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  1. Greetings to my former Iris family. I want to share a deal I came across tonight. WalMart is having an in-store clearance of GE Z-Wave devices. Switches are $19, while dimmers and outdoor modules are $21. My local store also had GE Z-Wave bulbs for $9 and Z-Wave indoor plugs for $19. YMMV. Good luck!
  2. Thermostat to Run Furnance Fan Only

    Been a while since I've been here... Unfortunately you were lied to by support. It's possible, Lowe's has chosen not to implement it but other SmartHome systems can take advantage of it. The Z-wave Alliance website lists the following commands: Model: RTCOA CT101 Thermostat (CT101) Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-15040003 Supported Command Classes Association Basic Battery Clock Configuration Indicator Manufacturer Specific Multi Channel Multilevel Sensor Thermostat Fan Thermostat Fan State Thermostat Mode Thermostat Operating State Thermostat Setpoint Version
  3. Let's clear the air

    So you deny that some of you (myself included) have received $100's worth of free devices from Lowe's over the past few months? Of course you can't.
  4. Worth investing the money?

    And you've become quite the judgmental one. Let me flip that around by saying that if you don't like what I have to say, why don't you go elsewhere?
  5. Worth investing the money?

    So do I.. Not my fault the app is a steaming pile of crap.
  6. The Need for Camera Local Viewing in V2

    So you think. Not offering it forces you to use their app, stream the cameras, and entices you use their storage. Not trying to argue, but it wouldn't surprise me if the feature never comes. It was a standard firmware option, so why not just allow it? Can't think of any other reason.
  7. The Need for Camera Local Viewing in V2

    Between the motion delay, mediocre image quality, I'd just forget about using them. There are plenty of their alternatives out there. I really suspect whether local viewing is ever going to come back. I think Lowe's has the cameras locked down intentionally to prevent local viewing as incentive to have a premium subscription.
  8. That likely won't happen this year.
  9. Worth investing the money?

    It's more than an opinion, unless of course you disregard all of the facts. The truth is hard to swallow when you've made such a large investment as we have, but the facts remain. This is coming from someone who up until a week ago had the largest V2 system in existence (Otto was #2) with over 220 devices. One cannot judge a platform by reading other forums, trust me, I made the same mistake drawing that same conclusion. I'm the one who started the "grass isnt always greener posts" and feel a bit silly now for doing that. Until one actually uses another system, it's hard to make any sort of comparison. I know that now. The truth is that many competing systems support far more devices, offer more features, do not charge fees for access to basic features, have open APIs, and have responsive support. You cannot possibly believe paying $10 a month for a system that is still missing features, full of bugs, and in which support doesn't get back to you for 48 hours, if at all makes Iris a better platform. You have no idea how many problems my system had since switching to V2 as I seldom actually posted about them here. But here's a short summary. Daily disconnects of 2 to as many as 12 devices a day which needed to be manually reset, and occasionally even re-paired. The hub was crashing/going offline almost daily, I was the first to report the bug back before thanksgiving and endured 2 full months of support blaming my internet before enough other reports came in that they had to acknowledge the problem. Same goes for scenes to, which almost never run completely. That too was reported back in November and I was told it's not a significant issue and won't be addressed anytime soon. The. There are presence issues in which all devices drop off in the middle of the night setting then triggering the alarm. In March every single V1 battery powered device permanently disconnected due to a bug in the .52 hub firmware (not .53). I was given a list of excuses including a firmware bug in the V1 devices but support assured me it wouldn't happen again. I spent an entire day repairing over 60 devices only to wake the next morning to find them all gone again. Yes blowing away the system because the app is poorly so designed made me angry. There is no excuse for a bug in which the app will select the hub even though the user is clearly in a device page. It was not the actual event but the poor response from level 2 support that was the turning point in my opinion towards Iris. It shouldn't have taken that long for me to realize that Iris is build on a revenue first model.
  10. Worth investing the money?

    Not even close. There is a reality distortion field (aka Apple) on this forum surrounding the wold of Iris. I know, I got sucked into it too. It's easy to say Iris is on par with the competition when Iris is all you have experienced for several years. I was of that same mindset too until recently when I decided to explore other optionsIn terms of features and compatibility Iris is years behind the competition, that's a fact. Iris does not support Hue, Nest, Ecobee, Echo, Sonos, D-Link, Monoprice, EcoNet, and the list goes on. Pretty sad since we are still begging for local viewing on cameras 6 months into V2. Sure, Iris just added some "unsupported" devices, but those aren't anything special since they all follow Zigbee HA1.2 spec, so Lowe's had to do almost nothing to support those devices. Reliability is where I do believe Iris closes the gap on the competition but still lags somewhat behind. However, most of the competition offers far better and more responsive support options when there are issues. Other platforms also give users some tools to help solve their own problems, the ability to rebuild the Zwave network, for example which is another missing V1 item. Lowe's is creating a walled garden with V2. I'm not sure if I want to be trapped inside.
  11. The density of the mesh is a factor, but I also believe combinations and quantities of devices play an even larger role. Before my system crashed this week I was averaging 2-9 disconnected devices each day which required re-pairing or removing of power/battery to reconnect. I had topped out at 220 devices.
  12. They must be up to something…

    My system is as stable as it ever has been. Then again I haven't re-paired any devices since the crash earlier in the week.
  13. Most likely the tech was confused about the June 30th cellular disconnection date. There is no way full parity is going to be reached with V1 stability by then.
  14. I would be curious as to how much traffic on your Zigbee network that's creating. My guess is each history entry is generated from the bulb reporting to the hub. Nice to see some unsupported hardware is working now. Nice find!
  15. Worth investing the money?

    I agree, as much as I liked V1, V2 is a pale comparison in terms of both stability and reliability. My recommendation is to wait another 3-6 months so see how it evolves, or have a look at Wink, Insteon, SmartThings, Vera, and others. Iris isn't the only system out there and it's also far from the best.