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    Most robust way to automate alarm

    I don't see any inside and according to this link: http://forum.alertme.org.uk/viewtopic.php?t=103 You use the away button.
  2. Wlepse

    Most robust way to automate alarm

    Well the Alertme fob came and so far I haven't had any luck getting it to pair. I have tried a few dozen times and only once did it somewhat connect saying unsupported device. I uninstalled it and have never gotten that far again. Any ideas or suggestions? I tried leaving the battery out for more than 10s then pressing a side button 8x's to reset but still nothing.
  3. Wlepse

    Most robust way to automate alarm

    I agree the stakes are higher when your home but it seems like daytime burglaries are on the rise. So automating it for this reason alone is important. Also I think many discount how it makes people feel when someone breaks into their home...some people never quite recover. So for me it is vital to arm it when we leave but also to make it seemless so we are less likely to get false alarms.
  4. Wlepse

    Most robust way to automate alarm

    Txs...just bought one to try. I will post back here when I get it and let everyone know if it works. But if there are other suggestions please let me know.
  5. Sadly this device was partially funded by Amazon and then they basically copied it but took the idea a little further.
  6. Wlepse

    Most robust way to automate alarm

    Well if they made better hardware; making the rules and scenes free would make more people buy devices. I am sure I am not the only one of the users that has been waiting to buy new devices wondering what will happen. Since the Gen 2 devices can move to other platforms it is a zero risk move for me. So this could boost their revenue and eventually get me to sign up for monitoring further boosting revenue. But I just don't have faith in getting this automated. Thanks for the suggestion on the time based approach but my wife is a stay at home mom...so the schedule is not regular at all. I thought about the button by the door but that doesn't disable the alarm when she comes back and I know I will get lots of false alarms. I really need this to be something that happens automatic.
  7. Wlepse

    Leaksmart sensor firmware

    I have a Leaksmart valve and several sensors. Overall I am very happy with the system since it already saved my butt, but with that said I had one sensor that was continually dropping from the hub. I reached out to Leaksmart and they were super helpful. Apparently they gave Iris a new version of the firmware that helps with these drops and conserves battery but it hasn't been released yet. So he sent me a sensor with the latest firmware (rev 34) and so far it has been rock solid. It wasn't until yesterday I realized the web portal allows you to see the firmware version of these devices and much to my surprise they were all 21. Can anyone else that has these sensors check to see what firmware they are running? Having a hard time understanding how I am so far behind on the firmware level and not sure if there is anything I can do to force an update if one is even available.
  8. Wlepse

    Leaksmart sensor firmware

    Very weird
  9. Wlepse

    Leaksmart sensor firmware

    Where did you look? If I recall I saw something similar in one section, but I think under Troubleshooting>All devices it showed firmware numbers that matches what Leak smart rep was telling me about.
  10. Wlepse

    Hub update notice

    Got it...glad to see they do seem to be listening.
  11. So a while back I had a Leaksmart valve save my but and recently I know of someone else that had a water leak. Luckily theirs was small since they had no system but now I am feeling nervous about having something so important possibly defeated by not having internet. So it got me to thinking. I almost exclusively use this system as a cheap and cheerful alarm and only arm and disarm while I am home. So it got me wondering if I should make the switch back to the original hub (unfortunately I tossed mine). I realize the old hub wouldn't have app access off the network but would the app still work locally? Also has anyone looked into setting up a connection via VPN so you could potentially control it remotely? Is there anything else I am missing on issues that might come up when trying to do this? I am just getting tired of waiting for local processing.
  12. Wlepse

    What are limitations of old hub?

    Crap..but thanks for saving me some effort. Maybe I am best to make the switch to something else. I just don't want to risk safety because Iris can't deliver local processing like we had before. Worst case I will look at the leaksmart hub. So far they have been super helpful with a few issues I had, even going so far to send out a new sensor to test.
  13. Wlepse

    No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    That would be awesome...the Leaksmart valve saved me once, hopefully I will never need it again but scary to thing my house could be underwater and never respond if the internet was down.
  14. Wlepse

    Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    I got one from GE to test out and it has been real stable. I think in the last few months only once I had to resync it. But the biggest drawback to me was the inability to control the lights remotely. Hell sometimes at one end of the house I have trouble getting it to connect. But if you just want something to run accent lighting these things are hard to beat, set the schedule and forget it.
  15. Wlepse

    Capabilities of basic plan

    I agree that the lack of rules pushes many people away from Iris, but the way things have been going lately I think they might have limited funds so cutting this revenue stream off might not be prudent if they want to keep things going.
  16. Wlepse

    Shutoff valve not self testing

    Where would you even find a record of this self test?
  17. Wlepse

    Alexa PLEX Intigration

    I use Plex as my DVR and to push shows to my connected TV's. Once you set it up you can set season passes or just push the streaming content from providers to your TV and control it all from their app or now Alexa. I find it useful to record shows or movies just before a service takes them off the server so I can watch it later
  18. Looking for some advice on what I could try. A few weeks back I installed my Leaksmart valve and a bunch of sensors, I think 7 in total. About a week after install the valve saved my butt and I was super happy....fast forward a week or so and one sensor dropped off. When I went to check it out the sensor was flashing the blue LED several times with a pause in between. I figured it may have been a distance issue or an anomaly so I removed the device from Iris and repaired it. Then this morning I got a push notification from Iris that another sensor dropped off. Sure enough it was doing the same fast flashing. I didn't have enough time this morning to fix it and when I got to work there was another alert that the sensor that failed the first time also dropped off. Neither of these sensors are particular far from the hub, the new failure is about 15 feet from the hub and the other is about 25 feet and one floor up. So I have a tough time believing it is a distance thing. Going to the Leaksmart site the fast flashing indicates the sensor is in pairing mode, but I think the only way to enter pairing mode is to press the button located behind the screwed on cover. Any thoughts on what could be going on? I sent an email to Leaksmart but I wonder if they are just going to say it is an Iris issue.
  19. Apparently the beeping means it disconnected then reconnected.
  20. OK so i also reached out to Leaksmart and was told this flashing indicates it lost its connection with the hub. I was told to pull the batteries to power cycle the device and it should reconnect. Well it worked. He also said that they gave Iris a new firmware for the sensors that should help with this and extend battery life but he didn't know when it would get released. So my next question; does anyone know what it means when these things beep 3 x's? One of the ones I just got reconnected did that and the wife told me one of the other ones downstairs did the say thing two nights ago. If I get an answer from them I will post here in case it helps others.
  21. Can't say I am surprised by this. For many years I preferred to buy at Lowe's even though I could often get the same thing at HD a little cheaper. But I did this because their customer support was great. The few times I had a problem they bent over backwards to help out. But recently I have noticed this is no longer the case and figured they might be tightening up. I recently purchased a large bulky item (assembled cabinet) that required borrowing a neighbors truck to get. When I got it home I found it was damaged. Since my neighbor was moving I didn't want to bother them so I reached out to Lowe's to see if there was anything they could do. They confirmed the other one in stock was damaged and offered me a a few screws and and a 1x1 to hold the cabinet together. Not really what I expected from past experiences. We are planning to do our kitchen soon and I can say with assurance Lowe's won't be an option for us.
  22. Wlepse

    Iris saved my ass!

    I will have to take a look at that tonight
  23. Wlepse

    Iris saved my ass!

    Figured we all do our share of bitching about parity and bugs that I should make just as much effort to post when things go well. We recently had a new furnace installed in our utility room/laundry room and I took that opportunity to redo the laundry area. Painted, new floating floor, installed leaksmart valve and sensor as well as rerouted water softener line. Well last night was the first time the water softener regenerated since I finished last weekend. Turns out the drain line wasn't secured enough in the drain and popped out. Once the sensor got wet the alarm went off along with all alerts and shut off the water just like it was supposed to. I still took everything out of the room and picked up the floor but had this have been a washer supply line and I didn't have this set up I would have been screwed. But with that said...Please Iris bring back local processing! Had my internet been down, which it was last week, this could have been catastrophic.
  24. Wlepse

    Iris saved my ass!

    Well thanks again to Iris and the Leaksmart sensors and shutoff valve. I was able to dry everything back out pretty easily since the valve shut off the water before it could be too bad. I got the floor back in and the washer/dryer reconnected, just in time to wash the three loads of towels we soaked trying to clean up before they started to stink. If this wasn't installed I wasn't going to get up for another 2 hours and there is a good chance I wouldn't have noticed it so the next chance would have been about 4 hours later. By then we would have had major damage. So needless to say I am pretty happy for someone that just had to redo their laundry room twice in one week.
  25. Wlepse

    Product Reviews

    Well seems like a viable idea. I could post something about it saving me from having a major flood.