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    So what is the consensus so far on SystronicsRF? Personally I am excited about the opportunity to keep my Gen 1 devices alive should Iris fold but I am concerned since many start ups tank too. I am just wondering if this will be too difficult to transition to for many and then add in the costs and most may just bail on older devices and start fresh. Based on what I am seeing it looks like you would be dropping $150-200 for hardware plus licensing of their software. I like that they are engaging the community to see how we use the system...I think that shows they are intent on making it function the way most use it then roll out other features that are nice to have not required. Anyone picking up a 3b+ and USB dongles? If so what case and dongles are you going with? I am thinking about picking something up since I have a bunch of unpaired gen1 devices I could play with so I can run both in parallel. What are you guys thinking on the pros and cons of this system? My immediate concern is if this will end up to different than the Iris interface and my wife will refuse to use it. She's a bit of a technophobe.
  2. Wlepse

    Visa Cards

    If I had something to bitch about with Lowe's it would be the fact they never really got behind Iris. I think if they had this would have been a money making division and they either would have kept it or easily sold it off. But once they made the decision to kill it I agree they went above and beyond what I would have expected.
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    Well glad it is working for you now but all I did was click it. Kind of excited to get this card and get this tested out. I have so many Gen 1 devices I would love to keep using.
  4. Wlepse


    me too..just watched the video in the email too.
  5. Wlepse

    Visa Cards

    That is encouraging
  6. Wlepse

    Woot.com deal

    Don't know much about Simplisafe but for those looking that is the older version. Not sure if parts are interchangeable or not but something to look into for sure.
  7. Wlepse


    I got a response saying mine did ship and he thinks it will be here Wednesday. Hope so I am itching to give this a shot.
  8. Wlepse


    For those that have been contacted to be a Beta tester has anyone actually received their SD card? I was contacted a while back, then told they lost my contact info but the card would go out the next week, then they sent an email the end of last week to make sure I had the DigiStick. Still no idea if it shipped. Starting to wonder if this is just vaporware. Has anyone actually gotten this?
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    What will happen to this forum?

    I think this forum has viability for at least a year. With everyone switching to other platforms, sometimes things seem rosy at first then you start to realize some of the short comings or things you miss from Iris. I would think this would be a "safe" place to come vent your frustrations about a platform and possible find a solution or another platform that might fit your needs better. By that time it could be that Arcus or SystronicsRF is is play and this may become the defacto forum for those platforms.
  10. Wlepse

    System Costs

    For me to try SystronicsRF came to only $100. Considering I have 50+ door/window, 10 motion, 8 buttons, 12 outlets and 2 fobs all gen 1 it is a cheap test compared to replacing all of these.
  11. Wlepse

    Vera Bundles

    Txs..not sure I am going with Vera but good to know how to get to the deals. To those interested it does give a discount code of iriswelcome.
  12. Wlepse

    Best method to dispose/sell Iris gear?

    Honestly I would sit on them for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if someone else figured out how to use them and they might become useful again.
  13. Wlepse

    Leak Smart Valve Alternatives

    If you use CoRE as you described then you are fine. My point is if someone had a LeakSmart valve on Iris and moved it to ST this feature is not built in and long term it is likely to be a problem especially if they have hard water. I do know Iris was actually stroking the valve since it did see it in logs once or twice over the last few years. Also my valve is still functional and has worked when I had leaks, so I believe it is doing this maintenance. This is the only reason I didn't buy the LeakSmart hub. Since you can't dead head the pump the valve needs to be after the pressure tank. But of course this is a common leak point. So the only way to full protect your home is to control power to the pump too when a leak happens. Their hub doesn't have the required hooks to work with another system to trigger this. Too bad because this is one system I don't want to take chances with and would love a dedicated local hub.
  14. Wlepse

    Lowe's, love it or hate it?

    So my emotions are all over the place the last few days with Lowe's and how they handled Iris. Initially I was super pissed since we were all hoping Mike was right and it would carry on in some way. Then I was pleasantly surprised by the redemption offer ( minus my devices that we're not paired yet). I was also starting to come around more to liking Lowe's more since they planned on releasing the code. Then today I went to Lowe's and I left so sad. The Iris display was basically empty like always but they had huge displays for ST ADT systems and Google Home. The ST display was a prime location, an end cap at the end of the aisle that traverses the store, so it is visible from the other side of the store. The banner had to be 10-15' high. The Google display had a decent location with a similar size banner. I sat there thinking if Lowe's had only advertised Iris this much years ago things could have been so different today. So now I am kind of mad that they never really supported this platform but appreciate they tried to help financially.
  15. Wlepse

    Leak Smart Valve Alternatives

    Mine was never that long...I don't think I ever saw a date more than two weeks. Sure...through CoRE you can do pretty much anything, but the fact is this is not a built in feature when it should have been. I am just trying to point out that you can't just migrate this to ST and have it work long term. Also since I am not familiar with ST and CoRE all that well, do this just try to actuate the valve closed and then open or does it verify positions?
  16. Wlepse

    wife getting her wish

    But you know the old saying..."careful what you wish for!" Many here have been doing the switch and are finding a lot of the features built into Iris aren't available on other platforms or aren't available without some work around. While I have had my issues with Iris over the years and often said I was jealous of my ST friends, now I am left wishing this didn't have to happen. The transition from gen 1 to 2 was terrible. No other way to describe it, but after that got behind them my system was pretty damn stable. Well which ever way you decide to go...good luck.
  17. Wlepse

    Leak Smart Valve Alternatives

    I know ST can close the valve in the event of a leak but I don't think it does a self test to make sure it is still able to operate. Iris does this each week or every other week, not really sure what the interval is.
  18. Wlepse

    Leak Smart Valve Alternatives

    I know two people that have Dome, they originally got it because they didn't want a cut in valve. Now LeakSmart have this type of valve too so IMHO I would go that route. Their customer service has been better than any company I have ever worked with. A few years back I was having battery issues with the sensors. They told me it was solved by a firmware update but Lowe's hadn't pushed it out. So they loaned me one of their hubs to get them updated which I shared with my buddy on ST, theirs was old but not quite as old. Then recently my buddies valve was having issues closing. We both have hard well water. So they sent him an additional gearbox so the motor could turn the valve. But this brings up an important thing for these valves..they need to be actuated regularly. Iris did this automatically, ST apparently doesn't do it. So whatever you choose make sure your platform supports it or you set something up yourself. I had planned on getting their V3 hub but found out there are integrations yet for my well pump. I need to be able to cut power to my pump too if there is a leak, unfortunately their hub can't manage that or I would have one now. This system has saved me more than any other so I am a bit nervous about what happens post Iris.
  19. Wlepse

    Deal on ADT ST door sensors

    If you are going with ADT you should check out this link https://slickdeals.net/f/12804355-samsung-smartthings-adt-wireless-door-and-window-sensor-white?src=frontpage
  20. Wlepse

    Free V1 Stuff

    If zbman falls through let me know. I would consider sending some to hubitat to try to get working.
  21. Wlepse

    Platform Poll

    I do not have Iris cameras. My cameras are stand alone to an NVR. I do have other cameras floating around that I could play with though if you need something checked. Currently I think I have a few old D-Link cameras and an old Dropcam now Nest.
  22. Wlepse

    Platform Poll

    I plan on testing out SystronicsRF and Arcus. If those fall short of my needs I think I will try Hubitat.
  23. Wlepse

    Arcus Smart Home

    I have only had it happen once with a phone, but the difference is I could easily but another phone. Maybe I should look on eBay and buy a cheap back up just for insurance.
  24. Wlepse

    Device removal and resetting

    Crap! I started removing some devices last night that I didn't think were critical and realized this morning what I had done. A ton of automations were dead. Oh well I guess it was going to be happening sooner or later. But just a warning to the rest of you to leave it on as long as possible.
  25. Wlepse

    Arcus Smart Home

    @thegillion I know sometimes flashing can end up bricking a device. Have you actually messed with this on the Iris hub so you can provide some insight into risk? Also, is there a chance the system could be set up on a raspberry pi or something similar?