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  1. xadawgx

    Wink hub 2??

    Basically with V1 hub the robots would only execute properly about 60-75 percent of the time while V2 almost never fails. With V2 they fixed the wireless sensitivity issue and also added an Ethernet port (even better) Not to mention with V2 you get local processing for most tasks, so its faster and less reliant on the cloud. Totally worth the upgrade in my opinion even at full cost.
  2. xadawgx

    Wink hub 2??

    I've had my Wink 2 hub for some time now, and it has been rock solid stable, SO much better than the V1 hub.
  3. xadawgx

    Blink. Another security option

    Blink is releasing a new camera certified for outdoor use with IR night vision soon.
  4. Received my free upgrade hub (this is not retail packaging) and never opened it. I have since moved on to Wink. Just pay shipping of your choosing from 92025. First to respond gets it. **tentatively claimed** Thanks!
  5. xadawgx


    Hi Sparc, Maybe I wasn't clear, there is no monthly subscription fee to use the cameras, no matter how many you have. All features are active with $0 monthly cost. The $10 per camera I was referring to is the price per camera going up slightly not a recurring fee per camera. The fee I was talking about may come if you choose to add the alarm module that they will be releasing soon, but even that has not been decided.
  6. xadawgx


    Just as an update they have released auto arming / disarming feature but it's not geo location based just timers for now. They also added multi system support. Both features are iOS only for now, Android support next month. Alarm modules are scheduled to be released by the end of the month but there may be a monthly fee to use the them however this is still unconfirmed at this point. Price has gone up a little by $10 per camera. System up time has been 100 percent. I had some issues with system stability but these were largely fixed by repositioning the cameras to maximize wifi and sync module strength. However if you issue too many commands in a short period of time through the app this can cause issues with commands timing out and failing to complete. Then it can take a little while to get the system back into a good state. Overall I can still very comfortably recommend this system
  7. xadawgx

    Finally Fed Up with Iris since the Hub Upgrade

    I think Abode is the most security minded system...but it sacrifices some automation capability.
  8. xadawgx

    My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    It's no secret Lowe's has completely dropped the ball with the transition to V2... I don't blame the dev team they had a pretty monumental task of essentially coding everything from scratch since V1 was actually AlertMe, a British company that got bought out by British Gas and then shuttered. I think the developers have made some amazing strides in functionality since V2 was released. However there is no question V2 was released prematurely and half baked. The blame falls squarely on the upper management, they treated their existing V1 user base as beta testers instead of doing their own in house testing before release. Then they decided to EOL V1 before parity was reached, forcing users to "upgrade" and lose features such as local processing, cellular backup and a web interface just to name a few. This has undoubtedly left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths but the reality is I don't think Lowe's cares much. I am confident they will eventually have a profitable, stable & robust system, but it will have been built on the backs of the early adopters, forged by their blood sweat and tears The general public has no concept of V2 issues, frankly I doubt many people know it exists if my local Lowe's is any indictation. They have put zero effort into marketing this system. The in store display is a dismal hodge lodge of V1 and V2 components lacking proper product facing. I believe this is all part of the plan, they don't want to push the system until it is viable. Anyway you have obviously moved on to greener pastures so best of luck, I cut my loses and moved on months ago.
  9. xadawgx

    Wink fail

    Just picked up a Wink hub with 3 GE Link bulbs. Easiest setup process ever. Setting up the hub was as simple as plug in, connect to Wifi, update software. Took around 15 min from start to finish and the hub was ready to go. The GE bulbs paired on first attempt even with the hub all the way on the other side of the house. The hardest thing was the Zwave inclusion/exclusion mode for an unsupported GE light switch...this was buried a little deeper in the app than I would like but that too paired on the first attempt. Added my Nest protect smoke/CO detector easily too, signed into my Nest account and in under a minute I was up and running. I am highly impressed coming from Iris, both V1 and V2, which was a lot more hit or miss with the pairing process. It usually required being next to the hub. The Wink app is simplistic but functional, definitely as less is more approach here. Of course your mileage may vary but 24 hours in I am already a lot more satisfied than I ever was with Iris and no monthly fee is a nice bonus.
  10. xadawgx


    Correct motion triggers it, and the motion sensitivity can be adjusted for each camera individually from within the app. There is also a delay setting between events. The lowest setting is currently 10 seconds. So if you trigger an event you will have to wait a minimum of 10 seconds before the camera captures another event. As far as live monitoring is concerned, after approx. 10 seconds the app will prompt you to "continue?" if you do not click the button live streaming will time out. If you click the button it will reset the timer for another 10 seconds and then prompt you again. I believe you could stream indefinitely or until the batteries were drained by this method but I have not tested that. One thing of note is that currently there is no way to record video unless an event has been triggered. So if you are live streaming and see something suspicious or of interest there is no way to capture a picture/video. If you are not live streaming you can capture a picture to be used as thumbnail for the app and that's it. I believe the development team may be looking into adding this functionality but no guarantees there. One nice feature is that you can save recorded videos on the cloud to your local device by clicking download icon in the app.
  11. xadawgx


    I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  12. xadawgx


    Great HD camera monitoring system I purchased after leaving Iris. So far I am very pleased. http://www.blinkforhome.com/ Pros - Fully wireless,so you can place them anywhere 1+ year battery life with regular usage on two lithium AAs 720P video Free cloud storage Reliable system up time Cheap - 5 camera system is $299 and each additional camera is $60 Onboard USB storage - not yet implemented but in roadmap Cons - Designed for indoor use only, but many folks myself included, have no issue using them outside under the eaves but this will void your warranty Currently 10 seconds maximum recording time per event (this may increase) No IFTTT integration but this is in the roadmap No other platform integration ( though some folks at Smart Things have integrated it) App is stable but still needs some work No auto arming/disarming - this is set to be released this month No Infrared night vision - uses LED illuminators - however I consider this a pro actually as the bright LED light is a deterrent
  13. xadawgx

    Apple going deeper into home automation?

    Not to derail this thread but the Iris display at my local Lowe's may as well be non existent. I think they know V2 is still firmly in beta and won't start aggressively pushing it in stores until most of the bugs with V2 are worked out. The general public really have no idea what a debacle V2 has been for the early adopters and I think the powers that be at Lowe's would like to keep it that way
  14. xadawgx

    Apple going deeper into home automation?

    Completely separate from Iris, Iris does not support Homekit. Homekit is pretty useless right now, having to use multiple apps and no push notifications.
  15. xadawgx

    V2 Hub Issues, So I'm ditching IRIS for???

    Unfortunately V1 IRIS branded products are not compatible with any other system. You can try pleading your case and returning them at Lowe's or sell them off here. I sold off all my V1 gear here. As far as other platforms, neither Smart Things or Wink (or Iris V2) have local execution engines so if you lose connection to the internet, you lose most if not all system functionality. Wink just recently added local execution for lights but everything else is processed in the cloud. If local execution is a priority for you look at Insteon, Vera or Abode (a new player in the field focusing on security first, automation second) but these all come with their own limitations so do your due diligence with research before making the switch.