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  1. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Picked up my card today and just purchased Ring Alarm. Lets see how this goes.
  2. Irisuser01

    CNET Review of Hubitat

    The last time i bought something from a CNET review it ended up being crap. I don't trust them anymore. Think they are paid.
  3. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    I am in FL and getting mine on Thursday.
  4. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Smitho, there is no info sent from Lowes about a tracking number. I would just bet it showing up on Thursday. That is the same day i am getting mine. My bet is lowes emails the day of, today, or not at all. This kind of sucks. I have meetings i cant get out of.
  5. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Yup just checked my informed delivery and it’s on its way! By the 21st
  6. Irisuser01

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    Those of you moving over to SmartThings check this out. Action tiles is cool but costs money. There is a free alternative. With You can make a dash board with any tablet. Have tiles made that include switches and media. All the weather maps you see are animated. I don’t have my ST hub back yet. I decided to order another and will be switchin to ring. This is free!
  7. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Yeah after reading these I’ve started the process of going with Ring for security and using smartthings for lights and HVAC. Not going with abode. I think they will eventually fall like iris did.
  8. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    It will probably be like the v2 hub roll out.
  9. Irisuser01

    Researching the Ring.

    Okay wife saw ring at target and said look into that. Has anyone paired this with z wave switches? anyone tried to pair a thermostat with it? How much larger are the contact sensors than iris ? i take it the motion sensors are battery powered ? Are they rechargeable?
  10. If Ring had Geolocation or Keyfobs, I would be sold!
  11. Irisuser01

    Platform Poll

    I plan on moving over to Abode. Easy, simple. I tried smarthings, it was way to cumbersome to maintain for a security system. I am still contemplating Ring for security and ST for automation. It would be cheaper than moving to abode. I already pay for the cameras. If Ring had Geofencing or Keyfobs, i would be sold and would have already ordered. That is the one thing my wife says it must have.
  12. Irisuser01

    Visa Cards

    Has anyone received notification their card has been sent?
  13. Irisuser01

    Iris is Officially Done

    Also if it helps here is my run down from an iOS person. i am not sure if excel will open this. Security System Assessment .numbers
  14. Irisuser01

    Iris is Officially Done

    ha you’re right about the ivory colored sensors lol. Yeah I’m staying away from that. Think I’ve made up my mind to move to Abode. Wife agrees so that’s that.
  15. Irisuser01

    Arcus Smart Home

    It’s also never happens that the company says sorry we are closing our doors but hey here is a refund for most of the things you bought.