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  1. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Spent an hour and some minutes on the phone with support with basic pairing issues. Never could get anything to connect. Hung up the phone. Went to z wave network settings for the hub and reset that. I was then able to pair all the devices. Anyway. Here is the set up I got And here is a Picture of an Iris V1 contact sensor verses ring. the ring contact sensors are HUGE
  2. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Click this link to get to the support page! Ask how to set it up. Let them know you will return I just did. Geofencing would be awesome. There is no reason not to.
  3. Irisuser01

    New Gear Thanks to Iris

    Ha it’s like Christmas!
  4. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Wonder if anyone knows what wireless protocol ring uses for contact sensors? Z wave it is. I’m a dummy
  5. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    I send them an email using the support page.
  6. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Remember to contact ring and suggest these changes! I’ve submitted mine mostly for iOS using Siri shortcuts and Apple Watch app. Would love ive to see geofencing but I think I read somewhere they won’t becuse security concerns
  7. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Same here where is it posted about the new sensor? I’ll return mine.
  8. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Picked up my card today and just purchased Ring Alarm. Lets see how this goes.
  9. Irisuser01

    CNET Review of Hubitat

    The last time i bought something from a CNET review it ended up being crap. I don't trust them anymore. Think they are paid.
  10. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    I am in FL and getting mine on Thursday.
  11. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Smitho, there is no info sent from Lowes about a tracking number. I would just bet it showing up on Thursday. That is the same day i am getting mine. My bet is lowes emails the day of, today, or not at all. This kind of sucks. I have meetings i cant get out of.
  12. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Yup just checked my informed delivery and it’s on its way! By the 21st
  13. Irisuser01

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    Those of you moving over to SmartThings check this out. Action tiles is cool but costs money. There is a free alternative. With You can make a dash board with any tablet. Have tiles made that include switches and media. All the weather maps you see are animated. I don’t have my ST hub back yet. I decided to order another and will be switchin to ring. This is free!
  14. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Yeah after reading these I’ve started the process of going with Ring for security and using smartthings for lights and HVAC. Not going with abode. I think they will eventually fall like iris did.
  15. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    It will probably be like the v2 hub roll out.