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  1. IrisUsers

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    The Hue bulbs and bridge use ZLL which Iris hub does not support. The Hue bulbs also weakly support ZHA which the Iris hub does. One annoying limitation is you cannot easily unpair Hue bulbs connected with ZHA. I’ve also read the bulbs don’t repeat ZHA messages either You are much better off using the Hue bridge and building a separate Hue network. You’ll get faster performance and have the ability to use the Hue app.
  2. IrisUsers

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    The copy of Gills portal is running fine on the Iris Users server and without the need for the plugin. I don’t want to give out the link because it’s not my code. I was just hosting a dev copy for Gill. Whatever the issue is it can be fixed.
  3. IrisUsers

    Contact sensors falling off

    Try a Zigbee network rebuild to fix this. Power down the hub for 15 minutes with no batteries installed. This will cause Zigbee devices to go into a panic mode and start searching for their coordinator (hub). After 15 minutes power the hub back up and wait a couple hours. This will force all routing devices to rebuild their routing tables and hopefully reconnect most of the most devices.
  4. IrisUsers

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    I would advise against that. It might not break anything today but if Lowe’s wanted to they could easily block requests with that header. All requests to their socket stream now originate from
  5. IrisUsers

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Just an update for you all. I've been working with Gillion on restoring the portal. After some research and testing today I now know exactly the change that Lowe's did which broke the portal. That change, an added check to ensure that the connections to their servers are coming from users of their web portal, rejecting any from other websites such as Gillions. The good news, by using a Chrome browser plug-in "Modify Headers for Google Chrome" I am able to override this security measure and allow the portal to connect to the Iris cloud. For now it's just a hack while we continue to research a permanent fix.
  6. IrisUsers

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Make sure the secure flag is being set on the cookie you're receiving from Iris. It's possible that is being stripped off. I would also double-check to make sure that the value in the session cookie is not changing. If it is, the effect is essentially being logged out on the next request. I don't use nginx but I did find a sample config script that might be of use. It takes the auth cookie from the upstream (proxied) source and set it on the target (client). server { listen 8080; location ~ ^/(abc|xyz)/api(/.*)?$ { auth_request /auth-proxy; # read the cookie from the auth response auth_request_set $cookie $upstream_cookie_auth; access_by_lua_block { if not (ngx.var.cookie == nil or ngx.var.cookie == '') then ngx.header['Set-Cookie'] = "auth=" .. ngx.var.cookie .. "; Path=/" end } # add the cookie to the target request proxy_set_header Cookie "auth=$cookie"; set $query $2; proxy_pass http://$1/api$query$is_args$args; proxy_set_header X-Target $request_uri; proxy_set_header Host $http_host; } }
  7. IrisUsers

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    I'm sorry to say that probably won't happen. I've used the site too and it works essentially by exploiting a security weakness in Iris security (cookie harvesting) by stealing the cookie set on the browser when logging into the Iris website. Pav's app works because it directly logs into the Iris site and doesn't relay through a 3rd party website. I see that Iris is specifying a cookie domain ( and is marking the cookie as secure. Gill can fix this by proxying all of the requests to the Iris cloud including the login form through his server using cUrl such that the cookie is set directly on the calling agent (his server). This avoids the need to hijack the session cookie. Gill, let me know if you need help with this.
  8. IrisUsers

    Firmware Updates

    You listed smartplugs as receiving updates so I had thought perhaps Lowe's had a new release. Thanks!
  9. IrisUsers

    Firmware Updates

    For the SmartPlugs, what version are you seeing? I've done a lot of testing on Z-Wave performance of these devices, including directly pairing to an Aeon Z-Stick. Even the 20085010 version has issues with Z-Wave, even on Iris. If the Iris (or SmartThings) hub is in exclusion, the Z-Wave side of the device can be unknowingly removed. I was also able to replicate this behavior on using an Aeon Z-Wave stick as the controller. I believe it's due to how explorer frames are implemented. Explorer frames are a Z-Wave plus extension for helping a devices find each other without having to run a Z-Wave heal. Anyhow, I'm very curious to know the version so I can go back and re-test them. For those running SmartThings alongside Iris, I published a driver for the Z-Wave side of these devices. Thanks!
  10. IrisUsers

    Refreshed V2 Devices

    I could not find any mention of refreshed 2nd generation devices here. It was mentioned on a post at the SmartThings community that Lowe's is refreshing some of the Iris 2nd generation devices. The Smart Button has some cosmetic changes where the LED is located while the keyfob actually gets real button labels, It looks like the motion sensor and others receive updated packaging. I'm curious if anyone here has had experience with any of them. I'm re-posting a picture of the new packaging. Lowe's Links: 3450-L2 Keyfob 3460-L2 Smart Button 3320-L2 Door & Window Sensor 3210-L2 Smart Plug 3326-L2 Motion Sensor
  11. Greetings to my former Iris family. I want to share a deal I came across tonight. WalMart is having an in-store clearance of GE Z-Wave devices. Switches are $19, while dimmers and outdoor modules are $21. My local store also had GE Z-Wave bulbs for $9 and Z-Wave indoor plugs for $19. YMMV. Good luck!
  12. IrisUsers

    Thermostat to Run Furnance Fan Only

    Been a while since I've been here... Unfortunately you were lied to by support. It's possible, Lowe's has chosen not to implement it but other SmartHome systems can take advantage of it. The Z-wave Alliance website lists the following commands: Model: RTCOA CT101 Thermostat (CT101) Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC08-15040003 Supported Command Classes Association Basic Battery Clock Configuration Indicator Manufacturer Specific Multi Channel Multilevel Sensor Thermostat Fan Thermostat Fan State Thermostat Mode Thermostat Operating State Thermostat Setpoint Version
  13. IrisUsers

    Let's clear the air

    So you deny that some of you (myself included) have received $100's worth of free devices from Lowe's over the past few months? Of course you can't.
  14. IrisUsers

    Worth investing the money?

    And you've become quite the judgmental one. Let me flip that around by saying that if you don't like what I have to say, why don't you go elsewhere?
  15. IrisUsers

    Worth investing the money?

    So do I.. Not my fault the app is a steaming pile of crap.