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  1. Deerlover1

    Feels like Kickstarter

    This is what happens when a company fixes what isnt broken. V1 worked perfectly fine. V2 is an unnecessary change for the sake of change.
  2. Deerlover1

    V2 smart plug

    Welcome to flat UI. If you think this is bad try all the new apps on a Nexus 6.
  3. Deerlover1

    V2 hub died

    Mine came with a dead power adapter out of the box. My guess is it just happened to you. I got a universal 5v adapter from RadioShack which worked perfectly
  4. I think this is the same for V1 but you used to be able to change it where the LED only came on when the plug was on instead of off. It was my means to know when something was on. And matched the same with my smart plugs. Now at night there's three bright blue LEDs lighting up my bedroom at night which annoy me, and the new app is atrocious and perhaps the setting to change this is buried where I haven't found it yet, but is it possible to change this?
  5. I set both the extender and Hub timers where they reboot closer together and the notifications stopped. I noticed you can't reboot just the hub (stalls at two flashing lights, green and yellow) or reboot just the extender (Hub goes offline and never recovers) you have to reboot the extender first and then the hub. My previous issue was setting the threshold too far apart and i kept getting nuisance offline and online notifications. There's half hour latency before you get notified also I noticed. Becausy my modem is a Verizon Jetpack Mifi it offers no wired ports you can connect to a wireless router. It's WiFi only so the extender (which connects wirelessly to the Jetpack and then has wired ports built in) is the only way to run the hub. If Iris would gain WiFi capabilities like all devices from the 21st Century it'd be helpful
  6. Deerlover1

    Avoid the new keyfob :(

    I might try a soldering iron later but for now I have to buy a new one.
  7. It's razor thin on top of a frosted background. Typical flat design fare, seemingly intended for young eyes only. I called them and asked for a future update that might allow someone to choose between the new look and the old V1 look since it would keep things familiar and the old look was a lot easier on the eyes. They took it into consideration
  8. Deerlover1

    Feels like Kickstarter

    It feels more like the second coming of Ivee
  9. I get notified when it goes offline. If happens five times a day and oddly at the same times, which are the times I set my timer to auto reboot both my extender and Iris.
  10. Deerlover1

    Avoid the new keyfob :(

    Mine died without the tab breaking or the battery going dead. Not sure what happened. It simply stopped working and the lights on longer blink when I press a button or insert a battery
  11. Deerlover1

    Hub constantly disconnecting

    Yes. The jetpack does allow all sorts of configurations including lease time and DMZ, the extender just gives more range and wired connectivity to wired legacy devices. I can't set a static IP unless I kill dhcp and then Iris won't work at all. I can't do dhcp and set a static IP unless I do it from the client side and since Iris has no interface with the client side thats not possible ATM There's no way to do it server side from the jetpack.
  12. Deerlover1

    Hub constantly disconnecting

    I doubt it. My leases are set to never expire, and the router my Hub is plugged into is on a DMZ. All my Lifx bulbs which use wifi don't disconnect at all even manage to reconnect if the router auto reboots to fix Iris. Iris is the only thing on my network that drops multiple times a day
  13. Deerlover1

    Login "Remember Me"

    my Facebook app stays logged in?
  14. Deerlover1

    Devices going Offline

    The only thing currently going offline for me is my V2 hub itself. five times a day now.
  15. depending on how much voltage the old rechargeable pack from V1 put out, I can't see why one couldn't find a way to rig it up to work with V2 but given how often V2 craps out (now five times a day for me) the batteries make it impossible to automatically reboot since it just goes back to the error state. a reset is the only real fix.