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  1. RussMundy

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    Thank you @Terminal for bringing this earlier response to my attention! This explains the 10 seconds issue, however, I still am dead in the water for previews for all my V1 cams while it is my V2 cam that is hung. By the way, I have been using Google Chrome, but per the suggestion above, I did try IE and Edge. Both list all my V1 cameras as "Invalid Source" with my V2 camera still being unresponsive.
  2. RussMundy

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @thegillion, thanks for all your help! Need some help with Spectral. I have imported six cameras. Only one worked for a short period of time, but is now hung on March 8th. The other five do not show any previews, but I can download the videos. Also, the video durations are only 10 seconds. I have tried to reimport but it returns the message that the folders are already created. Any suggestions?