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  1. bdavison2011

    *SOLD* 4G Modem for Sale

    Hello, I just got the 4G modem for Iris V2 and don't need it. I would like to sell it. Please let me know if you are interested.
  2. bdavison2011

    Bad Tier Two Customer Service

    Thanks for the follow up. I have been working with someone much better. They have told me that this item isn't supported on v2 yet tho..
  3. bdavison2011

    Bad Tier Two Customer Service

    I spent about two hours on the phone with general customer service. The gentleman was amazing! He connected me with another department that is in charge of development. A woman came on and is just TERIABLE. To make an extremely long story short, she tried to give me the run around saying that the device is too far from the hub to work. The device is only 20 feet away and when she removes it, it happens immediately. She also informed me that when we unplug the eithernet plus from the hub, it's still connected to the Internet for at least 30 seconds and they can still control it. I'm not the best tech person but I'm not stupid. This is just ignorance and they are the ones in charge of development. Oh please help the future of iris. She also isn't aware of what the iris smart plug dimmer is. She needed me to instruct her how to remove the device from her end. After explaining what it is and its purpose, she wanted me to reset it. Her method of doing that is unplugging it and hold the button for 15 seconds. WHAT GOOD WILL THIS DO WHEN ITS UNPLUGED! I am still on the phone with her trying to trouble shoot.
  4. I have allstate and the discount is very sad.. I dont remember exactly but not much at all. Maybe like $20 a year.
  5. bdavison2011

    Iris Q&A - Submit Your Questions Here

    I am so happy to see that Iris is directly reaching out to their consumer to answer questions we have. 1. Do you plan do Q&A again? 2. Do you plan to train more store employees about the Iris System. With these new, large growths, I think its is a must. I have 3 Lowes in my area and all three have no idea how it works, what goes with it, or where the items for sale are even located. 3. NEST!!! I have owns Iris for a pretty long time and always dreamed of Nest integration. is this a plan or in the works? 4. Do you plan to work with Apple Homekit or Apple Watch. As an apple fanatic, these are GREAT selling points. Who wouldn't want to tell their phone "good night" and have Siri turn off the lights, close the garage, lock the doors, turn the thermostat down, set the alarm, and turn the outside lights on? 5. Will Beta testing be available again? 6. have you considered a referral program? I have led so many people to Iris and think it would be great to receive something for that! 7. Do you plan to create or integrate a home controller other than Nucleus? A basic remote, a little better than the key fob or built in the wall/light switch controller would be AMAZING!! Thanks again and I look forward to your answers!
  6. bdavison2011

    Nest integration

    Nest is a VERY open platform company and they have connections with so many smart home devices. I see no reason why Iris cant work with them! I am not sure if it is the technology or what, but I'm sure with the new 2.0 and the added options, there is something that could be done.
  7. bdavison2011

    Iris and Apple HomeKit

    i think that Apple Homekit integration would be an awesome feature. Using Siri to replace all of those horrible Ivees that are out there would be awesome. They have moved to a total mobile platform (for now) and this would be a huge step!
  8. bdavison2011

    Keen Smart Vents

    So I have seen some users have already purchased the Keen Vents from Lowes. I noticed that you can only open and close the vents from Lowes Iris. This sparked me to contact Keen and see what all we will be able to do from iris. These are the comments i received from them about Lowes iris and also nest integration. Nate_Padgett: Right now that is the functionality with the Lowe's Iris app. Our app will also give you the ability to set the Smart Vents to autobalance temperature in the house. Lowe's system requirements and hub limit access to our algorithms, which make the automation features not possible. Nate_Padgett: We'll have native integration with our Smart Bridge. Initially the integration will allow you to control your Nest's temperature settings from the Keen Home app, which the Smart Vents will use as a base temperature to autobalance the rest of the home to. Nate_Padgett: It will be available on November 28th when our app and Smart Bridge ship I thought this information would be helpful.