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  1. Refreshed V2 Devices

    I agree. Has anyone purchased the new fobs yet?
  2. Iris returns required receipt now

    So yet again another keyfob stopped working because the metal battery tab broke off. Went to the store to exchange it and the store then tells me they require a receipt to replace it now. The last person that exchanged it didn’t list it on mylowes. I didn’t have it and now I’m stuck with a 2 of them that no longer work. I have reported this issue several times and they have never been updated. So so you can’t even use your drivers license anymore you have to have a receipt for iris items now. Thanks lowes
  3. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Yup system does nothing no sounds nothing
  4. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I just tested mine and I don’t have it. All I have are window sensors and a siren and keypad. The system is completely unresponsive when unplugged from internet
  5. Customer Service Issues

    I agree the customer service is horrible. When they first mentioned the pro monitoring they were going to include local processing and the modem. Both were false. I quit paying completely too.
  6. Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    Which outlet is an extender This? Or this ?
  7. Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    Router is on 6 hub is on 14 which leaks into chan 1. However several of my neighbors are on chan 1 and 2.. It is quite crowded. Guess I need a smart plug..
  8. Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    I have quite a few wifi networks where I am at but I will try that. Yay for connected condos.
  9. Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    I noticed too that after the last platform update all my gen 1 contact sensors range has been reduced. when i called iris they said i needed to go purchase gen 2.
  10. Offical Web Portal live (Beta)

    Oh whoops didn't see any new posts about it.
  11. Offical Web Portal live (Beta)

    Check this out
  12. iOS version 1.16 is now available

    Alexa lost connections had to reset all that
  13. Avoid the new keyfob :(

    I have been though about 20 of these because of the broken tabs
  14. Official Iris Community Launch

    Using a forum to talk about building another forum. It's forum inception?
  15. Fan control with alexa

    I never can get her to do medium. Only low or high.