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  1. Dennisthekilla

    Thermostat stuck at 80 degrees

    Make sure you change the temp by more than 2 degrees. On my tstat if you don't move it more than 2 then it reverts back to your last temp.
  2. Dennisthekilla

    Gocontrol thermostat fan control

    You can't in the iris app. Sorry to have to tell you!
  3. Dennisthekilla

    Best thermostat? GoControl or Radio Thermostat

    The go control is good for the price. The only issue I have is the temp I set being set to something I didn't... For some reason it's always just by 1 or 2 degrees. However other users have reported the same issue with other thermostats.
  4. Dennisthekilla

    Temperature Based Rules Issues

    My thermostat does the same thing every once in awhile. The thermostats have always had issues since I got mine last June!
  5. Dennisthekilla

    TOTAL CRASH - A warning to all!

    Yes a backup feature is crucial. Som users have well over 100 devices!
  6. Dennisthekilla

    Lowes survey

    Did anyone else receive a lowes satisfaction survey? If so what do you think it means for short/ long term goals of iris?
  7. Dennisthekilla

    Things that have suddenly stopped working

    I'm tired of this too!! I couldn't use my pin pad for 2 weeks cause of iOS issues! Then all of my schedules and rules stopped working! Moreover, for some reason my thermostat keeps resetting to 79 degrees but it shows another temp on my phone! I came home 2 days ago to my dogs panting because it was so hot in my house! I feel like driving 20 minutes to lowes headquarters and voicing our complaints cause this is getting old!
  8. Dennisthekilla

    Upgrade to V2 Mistake

    If you don't mind me asking, what size house do you live in? Would using extra smart plugs help or is it not a distance issue?
  9. Dennisthekilla

    Automated Window Blinds?

    I too would like an update. I was recently working on an eone grinder pump on lake Norman and had noticed all the blinds for the house were fully automated. It looked interesting and useful for someone who's dogs like rip them down!
  10. Dennisthekilla

    The Grass may not be Greener

    I think the main thing we are all forgetting is.... This is a consumer ready product. The real smart homes are way more advance but also cost a shit ton more. I didn't know but my hvac guy works in them and when he came to my house he called my iris system cute!! No offense taken when compared to what they instal. But like they say money talks and bulshit takes the train home or in our worlds back to lowes!
  11. Dennisthekilla

    v2 Keypad Issue

    Issues here!! Mine started flashing white lights at the bottom and I wouldn't work. So I reset the hub and nothing, then I reset keypad... Still nothing. Next I tried to disconnect the keypad, reset, and then re pair it to hub but now it logs in as unknown device. But when I try to remove device it won't let me. So now I'm stuck with an alarm system with no keypad. Very frustrated!!
  12. Dennisthekilla

    Full Smartvent Integration

    Exactly but if you are bullilding a smart home from the ground up then the eco vent is your best bet. But for existing structures/homes the Keene are a good choice.
  13. Dennisthekilla

    Coming in February & March

    Really, you need to post that here? This comment belongs in the feature request section of the website. This adds nothing to the topic. On a side note I'm glad to be getting some temp based rules!!! Now if only we could get some new gadgets!!
  14. Dennisthekilla

    Full Smartvent Integration

    That's only if you are concerned with back pressure issues. Keen says that you can replace all of your vents if you want to. But it's almost a waste to replace all of them.
  15. Dennisthekilla

    Full Smartvent Integration

    I feel your pain!! Right now I have mine scheduled to close when I go to work and when I'm home. And a smart button to close a vent when the gf complains about being hot!