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  1. I can't speak for everyone, but the problem I have with that set up on my pool is packaging and range. That GE unit is supposed to have a longer range than a typical smart plug. The packaging is a major issue too, while I have an outlet by my pool pump getting the power from the outlet to the relay in a water tight design can present more headaches than it is worth. I would rather just pay extra to have everything all put together. But with that said this might be the perfect set up for my well pump. A while back I installed a whole house shut off valve but you have to install it after the pressure tank. But if your pressure tank goes your pump will keep running to get the pressure switch made. If I used your set up you could set a rule linking the water sensor to the outlet. So thanks for the link I will have to look at getting an enclosure and stuff for it. I wonder if code would still require the local switch...anyone know?
  2. A Tale of Uncertified Devices

    Huh, wonder if that was the cause of my Z-wave issues recently. I had tried a Z-wave extender which didn't help my situation so I removed it, rebuilt the network and all seemed to be ok. But shortly after that (not sure how close) it started dropping off light switches that were super close to the hub so I was surprised they dropped but ones further away were fine. Things have stabilized since then but maybe there was some remnants of the extender causing issues.
  3. Using IRIS for crawl space humidity control

    I wonder if using something like butyl tape to seal the sheets together would help too. Just so you know when I put my 70 pint unit in my crawlspace it took probably 3-4 days to reach an equilibrium. I almost pulled it since it was running almost constantly, but I think it was just pulling moisture out of all the materials down there. Since yours is bigger it might take longer, but once it gets there is shouldn't run as much. Oh...if you do a rat slab make sure you ventilate the crap out of the space until completely cured. All that moisture coming out of the concrete will saturate lumber and make it much harder to dry it out later.
  4. Using IRIS for crawl space humidity control

    I had similar issues with what was installed in the house a bought a few years back. To make matters worse the second vent was closed because they ran the electrical for the pool through the opening and closed the rest up. So the fan was effectively deadheaded. In the end I ended up closing the other vent and putting a dehumidifier in there as a test. After that the humidity levels were controlled and it actually eliminated the need for a dehumidifier in the downstairs section that was on the same slab. But not sure how this would work if you don't have a slab, but it is an easy thing to test out. Initially I just used some foam board to block up the opening and you might be surprised how well a single 70 pint unit works. My area is much less (about 1/3) but most days it is barely running. It seems the unit runs the most when either I am going in and out or when a major front pushes through with high winds. So if I spend some more time sealing things off I would probably eliminate that too.
  5. My iris grade is...

    I am not claiming it is a common problem. What I am trying to say is that I still believe the fault lies in the Iris system itself. We have all seen a tremendous improvement in stability over the last year with the same hardware and with our devices and hub likely sitting in the same locations. This change happened by them updating the system and device firmware. What I contend is that there are still issues with some devices and the firmware used on the Iris platform. One that I am most familiar with is the leaksmart sensors. A few months ago the firmware Iris was pushing was 19, Wink was somewhere in the 20's and the latest from leaksmart was 34! So Iris was several iterations behind. When I upgraded my sensors to the latest I saw a huge change in performance, I no longer see these devices dropping off and battery life is significantly better. For all we know there are lots of firmware updates sitting with Iris to be approved an pushed that would help with these transient issues. Now I am not discounting that there are some things in my particular arrangement that may make me more prone to uncover the weaknesses in the system/firmware, but it is discouraging that I know Iris was sitting on that update that made a world of difference for me. So what else might they have that could help all of us?
  6. My iris grade is...

    The two switches that "dropped" were two of the closest. So range is not the issue. Again, people I know that have switched have lost all of this instability. What I find even more troubling though is how frequently things drop and you don't get notified. Most notably my hose end controller, unless you look at the logs you wouldn't know that it was dropping off the network 10+ times a day. I think a lot of the issues stem from this system being so closed. As it stands now very few updates are made to device firmware to improve stability and battery life. Back in February of this year I was told Iris already had the new firmware, can anyone confirm if they ever got around to pushing this?
  7. My iris grade is...

    You are correct. I am making an assumption that since all (minus keypad) of my zigbee devices show 100% signal strength that I have a similarly robust signal strength for Z-wave. I think this is a reasonable assumption since all of my z-wave devices are AC powered so they will repeat the signal, there are additional repeaters in the home, all electrical boxes were changed to plastic to increase range and z-wave is not affected by wi-fi like Zigbee. As for Iris pushing device drivers necessary to accomplish a desired result...what would be more desirable than your sensors staying connected and not draining you battery in a month? On the original firmware for the leakSmart sensors I had 2-3 sensors that kept dropping off. In a very short time (2-3 weeks) they lost considerable battery life compared to other sensors. Iris made their typical suggestion to add even more repeaters. Then I reached out to leakSmarts since some sensors that were dropping were between two others that weren't. That is when I found out Iris was on version 19 and they had provided version 34 months prior to me contacting them. I have since updated mine to the latest firmware and haven't had any issues since. I am not sure if Iris is even pushing the latest or not, but can't imagine what the hold up is.
  8. My iris grade is...

    Not necessarily true. Since posting about increased stability I have had two different zwave lights switches drop a few times this week. Going to the portal will show 100% signal strength. Not sure what changed but something did. A buddy at work moved to ST and all of these random disconnects stopped. Taking it further, leaksmart firmware that Iris pushes is version 19 I believe but leaksmart gave them 34 about a year ago. A few months back I got mine updated and stability and battery life is much improved. So Iris often is the weak link in pushing new firmware to improve stability.
  9. My iris grade is...

    I think I would give it a B-. Overall the stability is vastly improved from a year ago but the one thing that keeps me from upping the grade is lack of local processing. My system is primarily for security, not just intrusion but also safety alarms. Not having these things run locally is a big negative. I also think it would make sense for them to open up the platform. While I am not one of them, there are plenty of smart people here that could make custom device handlers and new rules. That would take away much of the ST benefit, opening the platform to many more devices.
  10. Is Iris going out of business?

    Sad part is when they do add new devices most people bitch about parity. Personally I think parity should have happened long ago, but if they don't add new products there won't be new people to the platform and it is doomed to wither on the vine. I just hope we get local processing soon and a bunch of new products. Not just the same types of devices either. I really hope they look at other sensors out there and come out with turn key solutions. I too see Iris as the Apple of HA, it is pretty much plug and play, where ST often requires the end user to find new device handler to make something work. Not terrible hard but does scare a lot of people off, if Iris could market their system more effectively I think they really have a lot of room to grow.
  11. Is Iris going out of business?

    I think if they do this but keep them locked to Iris it will be a tough sell. To be honest I won't buy any V1 stuff unless it is a great deal or a V2 device isn't an option. I am hedging my bet and making sure whatever I add can go to ST. Also I know a lot of ST peeps are buying the Iris stuff so they would lose that sale as well.
  12. Is Iris going out of business?

    I sure hope so, just thought we should be seeing some new stuff showing up by now. The keypads have been out of stock awhile online and most stores have minimal stock too.
  13. Gen 2 keypad poor signal

    I just figured I would update this thread in case someone searches it out later...the signal strength did come back up to 97% but it took almost a week to do so. Not sure why but give it time and you should see the increase as thegillion mentioned.
  14. Orbit battery life < 2 weeks??

    Well I think I am about to throw this thing out. First the battery is back down to 33% according to the portal but more importantly I woke up this morning at 5am to hear water flowing. Even though this is set to come on at 9am for 10 minutes it was on at 5. In the past it has randomly turned on by itself and or ran way longer than 10 minutes. It has also missed waterings at least 50% of the days at the scheduled time. Even if my signal is bad this just seems completely unstable and frankly a poor design. If the hub pushes the schedule to the device it should be able to run this schedule without the hub's intervention and it certainly shouldn't be randomly watering things. Just makes no sense, time on the Orbit is correct and hub shows no activity for this mornings watering. Maybe I will try to swap it before I give up, but not holding out much hope.
  15. With the lack of product on the shelves, recent Lowes layoffs and now buy two get one free sales on door/window and motion sensors makes me wonder if they are trying to clear all this out before pulling the plug. I think recently the keypads were sub $5 in places and are no longer carried online. So are we about to see a bunch of new product or are they going bye bye? Honestly I hope they make it and dumping these products would be smart, then then new products will all have new reviews based on current stability not legacy issues.