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  1. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Are you considering IFTTT compatibility?
  2. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Not 100% sure but since it also says it works with other brands I believe it works with other nonproprietary zwave and zigbee devices. But with that said I think he mentioned to me in a PM early on that you would need another usb stick...one for iris one for normal zwave and or zigbee.
  3. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Glad to hear you are not only still working on this but close to releasing something. The new CEO at Lowe's has me nervous with how he is really shaking things up and clearing house.
  4. Wlepse

    Marvin Ellison

    So Marvin Ellison started a little over a week ago and I have been seeing lots of stories about his restructuring of Lowes. A bunch of people are already out or know they are out in a few months. I really hope he invests in the Iris platform and doesn't kill this off too. Has anyone seen any stories mentioning his plans for Iris or even what his thoughts are around other Lowes brands? Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Wlepse

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    I am not sure what they should be but I do remember seeing a thread here about batteries being depleted way too fast. It turned out some keypads had to be reverted back to an old firmware to keep this from happening. I think it was based on build date, so maybe they can see that from their end and won't push the newest to one unit just because it will cause other issues. Just a thought.
  6. Mine was offline from 3:55am to 3:58 EST. I just assumed it was an update that then forced a reboot. As for switching over painlessly....good luck. V1 devices won't work on any other platform though there was a company in the UK working on getting them to work but I am not sure what other devices it would support and it sounded like you would have to do a lot of the programming yourself. ST is really powerful and seems to offer a lot of options but often you have to use special device handlers and while not terribly hard to do it isn't like Iris where you just pair it and basically you're done. With that said I am getting closer to switching over, even though I just bought a bunch of close out V1 gear. I rely on this system for home security and if they go under I don't want to be in a rush to try to get things back to working again.
  7. Wlepse

    Random Device Drops

    Hope it all stays stable for you. Glad you didn't have to repair everything.
  8. Wlepse

    Random Device Drops

    I am not showing any devices offline and no notifications of a drop either.
  9. Wlepse

    Slow app update lately?

    I am wondering if it has something to do with local processing. There was a thread about someone noting the system was using much less bandwidth, I wonder if the hub is handling these activities and only posting changes at set intervals if they happen so the updates are a bit slow.
  10. Wlepse

    Slow app update lately?

    I recently added several new door/window switches (Gen 1) but had a lot of trouble getting them to pair. Each one took several minutes even sitting next to the hub. Some even timed out and I had to try again. Then after they were all paired I am noticing very slow response in the app to updates in state. Often 20 or more seconds to more than a minute at times. Has anyone else seen this lately? I don't recall see this in the past. I remember being able to pair and basically see the state change instantly in the app. Did they change the refresh timing or something?
  11. Wlepse

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Maybe I shouldn't say anything but my battery levels appear to be OK but for some reason my keypad no longer beeps when you walk in and the system is armed. It does beep when it arms though. Very frustrating when you come in the house late and people are sleeping and the alarm goes off because you didn't hear the warning.
  12. So my buddy that runs ST picked up a couple of Watercop auto-shutoff valves and suggested I give one a shot to see if it works with Iris. Well it pairs right away but comes up as an uncertified device. It is kind of sad there are all these other devices out there that we can't use. Right now everything on Iris seems to be working well for me but I really wish they would open up the platform. This is probably the sixth device I have tried that doesn't work on Iris but works on ST. I think ultimately this closed mentality is going to be its demise. It would be one thing if they were coming out with new devices of their own, but really nothing is happening. It makes me want to jump ship before I have to, anyone else?
  13. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    There are plenty of us with first gen Alert Me made devices. All of my window/door switches are and a few of my motion sensors are. I have been contemplating making a jump to ST but none of those devices are currently working on that platform. I can't speak for everyone; but I think if you could get first gen devices to work and work out a way for the system to call you for an alarm you will gain a lot of interest. My buddy is on ST and I get sad whenever he buys a new device that will likely never work on Iris. If you could open that up I would certainly be interested. But the question is what is in it for you? Are you looking to do a subscription service? Do we purchase the software for the hub?
  14. Wlepse

    False alarms with motion sensors

    Not sure about the OP but only one of mine is low. From the portal they are reporting 91, 83, 70 and 47%. Every single one was dropping off.
  15. Wlepse

    Well it was fun

    Sounds like what my buddy did. Got some cheap fire tabs, a custom mount for the wall with hidden cable.