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  1. Wlepse

    Utilitech GBS worth it?

    Was at my local Lowe's and saw 2 GBS for 10 bucks. I figured they might be a good addition but many of the reviews I read were not that great. Since most robberies in the area don't involve breaking windows (usually just kick door in) I am wondering if these are worth the hassle. Or are many of the bad reviews due to gen 2 growing pains and ST,wink etc integration? What are your experiences?
  2. Wlepse

    Anyone having zigbee issues?

    So everything dried out and I added an extra housing. Then I tested the valve body to make sure it wasn't leaking and it was fine. So most likely this failure was due to the heavy rains we got this year. Probably not enough time between storms to dry out. Anyway after getting it together and seeing the antenna icon light up to pair I figured I was good. But no matter what I did it would never reconnect. Well I finally had more time to play with it and found all I needed to do was force remove the Orbit then repair. Now all seems as it should. Not sure where the original pairing went wrong but I assume it was something like a reset on the Orbit. So all is good now. If you run into this look to add another drain and let the unit air out for a few days...you might get lucky.
  3. Wlepse

    Anyone having zigbee issues?

    Well it turns out I was wrong in my previous post; the battery tray seals to the PCB cover. So the only pathway for water to get through are the screw holes. But something doesn't add up for me, typically a screw into plastic seals pretty well since a tightened screw tends to stretch the plastic creating a better seal. Either way, if this dries up and the connection can be re-established I will pot those screws to make sure nothing gets through. As you can see in the pics below, the light gray PCB cover is potted to the housing using a dark gray potting material which is also used for the solenoid wire pass thru. I will also likely add some PTFE based seal conditioner to the battery tray to make sure it is sealing properly. As you can see in that pic there is a small amount of debris inside which must have come through the hose end connections. That just has an overlap to try to keep material out. It looks like it should be good for debris but not water. This is further complicated by my installation. Normally your spigot points straight down, so the included weep holes should drain anything that leaks in from the top. In my case the Orbit is connected to a Y which means it is canted and those weep holes end up not being the low side. So I will likely drill a small hole in the bottom corner to make sure there is a good drain. I think it will also be prudent to test the hose connection tube since the solenoid valve has a seal that could leak.
  4. Wlepse

    Anyone having zigbee issues?

    Thanks for confirming. Because of that I went back out to take a closer look. While it was keeping time, opening manually etc i noticed something funny on the display. There appeared to be a line. So i removed it and took it inside and realized it was full of water. It is actually a pretty bad design. There are no seals for the hose end connections so any rain sitting on top will make its way in. Also if you hose end connection is leaking you will dump all of that inside. While they sealed the pcb board cover edges the screw holes are not sealed nor is the opening for the battery. Since the battery cover seals to the outside cover and not this pcb cover there is nothing to stop water from migrating. Surprisingly I also found some larger debris inside so the leak points must be bigger than they look. If this dries out and reconnects I am going to seal those screw holes in the pcb cover, seal the pcb cover to the outer cover and add another weep hole. My unit is mounted on a splitter, so the low spot is where the hose comes out, but the weep holes are on the other side. If I get it working I will post up some pictures.
  5. For the last week or so I keep getting alerts that some devices were dropping off the network, then a couple hours later they'd be back. With one exception, one door sensor needed replacement. Then yesterday my orbit hose end dropped off and I can't get it back on. I tried pulling the batteries, replacing them and adding a repeater in between. No luck. But I did see one time the unit appeared to connect since the signal indicator lit up and the time changed...but nothing shows in hub history. Anyone else experiencing weird stability issues lately?
  6. Wlepse

    Cameras Problematic with new ISP

    But how do the iris cameras work? I had the impression they were closed and required access via internet regardless of whether you are on the same network or not.
  7. Wlepse

    Cameras Problematic with new ISP

    I am far from an network expert but I would look into the AT&T supplied device you are currently using as a modem and see if it is blocking and ports or if you are double NAT'ing yourself. I know when I got a new modem I was having intermittent issues with VOIP and it turned out to be double NAT.
  8. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Would also be interesting to know if you plan on this being an open format like ST where people develop their own device handlers.
  9. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Are you considering IFTTT compatibility?
  10. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Not 100% sure but since it also says it works with other brands I believe it works with other nonproprietary zwave and zigbee devices. But with that said I think he mentioned to me in a PM early on that you would need another usb stick...one for iris one for normal zwave and or zigbee.
  11. Wlepse

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Glad to hear you are not only still working on this but close to releasing something. The new CEO at Lowe's has me nervous with how he is really shaking things up and clearing house.
  12. Wlepse

    Marvin Ellison

    So Marvin Ellison started a little over a week ago and I have been seeing lots of stories about his restructuring of Lowes. A bunch of people are already out or know they are out in a few months. I really hope he invests in the Iris platform and doesn't kill this off too. Has anyone seen any stories mentioning his plans for Iris or even what his thoughts are around other Lowes brands? Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. Wlepse

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    I am not sure what they should be but I do remember seeing a thread here about batteries being depleted way too fast. It turned out some keypads had to be reverted back to an old firmware to keep this from happening. I think it was based on build date, so maybe they can see that from their end and won't push the newest to one unit just because it will cause other issues. Just a thought.
  14. Mine was offline from 3:55am to 3:58 EST. I just assumed it was an update that then forced a reboot. As for switching over painlessly....good luck. V1 devices won't work on any other platform though there was a company in the UK working on getting them to work but I am not sure what other devices it would support and it sounded like you would have to do a lot of the programming yourself. ST is really powerful and seems to offer a lot of options but often you have to use special device handlers and while not terribly hard to do it isn't like Iris where you just pair it and basically you're done. With that said I am getting closer to switching over, even though I just bought a bunch of close out V1 gear. I rely on this system for home security and if they go under I don't want to be in a rush to try to get things back to working again.
  15. Wlepse

    Random Device Drops

    Hope it all stays stable for you. Glad you didn't have to repair everything.