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  1. Can't Edit or Create Schedules With iOS

    My findings are SIMILAR. One exception. Scenes created in iOS with schedules. Schedule does not run. - Affirmative Scenes created in Android with schedules. Schedules run as expected. - Affirmative Schedule event modified on iOS by changing the time of an event. Schedule runs as expected. - Negative - Schedule does not run. Schedule event modified on Android by changing the time of an event. Schedule runs as expected. - Affirmative Schedule event added to any scene on iOS. Schedule does not run. - Affirmative Schedule event added to any scene on Android. Schedule runs as expected. - Affirmative In my experience ANY scheduling activity in iOS results in the schedule not functioning as expected which is to say AT ALL. Thanks for coming out.
  2. Can't Edit or Create Schedules With iOS

    Doesn't anyone on the dev team own an iPhone? I make my techs use the exact same hardware and software that my users run on so that if any changes we make affect the users, it most likely will affect us allowing us to stay ahead of the game.
  3. Features I Lost When I Migrated OR Why I'm Leaving Iris

    2.0 still sucking. I would have been out of a job, post haste, if I mucked-up the systems I was responsible for. Kinda hoping they're at least sweating the possibility of such an outcome. Get crack-a-lacking people!!
  4. Can't Edit or Create Schedules With iOS

    Finally got scene schedules to work. It required installing an android emulator on my computer. If I create a scene/schedule with my iPhone, iPad, wife's iPhone, wife's iPad, son's iPho....well, you can see where this is going...the schedule WILL NOT WORK. If I create the scene/schedule on the Android emulator, it works like a charm. If I then edit the scene/schedule from any of my IOS devices, it breaks the scene/schedule, and the only way to fix it is to go to my computer, launch the Android emulator, wait for it to load, then DELETE THE SCENE and create it again. I feel like Nigel. NDB ETA: Mods, this has become a bug report. Please move to the appropriate sub-forum.
  5. Scenes slow to run/do not run to completion.

    I don't think it's limited to scenes with lots of associated devices as mine only has 3 and just like Sex Panther by Odeon, "60% of the time it works every time." XD NDB
  6. Open/Close Garage Door With Fob

    Thanks, but I was aware of this. I am not looking for a work around, I'm requesting a feature.
  7. Built a mount for the iris

    Nice job! You reminded me of the first thing about V2 that I didn't like. No mounting provisions. At least V1 had the keyhole slots in the bottom.
  8. Avoid the new keyfob :(

    Same side-post-breakage here. Looks like a pi$$ poor solder job is responsible. Funny, mine was epoxied too. P.O.S. broke while inserting the battery for the first/last time. Am I the only one or does it seem like IbL is TRYING to alienate all of us?
  9. Features I Lost When I Migrated OR Why I'm Leaving Iris

    I was all filled with youthful optimism yesterday, so I went and bought some of the new devices. I picked up the new keypad so I don't have to listen to the old one giving me the raspberry every time I open a door. Snagged the new fob to test it out, and also one of the new contact sensors 'cause I needed another. While I was at it I bought one of the ge z-wave plugs because...well... I'm not as youthful as I once was so the optimism is a bit weak, at least where V2 is concerned. Well it's starting to look like they're all going back (except for the general switch). I won't invest another penny in this "home automation" platform until they get it to work as reliably as V1 worked for me for the past few years. I had been a died-in-the-wool MS Windows admin for my entire IT career, but once I discovered how simple and reliable macs are, I sh!tcanned all my Dell junk in favor of Apple products, and the same with my Android devices. I am fast approaching a point where I will be doing the same with iris in favor of whatever I find that's better, no matter the cost. What a downer.
  10. I can't for the life of me get scheduling to work for scenes or rules, no matter how many times I delete/recreate the schedules/rules/scenes, or bounce the hub, in any combination of sequences. I'm rapidly running out of rope,fellas.
  11. Scenes slow to run/do not run to completion.

    I dunno why, but I have to execute scenes at least twice before all devices are switched to the desired condition.
  12. One Definite Bug - One Issue That MAY Be A Bug

    "That's just like... your opinion... man." - Jeffery ,"The Dude" Lebowski
  13. Mobile Phone App as Device

    I was just thinking that it'd be really cool if you could register your mobile phone as an Iris device. The purpose that comes immediately to mind is to have it act as a fob for presence. The idea struck me as I was trying to figure out how to accommodate my wife, as she rarely carries the same purse twice in the same day, but she NEVER leaves her mobile phone at home. I'd be willing to PAY for the feature. NDB
  14. Features I Lost When I Migrated OR Why I'm Leaving Iris

    Thanks for that! There are so many crevices and crannies I was unaware of. Now my gripe is that I can't disable the chime on the hub (not a big deal), but the "chime" on the keypad is no longer a pleasant, "bee-BEEP", but a nasty low-pitched, "WAAA", like an error notification. It begs the question, "what was the logic behind THAT decision?" Are these knuckleheads changing stuff for the sake of change or what? If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that it's more likely that the minimum amount of thought required while TECHNICALLY being able to say that a given programming task was complete is the reason for ALL of the "Features I Lost". ETA: Fwiw, I use the word "knuckleheads" as a term of to speak.