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  1. Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    There are plenty of us with first gen Alert Me made devices. All of my window/door switches are and a few of my motion sensors are. I have been contemplating making a jump to ST but none of those devices are currently working on that platform. I can't speak for everyone; but I think if you could get first gen devices to work and work out a way for the system to call you for an alarm you will gain a lot of interest. My buddy is on ST and I get sad whenever he buys a new device that will likely never work on Iris. If you could open that up I would certainly be interested. But the question is what is in it for you? Are you looking to do a subscription service? Do we purchase the software for the hub?
  2. False alarms with motion sensors

    Not sure about the OP but only one of mine is low. From the portal they are reporting 91, 83, 70 and 47%. Every single one was dropping off.
  3. Well it was fun

    Sounds like what my buddy did. Got some cheap fire tabs, a custom mount for the wall with hidden cable.
  4. False alarms with motion sensors

    Mine motion sensors were dropping off constantly but no false alarms. This is for gen 1 and a Bosch sensor. Don't know if it is connected but my hub lost connection for a minute last night with no loss of power or internet. Hope I am not about to lose all stability again.
  5. That is pretty bad. Mine just went off a week ago when my brine tank over flowed. Call was instantaneous.
  6. For those with kids

    Txs...i will have to search for that bulb. Pricey but for safety may be worth it if I can't find another solution.
  7. For those with kids

    Currently my home alarm system is through Iris and my fire alarm system is hardwired. Recently we had a water leak and my son woke up and thought someone was breaking in so he was hiding. We have done fire drills and he knows the difference between the alarms but that is when he is fully awake. I am not sure if he wakes up he is fully aware and alert enough to tell the difference. So I am wondering if anyone has done something to better differentiate the alarms. I was thinking of adding a smart outlet in his room and have the light flash when it is a house alarm and do nothing for fire. This way there would be a visual indication as well. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Is it possible to strobe a light on alarm or can you only enable a light?
  8. UPS backup referal

    I have had good luck with apc units. I am not sure how much power the hub and modem use but I would imagine an average size unit would keep you up for a while. How long were you hoping to be backed up?
  9. Well it was fun

    I have seriously thought about doing this myself, especially when my system went to crap a few weeks back. But what always has me giving the system the benefit of the doubt is the multitude of Gen 1 devices I have. So long as Iris works I just can't justify buying several hundred worth of just door/window sensors to get basic alarm functionality back. But I do know a few people that are on ST and are super happy, one has a highly customized system which is really nice. The only caution I have is to really look at reviews for devices. He has purchased a ton of things that say they are ST compatible but are just garbage. Random alarms, drops etc.
  10. Contact sensors falling off

    I think they must be doing something or rolling something out. Mine started with zwave devices dropping off. Once I got that back zigbee stuff was constantly dropping off. I think it was ok most of the day but between 6-9pm it would constantly think my wife (keyfob) was coming and going so alarm was arming/disarming and lights were going on and off. They wanted me to repair all the affected devices but that would have been every thing. Most of my devices are gen 1 but I saw the same behavior on gen 2 devices and things like leaksmart sensors so mine wasn't isolated. Hope yours settles out soon...it is a real PITA when it gets glitchy. Reminded me of the premature switch to gen 2.
  11. Contact sensors falling off

    I had most of my devices drop off a couple weeks ago. Still not sure what caused it but glad it has been stable again.
  12. Cover Magnet Issue

    Good customer service. Will remember that if/when I decide to automate vents. Always like to support companies that stand behind their products and provide a good service. Unfortunately that isn't that common anymore.
  13. Is something going today 1/28?

    Well, it has been about a week since I removed the DVD drive but have had the fan running in that time with no dropped devices. I was going to reconnect the drive, but I so rarely use it I decided against it. If for some reason it is causing interference I don't want to deal with the instability for a day or so while it tries to recover. So while not conclusive...if anyone is having some funky connection issues look to see if you have an external DVD drive nearby.
  14. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Weird...i had issues with hangouts this afternoon but initially thought it was something going on with my POS machine at work. I will try to remember Monday to investigate more.
  15. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Sweet txs! Got this working again, just in time to start messing with some new rules and stuff.