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  1. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Exactly what I was looking for, Thanks Vettester!
  2. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Got it!!! I opened the .gv file in a text editor and see the references there at the top as you said! Thanks to you both; hopefully, my stumbling will help someone out with this in the future. All the best!
  3. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Thanks, I saw that link; however, my devices are not numbered as in the map. My Protocopl ID's look like this: VxxfAgLBEgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= ?? Not numbers?
  4. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Well, I ended up moving my hub to the opposite end of the house and right next to one of the GE z-wave switches and all seems to be staying stable... Kudos to your great work on the portal! What a great tool ! I have downloaded the map and searched your postings but have yet been able to come across a key as to what the light grey and dotted connections mean? Also curious as to how to determine what device numbers on the map refer to? is there a post somewhere explaining this?? All the best!
  5. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Found it! I need to study the output to try and understand it's meaning. I do get errors when trying to view and generate the png file.. Is this error to be expected? working on C:/Users/sven.PDT/Downloads/zwave-map.gv Warning: Unable to reclaim box space in spline routing for edge "C0xXRi03NzY49ZcZIAsAAAAAAAA=" -> "HExXRi03NzY49ZcZIBwAAAAAAAA=". Something is probably seriously wrong. Warning: Unable to reclaim box space in spline routing for edge "BkxXRi03NzY49ZcZIAYAAAAAAAA=" -> "GExXRi03NzY49ZcZIBgAAAAAAAA=". Something is probably seriously wrong.
  6. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Wow, nice website, I had not seen it since you started your project, thank you for your efforts! I am missing the area where I might find any sort of device mapping tool?
  7. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    RE: Paring Plug within 10 feet... strange that it would work this way, but then again so is everything with Iris.... Here is another strange thing with my issue... My Z-wave GE devices almost always re-connect during the daytime as my outside porch light, landscape lights etc.. will turn on, per my scheduled timers; however, they almost always drop off in the middle of the night and I have to shut every switch off manually in the morning. They will reconnect again sometime in the afternoon and then disconnect in the middle of the night. It certainly seems like Iris is tinkering with the system in the middle of the night, over and over and over again... Out of frustration I called tech support yesterday and asked them to send me a new hub, they of course refused and told me that I should shut un-pair ALL z-wave devices, then shut down the house power for 5 minutes, then re-add each one to the system... I haven't decided if I want to try this yet as I have many different schedules on my z-wave devices. It would be nice if they would send me replacement zigbee switches and take my z-wave ones in return as zigbee has been 100 times more reliable all the way back to the superior V1 system
  8. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Well, everything was finally reconnected and working fine yesterday, and now this morning all GE z-wave wired devices are down. My years of patience isnwearing thin!
  9. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Sparc, back to your original point, yes there is absolutely a bug that has hit some of our hubs zwave devices. I have one system that over the past week has all of my ge zwave hardwire devices disconnected. The devices will reconnect from time to time as a whole, then disconnect again. Reset and remesh has not helped. Now my devices are back online; however, they will not respond to any control input from the app or web portal. I have one switch i had to turn off over 20 times for it to actually work, and another that just refuses. So they are half fixed now, they are connected but don't work.
  10. Hide picture on dashboard

    Great idea! thanks, i really do not like the tranparent foreground/background. It mau be ok for some young computer programmers with thick glasses, the contrast and small fonts really suck for those over 40! Lowes needs to remember that most millenials who may buy their product still live at home!
  11. Range Extender Exchange Experience

    Great! Thank You!!!!
  12. Range Extender Exchange Experience

    Sorry to resurrect this post, I was wondering if the old range extenders were even doing anything on my v2 hub.... and I guess the answer is no... So for anyone that has taken one back to Lowes to swap it for another device, what SKU # or price did you give them to look up the value???
  13. Amazon Echo with two Iris Accounts

    Actually that was what the Amazon Echo Cust service rep told me, he said just to do it from another device i.e. ipad and I could add it as a new Iris.. I tried it today and it is no longer an option. They are looking into it and will hopefully call me back. I will report back if there is a solution offered...
  14. Amazon Echo with two Iris Accounts

    Ok, I may be mis-understanding you or missing something with my setup... When I add my Iris device as a "Skill" in Alexa it asks me for my Iris info (username and password) then it links Alexa to that account and only shows devices within that account or as Irsis calls it a "Place" How or where did you find the setting within Alexa to add a second hub??
  15. Amazon Echo with two Iris Accounts

    Yes, Alexa will not let you set up a second Iris account and Iris will not let you switch places via voice control or even allow you to set up groups with devices from another Iris Account.