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  1. Wlepse

    Six weeks with Hubitat

    Pretty cool. I will have to look into that.
  2. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Txs.. I did try removing the app and it seemed better but the recent update seems to have made more of a difference. But that was with a fresh reboot of the hub so I don't know if that is just an artificial improvement.
  3. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Very strange...it almost seems like mine is hung up waiting for something to complete before it moves to the next task. The only thing that doesn't correlate is that it actually saw the multiple attempts to disarm yet still sent the command to the siren to go off.
  4. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Yes direct connect on LAN using the IP on my network. And yes, loading the devices page can take quite a while. I was reviewing more threads on Hubitat's forum and it seems like many are suggesting disabling features to see what the issue is starting with 3rd party apps. Out of curiosity, do you have an Ecobee? It seems many of the people in one thread I was reading had one connected. I have had a bunch of weird behavior lately and not quite sure what to make of it. For instance, I set the SHM to arm away when my wife's keyfob leaves for more than 5 minutes. When she returns it is set to disarm immediately and turn on the light in the entry. If she comes on and sees the light isn't on she knows she has to disable the alarm. She can use the button on the keyfob or the keypad. The other day when we came home the light was on, the keypad was beeping (which apparently doesn't mean much) so I hit the button on the fob. It kept beeping but it seems the beeping doesn't always correlate to entry warning being active. Shortly after that the alarm went off and I tried to enter the code through the keypad. I did this several times but it didn't stop the alarm. Then I tried to load the device but at 10-15 seconds per page load it was getting a bit obnoxious. The only way to shut it off was with the siren device tab. Once off I went to logs and saw that the last 6 entries were to disarm. So I have no idea why this wasn't disarmed and why the siren went off.
  5. Wlepse

    Page load speed?

    Out of curiosity, about how quickly do you find pages load with Hubitat? My device seems to be running much slower than I see in videos online and lately I have had some hiccups with SHM so I am wondering if there is a bigger problem under the hood. For instance, if I click devices it will sometimes take 10 seconds to load a page, same if I select a device. On the device level I seem to also have some issues with enabling or disabling things in a timely fashion, yet it seems quicker through the dashboards. I have tried rebooting the hub but the timing issues persist. Has anyone seen something similar or know of a fix?
  6. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    was that a custom device handler? I don't seem to have a specific one to the Gen 2 plug.
  7. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    So weird. Tonight I checked and a few were unresponsive. But then I cycled them open close and pressed the tamper switch a few times. One seems to be working normal now, the other responds but is a bit slow. Not really sure what to think.
  8. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Maybe I will try swapping out a few of the offending contacts to see if they are "marginal" in some way that is causing issues.
  9. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    But do you have a bunch of repeaters? If so what ones are you running? Last night I added more V1 outlets and noticed the zigbee polling was faster or seemed to be but some devices that are reporting are not reporting correctly.
  10. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Yes, sounds like they typically expect a repeater to handle 6 devices. But a posting on Lowes.com said they recommend an outlet for every 15 zigbee devices.
  11. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    I believe mine is already there. I did get confirmation the limit of zigbee direct connections to the hub is 32. So if you have an extensive zigbee network on Iris you will have issues on Hubitat unless you use repeaters. Hubitat is indicating the gen 1 plugs are not repeaters.
  12. Wlepse

    Gen 1 device limit?

    For those of you that switched to Hubitat and moved over your Gen 1 zigbee devices, are you finding that there is a limit to the number you can connect reliably? I am finding that many of the contact sensors are not reporting correctly. I have tried different batteries, removing and repairing but it always ends up the same. I did try to connect up a bunch of Gen 1 smart outlets but I am not sure if the Hubitat integration of these outlets includes the repeater functionality so this may be for nothing. Any ideas or suggestions? For those that have moved, how many devices do you have connected?
  13. Wlepse

    My story.

    TXS for all you did. Your web portal proved to be the best thing for troubleshooting and saved me and others countless hours.
  14. Wlepse

    Who hasn't migrated already?

    Ha ha...really hedging your bet there.
  15. Wlepse

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    I think you are missing my point. I am not saying that the Hubitat platform wasn't developed by them, what I am saying is that the person who developed support for gen 1 devices didn't also have to develop the platform at the same time. Again I am not taking away from the achievement, just trying to put it in perspective with what SystronicsRF is up against. They are not only beta testing gen 1 devices but also troubleshooting platform software. I agree they have been at it a while but only a short time with external users.