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  1. False alarms with motion sensors

    We had this happen multiple times on Sunday 3/11. A while after it started, I got a low battery email for the same motion sensor, replaced the battery, and now it's been fine.
  2. Everything is finally working, so I'm hesitant to change anything, but ... I get the feeling I'm way underutilizing Iris. I've got some basic stuff going: Security alarm and a couple of lights on a schedule. I'm not using any fobs or buttons, and when I've seen them for a good price, I've been tempted, but I couldn't really think what I'd do with them. I wish my thermostat was integrated, but we recently got new HVAC, and it came with a thermostat on Nexia, so that's automated, just through a different app. Home security is a priority, but more automation would be great, too. To the extent that it matters: We're me, wife, four preteen kids, two-car garage, pool. Anyway ... What are some other ideas? What's the cleverest thing you do with Iris? Where else can I read about good ideas?
  3. I've been reading every thread I can find about light bulbs, including that Cree thread most recently, and I'm unable to figure out whether *any* bulbs out there will definitely (or almost definitely) work. I really want to get this figured out before going on vacation. So: Are there any bulbs that I can buy that will at-least-almost definitely work?
  4. *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    I'm not sure--I didn't notice that I had one with a different SKU until after I'd taken them all out of their packages. It reconnected after I turned off power at the switch for a minute and turned it back on. Not a big deal, I guess, but I'll be annoyed if this happens while I'm out of town.
  5. *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    Ha! I jinxed it. One has gone offline. It's four feet beside another one. I swear.
  6. *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    Just reporting back in: I've had the Sylvania Osram bulbs in my four porch lights for a few weeks now, no problems. At first, I had one that didn't stayed paired, so I reset it, and no problems since. I had exactly the same situation as woofboy--I happened to look at my receipt a few days after the purchase and realized that one of them had the different SKU. I don't know if it's the one that I had to reset or not. In any case, they're all working just fine now.
  7. Slide menu android app

    I thought maybe I was just remembering this wrong. Yes. Hope they bring this back.
  8. On several screens, I cannot scroll down to see what's supposed to be at the bottom of the screen. For example, on the "add" screen, I can't see the option for adding a scene, which (as I can see on my tablet) is at the bottom of the screen: Same thing happens after I add a device--I can't see "OK" or "Done" or whatever is supposed to be at the bottom of the screen to end the whole process. (I have to force stop the app--going back just gets me stuck in a loop). ZTE phone (but this was happening on my LG phone previously), running Android 5.1.1, android app version 1.8.
  9. What clever things do you do with Iris?

    Perfect. I just put a contact sensor on our basement freezer, which doesn't get closed all the way *at least* once every couple of months. (Bummed that the shortest duration before notification is 30 minutes--seems like I should be able to set that to whatever I want.) Need to think about the driveway idea ... Keep 'em coming!
  10. V2 keypads went silent

    yuri, you may have already seen this mentioned elsewhere, but just in case ... The same thing happened to me, but our batteries dying happened to coincide with a firmware update. When I reinstalled batteries, the keypads didn't make any sounds (just that faint clicking). Turns out the app's toggle for keypad sounds had been set to off. Switching that back got everything back to normal (with no more misbehaving keypad lights, too).
  11. *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    Thanks, everyone. I'll give the Osram bulbs a shot.
  12. Has anyone had good luck with the V2 fob?

    I'm really curious: What do you use these for? i.e. Do they arm/disarm the alarm or something?
  13. *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    Re: those Osram lightify A19s, a Q&A at that link says they're both wifi and ZigBee (though the description just says wifi). True? And, if so, would they function as ZigBee signal repeaters, too, since they're not battery powered?
  14. Iris Survey

    Took it. I design surveys (among other things) for a living and found this one to be frustratingly designed in some aspects, but I'm very glad to be asked about this. I was asked to prioritize what I'd want to be able to do through the web portal. The simple answer is: Everything. (Why not?) I was also asked something about what I like and dislike about the app--perhaps this is less to improve the app than to inform the web portal design.
  15. New Device Firmware Downloading (Keypads)

    Mine came back with no sound, too, but it was the app. The toggle for "keypad sounds" was on "off."
  16. New Device Firmware Downloading (Keypads)

    To answer my own questions, yes, it appears that the lights-staying-on bug has been fixed.
  17. New Device Firmware Downloading (Keypads)

    YES. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this (except I'd say it's happening more like 50% of the time for me). Can anyone confirm that this has been fixed with the firmware update? I'm waiting for our new batteries to arrive from Amazon--I refused to buy them for $6 each at Ace again.
  18. V2 keypad battery life

    Thanks, that good news. And, no, I don't think their lights are triggered by proximity sensors unusually often, but the one with the shorter battery life is the one that I've mentioned elsewhere--its top two lights stay on after setting the alarm unless we remember to wave our hand in front of it an extra time. Maybe the firmware update fixed that, too. We ordered some batteries on Amazon so that we're not paying the crazy prices at Ace Hardware, etc., so I haven't started the experiment again yet.
  19. V2 keypad battery life

    I made note of when I replaced the batteries on my two (v2) keypads. They lasted 10 weeks and and 7 weeks. These are incredibly expensive batteries! At this rate, I'll spend $150/year on batteries for just the two keypads. GRRR. Is this normal, or should I be contacting Iris and trying to get them replaced?
  20. I debated where to post this--hope this is the right place. I'm thinking that this product must exist somewhere, but I can't find it ... You know how some cars will sound a not-very-loud, subtle alarm, like a ringtone, when somebody gets close? Just enough of an alarm to say "hey, if you're up to no good, think twice, but if you're just passing by, no need to freak out"? I want that for my house. Something that would make a would-be burglar think that maybe he's on camera or something so he'll just pass on by. Does this exist? Searching for it is proving difficult--search terms like "outdoor," "warning," "alarm," and "proximity" bring up results for different stuff (like tornado warning systems and "regular" alarms). Ideally, I could integrate it into Iris, but that seems unlikely. Any ideas?
  21. Well, here I am again. Noticed OFF button on keypad (v2) blinking. Nothing else, just the OFF button. Only one keypad, not the other. Any idea what that means? I was already having trouble with both my keypads, as I've posted in the bugs forum--the lights stay after setting the alarm, causing the battery to drain. Don't want yet another thing draining those pricey batteries. I reset, following the instructions precisely, and now it won't pair.
  22. Blinking OFF button on keypad

    I didn't, but it did eventually repair. I think I tried a total of 6 times. On the 5th try, it paired, but wasn't recognized as a keypad--just an unsupported mystery device. 6th time went like it was supposed to. I somehow managed not to bash it into the wall during this process. You mentioned the recalibration before re: the lights that stay on. I never did it. It just doesn't seem like that's the problem--the proximity sensing works fine. Surely these blinking lights (like the steadily blinking OFF button) mean SOMETHING. Is there not a list somewhere? It's not on the "spec sheet."
  23. I know I saw another post about this, but I can't find it. When I set my alarm from the keypad, whether to on or partial, the LEDs at the very top stay on until the keypad detects motion (and then they turn off when all the lights turn off once motion isn't detected) or until disarmed. This is draining the batteries. I've tried removing and re-pairing. I'm running the Android app (if that matters).
  24. next gen keypad will not pair

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem now. Maddening. EDIT: Well, 10th time was the charm. It was the time that my finger slipped while pressing the button while inserting the battery, then I pressed again, and I got the magic three beeps. I'll take it.
  25. GE Dimmer Switch 12724-Z Wave

    I had never heard of this before--thanks. Am I missing some obvious source of documentation for all this stuff? I've looked for answers to questions like "what does that beeping mean?" before and could only find answers here. And I actually posted here before about the annoyance of having to take my motion sensors down to re-pair them and nobody mentioned this option. Just did a search at the official site and got no results for "sneaker."