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  1. Wlepse

    Shut Down?

    This not what I wanted to hear. I have 50-60 gen 1 devices that won't work anywhere else. I was hoping to have a few months to try out SystronicsRF to see how viable that was and if not go to ST. But if this happens soon I might just go right to ST and slowly replace these older devices.
  2. Wlepse

    Swann drievway alert Iris compatible?

    That's what I figured when I found the second listing. Wondering if sealing up a gen 1 unit is the better option or trying this but wiring the output to a door sensor to trigger something in Iris.
  3. Wlepse

    Swann drievway alert Iris compatible?

    Interesting, I was looking some more and found this unit: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Swann-Home-Series-100-Degree-Passive-Infrared-Security-Motion-Detector/1000210717 It appears to be the same thing with two motion sensors but this one doesn't say it works with Iris.
  4. So I was just browsing Lowe's website and saw this Swann driveway alert system. It doesn't get great reviews but I noticed that it shows that it is Iris compatible under Specs. I have a plan to add some motion sensors outside and was going to try to seal up some Gen 1 Iris units, but if these somehow work with Iris, $25 for an outdoor rated motion sensor might be worth it to me. Does anyone know how these work or integrate with Iris? I found a few threads where some were mentioning other devices work via the cloud. Anyone try this thing? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Swann-Driveway-Alert/1000115009
  5. Wlepse

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Well I know a bunch of people bitch about the Santa tracker but my little guy is real excited about trying to catch him in the act. But a tip for those that do use it...after you set up all the presents go back and edit your picture. This way Santa will get caught with all the gifts there. That was almost an issue for us last year.
  6. Wlepse


    Any reason you are going with a U3 card? Are you planning on having the Pi record video from cameras too? My wife hardly ever uses the app but I am sure once I switch it will be the next day she does. But on the pro side I am really interested in having the ability to add any zigbee or zwave device. There are so many cool devices out there and honestly I could see this system saving money in the long run. Since we were pretty much locked to Iris devices they were often more $...my ST friends have often picked up sensors half the price I can get them for.
  7. Wlepse


    So what is the consensus so far on SystronicsRF? Personally I am excited about the opportunity to keep my Gen 1 devices alive should Iris fold but I am concerned since many start ups tank too. I am just wondering if this will be too difficult to transition to for many and then add in the costs and most may just bail on older devices and start fresh. Based on what I am seeing it looks like you would be dropping $150-200 for hardware plus licensing of their software. I like that they are engaging the community to see how we use the system...I think that shows they are intent on making it function the way most use it then roll out other features that are nice to have not required. Anyone picking up a 3b+ and USB dongles? If so what case and dongles are you going with? I am thinking about picking something up since I have a bunch of unpaired gen1 devices I could play with so I can run both in parallel. What are you guys thinking on the pros and cons of this system? My immediate concern is if this will end up to different than the Iris interface and my wife will refuse to use it. She's a bit of a technophobe.
  8. Wlepse

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! That looks like an expensive tree.
  9. Wlepse

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    If this happens it might convince me to roll more Alexa devices through the home, right now I am split between Alexa and Google Home.
  10. I don't think there is a way around that at the moment but to be honest I would rather have this than the alternative. Several times now my system has gone off for a water leak, but it wasn't a small leak, since my phones are set to do not disturb at night I wouldn't have known about it until the morning and by then it could have been quite a bit of damage. Obviously the sensor has no way to tell if it is a big or little leak so it can only respond in one way. By default this option is better for me, though I do wish you could have a different siren. One night when this happened at 2 or 3 in the morning my son (7yo at the time) heard it and was hiding in his closet since he thought someone broke in. It would be great if the siren could have different alert tones for different alarms.
  11. Wlepse

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Yeah that looked promising but it seems to have died. But also a bit concerned they could shut the servers down and you are left with nothing again. Unless it is close to no entry fee to start with that system I my still be forced to move to ST. As a side note, has anyone looked into Hubitat? Seems like a pretty open system that maybe someone could make old Iris devices work on.
  12. Wlepse

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    I can't imagine there is any IP worth buying. It isn't like Iris was doing anything novel that others were not. And for me, as much as I have been tempted to move to ST in the past the cost of redoing the system is high. I probably have about 40 contact sensors, 6 motion, 8 buttons, 2 fobs and another 10 plugs that are all gen 1. Now if someone found a way to migrate those I would be interested. But short of that I think I will sit tight and hope for the best... otherwise I am looking at $1300 just for hardware.
  13. Wlepse

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    For me at least this will be partly true. HD is more convenient for me to get to, I only went to Lowe's to see if there were Iris deals. So while I won't go out of my way to skip Lowe's I will be there a lot less now.
  14. Wlepse

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Yeah no kidding...sucks for all of us on the platform if it dies but it is even worse for those families that rely on the Iris paychecks. Especially this time of year, no one wants to be in an uncertain financial situation during an expensive time of year. I certainly hope Iris doesn't fail for selfish reasons but also for these people that have turned around the Gen 2 platform into something that is actually stable and reliable.
  15. Wlepse

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    If they find a suitable buyer that carries on with the Iris brand it would be stupid not to support generation 1 devices. If they dropped this there would be no reason to stay at all and any value to the product line would be gone. As for Lowes offering refunds....good luck. I think the best they would do for gen 1 devices is offer you the lowest price they sold them for and for many that is 25 cents each. Gen 2 devices they wouldn't have to refund since those can move to ST. and would not be considered obsolete.