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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    Just saw that myself. How did that make sense to them? All of my sensors are Leaksmart so they can't even say they are only supporting local processing for Iris stuff only. Also noticed that the batteries I replaced in two of my sensors a week ago still haven't updated their status. So flaky.
  2. Iris vs SmartThings

    For me the biggest issue with Iris is the closed platform. My buddy has ST and constantly rubs it in how he can add so many different devices and set up better/easier rules.
  3. Local Processing Is Here

    Same question here on water alarms and control. I hope it is included.
  4. Couldn't you use Smoke detected turn toaster off? You can ties to water alarm and have plug to off or on.
  5. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    I went into a different Lowes than usual and they had a new display for a bunch of tech goods up front between customer service and self check out. The iris system and devices were mixed in with Ring, Google etc. But the area it was given was quite small and was in the back corner, not front and center.
  6. Smart plug and relay control questions

    I tend to agree but the only leak this would help with is the pressure tank, all the other points are covered by separate sensors. Those other spots are more likely to be a problem so if I can make this happen for a third of the cost why not.
  7. Smart plug and relay control questions

    Sorry I should have mentioned the pump isn't 120v, it is 230v. As far as I know the only device that does two phases is the GE outdoor box which some have used for pools here. I thought about using one but $170 is tough to swallow for something that might not ever get actuated. I thought the relay and smart plug were more economical and accomplished the same thing. I will take a look at the smoke detector, shutoff toaster. Good idea on the scene...that will ensure it doesn't get accidentally enabled.
  8. So a while back I installed a Leaksmart shutoff valve and it has saved my butt twice so far. But the biggest issue is this had to be installed after my well pressure tank. So if my pressure tank fails the water to the house will be shutoff but the well pump will keep running to get the system up to pressure and flood the house. So now I want to use a smart plug and relay to to control the well pump but I want to maintain the local switch. So my questions are: Should I install the relay before or after the local switch or does it not matter? I was going to use the rule to turn the smart outlet off when alarm alerts and have it stay off. But is alert for alarm the same as water alarm or just for intrusion? If the above works, when you clear the house alarm and open the shutoff is there a way to automate turning the well pump back on? I was going to set a schedule for the outlet so that it is always on but if there is a power failure will it remain in last state or get turned back on when power is restored? Any other recommendations?
  9. If this and this then that?

    So it looks like this is working for anyone else looking to do something similar.
  10. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    Interesting that they mention Gen 1 products being more affordable...the displays I have seen still have them at basically the same price as the Gen 2.
  11. New V1 stock?

    Build quality is definitely better but I can't justify spending that much at this point on devices I can't take to another platform if Iris takes a dump.
  12. If this and this then that?

    Thanks...I will have to give that a try.
  13. Wondering if there is anyway to do this. Basically I would like to have holiday lights come on only when we are home (key fob) and between certain times of the day. From what I can see I can do either of those but not both...is that right?
  14. I can't speak for everyone, but the problem I have with that set up on my pool is packaging and range. That GE unit is supposed to have a longer range than a typical smart plug. The packaging is a major issue too, while I have an outlet by my pool pump getting the power from the outlet to the relay in a water tight design can present more headaches than it is worth. I would rather just pay extra to have everything all put together. But with that said this might be the perfect set up for my well pump. A while back I installed a whole house shut off valve but you have to install it after the pressure tank. But if your pressure tank goes your pump will keep running to get the pressure switch made. If I used your set up you could set a rule linking the water sensor to the outlet. So thanks for the link I will have to look at getting an enclosure and stuff for it. I wonder if code would still require the local switch...anyone know?
  15. A Tale of Uncertified Devices

    Huh, wonder if that was the cause of my Z-wave issues recently. I had tried a Z-wave extender which didn't help my situation so I removed it, rebuilt the network and all seemed to be ok. But shortly after that (not sure how close) it started dropping off light switches that were super close to the hub so I was surprised they dropped but ones further away were fine. Things have stabilized since then but maybe there was some remnants of the extender causing issues.