not has a community of people behind it getting things to work. The IRIS keypads work awesome under it. Took a 1600 line driver, but they work. I've now got a fully functional system. Add Arlo in and you can pretty well monitor everything you need to. I could go on, but in my opinion the grass really has been greener on this side of the fence. At the rate I keep seeing IRIS devices going on clearance I have to wonder the rate they are actually committed to it. I'll take it though as it means cheap devices for me.
  2. Which hub do we bring in? V1 or V2?
  3. So you had me curious about it, and smarthings doesn't actually poll the devices as a battery saving measure. However...because of the ST nature, somebody wrote a code app for it. I just uploaded it to my dashboard and I'll test it out to see how it works. If there is a feature missing on the platform you usually just have to look for the code someone wrote.
  4. Yea...we've been hearing that a lot of stuff is coming...8 months later its a failed experiment. It's a clinging hope that it will get better as many are heavily invested in what is essentially a proprietary system, despite the use of of an open standard. Something tells me that within the year Iris is going to go the same route as Wink/Quirky/Staples. The community to support it is not there and its run by a corporation that once they realize its a money sink will kill it off to appease shareholders. Lowes has never been in the hardware/software development/support game. It was honestly an incredibly stupid thing for them to do in the first place. Should have continued the outsource model. The displays are always battered and disheveled, with not a second thought given to them. I've got 10 Lowes within about 20 miles of me. They are all the same way. It's a half committed effort to get a piece of the market. The honest reality is that in the battle for integration to peoples homes, ST is winning. Samsung is willing to throw massive amounts of money at it. Its what they do as a business. Lowes is in a hardware selling business, not technology. Its been a pretty obvious given how they have handled every problem with this system. Over-promise, under deliver, and stay silent on issues. Their support is atrocious. I'm in IT. If I did this to my users I'd be crucified on the spot.
  5. I've only had it drop offline once, and I was notified very quickly. If the alarm is triggered the text is immediate. As far as the devices going offline, since switching I have not had a single device drop offline that I am aware of. Every device always responds when it is supposed to. Most of my network at this point is zwave. I've got GE Link bulbs and Iris 4 button controllers for zigbee only.
  6. Don't let the ST forums scare you. Having access to code is prolly one of the easiest and best features of the platform. Since I switched almost 2 months ago I have had a rock solid platform. Upgrades have all gone smoothly and they send out advance notice. Got a device that isn't supported out of the box, search the item and ST code and you are likely to find a driver. Copy and paste it in, and on pairing it will use that driver. There is a nice little plugin for accuweather as well that is virtual, but you can use it to trigger all sorts of things. I've been able to add so many generic Zwave devices. And some of the paid options are awesome as well, especially for the Schlage locks. The ability to use it as an alarm device, lock out the keypad, set the sensitivity for different times of days, etc. I have the sirens tied into the system to act as door chimes, as well as if the smoke detectors alert, to trigger then as well. Yes, it only has minimal offline processing, but at this point I've not had their backend drop after they fixed all of their DB problems. That was a huge cluster right as I got my system, but they acknowledged the problem and fixed it.
  7. blade4287

    Let's clear the air

    Yep. Thats what they did last night for the door/window sensors.
  8. blade4287

    Let's clear the air

    Good to know they will accept returns without receipts on V1 stuff. I've still got all of mine sitting in a box.
  9. blade4287

    Finally Fed Up with Iris since the Hub Upgrade

    If V2 devices or Zwave everything should work with Smartthings. Only things I don't know about are the security cams, but i know there is a document on here about how to regain local control of them
  10. blade4287

    Interference to hub

    Remember that Zigbee is in the 2.4 band and subject to Wifi interference. Zwave is 908.42.
  11. blade4287

    Interference to hub

    I found that V2 had significantly worse range than V1, especially for ZWave in..horrendous. Tested it with V1, V2, and ST in the same area. V2 always failed.
  12. blade4287

    Question About Selling System

    Quite the sale on ST right now. Might make it a little less painful for you.
  13. blade4287

    Question About Selling System

    Everything that is IRIS V1, that is a Zigbee device, is not compatible with any other system. They had it locked down. The only exception I've found are the Sylvania light bulbs. Anything which is ZWave will move to another system.
  14. blade4287

    Question About Selling System

    I'd take a serious look at coming over to the Smartthings side of the house. Is it perfect, no. Is it loads better? Yes. My amount of disconnects has plummeted from frequent and daily to....I haven't had a disconnect is 3 weeks. Last time was a Iris button fob when the battery died in it. The ability to add ZigBee and Zwave devices from so many different manufacturers is amazing. I picked up a bunch of the wink/gocontrol zwave sensor kits from HD this weekend on clearance. Pair a door window sensor with IRIS, got an unsupported message. Paired with problem. Loaded custom device driver for the Motion sensors and now i have motion and temp reporting from those devices. Its just a significantly more open platform. Offline processing is only lights right now, but I have a backup cell modem setup. The ST hub is on sale right now for 79$....might be worth it to try this side before giving up on the Smart Home concept.
  15. blade4287

    V2 Hub Issues, So I'm ditching IRIS for???

    And just a slight correction. ST supports local processing of lighting when using their lighting app. Thats how mine is setup.