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  1. I noticed recently that Lowe's is advertising smart home products from Nest, Google and others but NOT IRIS. I was in our local Lowe's last evening and noticed that the Iris display had been removed from it's traditional end cap and been replaced by Nest and Google displays. Iris device inventory was negligible. Couple that with their absence at CES and the handwriting is getting clearer. I am not drinking the Lowe's Kool-Aid. It strongly looks to me like Lowe's is going to drop Iris. I am hoping that all my devices will work with other hubs.
  2. Jim

    CT101 thermostat keeps disconnecting

    I have four of the Radio Thermostats paired with my hub. Two of them within 6 feet. After years of working fine, suddenly all of the thermostats are either disconnecting or ignoring commands. I have tried removing and repairing, hardware reset and repairing and a factory reset and repairing. They work fine for a day and then experience the same issues. What is very odd is that if I manually change the temp or mode on the thermostats I can see the change on my iPad but if I try to change a setting from my iPad or iPhone the change is ignored. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Jim

    Control via PC

    I have a great sense of urgency on the web based interface. I am visually impaired. I have three systems and trying to manage them on an iPhone screen as opposed to my 24" monitor is a difficult challenge. Back in December Lowe's claimed to be addressing the matter and would be adding a web based interface. In March I was told it would be in the "next update." Today I was told by support, "hopefully by the end of August". Certainly Lowe's does not have any sense of urgency at providing a web based UI. What a shame that they have so badly miss-managed the release of version 2. Clearly it was and remains less functional of the version 1 system.
  4. Jim

    Desktop / Web based control

    I just spoke with support today and they indicated that "the web based interface will hopefully be available by the end of August."
  5. Jim

    Multiple hubs/accounts

    I have 3 Iris Systems. I migrated 1 several month ago but had so many issues that I have held off migrating my other two accounts. Because Lowe's is forcing migration, even though they have not yet addressed many issues with the next gen product, I am trying to migrate a second system. Unfortunately, the migration tool will not allow me to add a second system to my email address. I only have a single email address. I am not sure why they have chosen to use email addresses rather than login names or why I cannot setup multiple systems. All three systems were available with one login in the first generation. In addition, I am visually impaired and have always managed my systems using a Windows PC and the web based application. Trying to manage and schedule my system on my iPhone is a real challenge. I raised this issue when migrating my first system 60 to 90 days ago and was told by support that the web based app would be available with the next update. It appears that there have been three updates since then but no follow through on the web based interface. Has anyone found a workaround for these issues? Lowe's seems to be taking the "shoot, ready, aim" approach.
  6. Jim

    Missing functions?

    JI would like to receive a notification if the temperature drops below a certain level. How can I do this?