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  1. So far so good. I setup the 6100D on May 5 and it used 57MB that day because there was a firmware update for the 6100D, let's say my setup used a total of 89MB. To measure the usage, I left the WAN port disconnected. From May 6 to day, it used 29MB. Sprint has poor coverage in my area. I get only 1 bar on the 4G LTE indicator but it worked. One thing I do regrade, I should not have changed to the FREE plan immediately after I received the device. Now I will have to choose a fee plan to see the connection with its 3G network...which I am not about to do. Like I mentioned previously, I set it up with Dual WAN. During my tests, it took about a minute to realize the primary WAN (Comcast) was lost and then connected to the Sprint 4G network. When the WAN connection is reestablished, it took about the same amount of time to drop Sprint and use the primary WAN data feed. The Free plan offers 500MB per month so I am not worried about going over. If you do go over the free data amount, I believe FreedomPop charges $20 per 1GB. The thing is I got 5GB bonus when I bought my device and I believe there is no way I would run that out at all because I will only connect Iris and ST Hubs to the FreedomPop, all my other devices are on my Comcast. Besides, after my test, I will hook up the WAN port and the FreedomPop will be a backup connection only.
  2. I just bought this FreedomPop Netgear 6100D Gateway two weeks ago. I set it up with the Dual WAN feature. My primary WAN is Comcast broadband and when the WAN port connection drops, the FreedomPop(Sprint CDMA) 4G connection kicks in. It cost me $49.99 and I changed to the FREE plan without any featured service immediately after I received the device. The FREE plan is 4G only. If you worry about the 4G connection, you can choose the $3.99 500MB plan and the device would connect to 3G and 4G. Notes: 1. Connection: Home primary LAN cable goes to the Netgear 6100D WAN port. Iris HUB Ethernet port connects to any one of the four LAN ports on the 6100D. 2. Disable the 6100D WiFi so it does not fight with your primary WiFi for channels. It is just a push button on the device. Very simple.
  3. navcore

    Cell Modem?

    Setting up new V2 hub and 4G cellular right now for my boss so he can bring it to his boat tonight and replace his V1+3G. Just learned that the 4G would only work for 72 hours. I think we will have to cancel the account and return everything.
  4. navcore

    Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt battery issues

    I have two deadbolts and both have batteries replaces twice since got on V2.
  5. I just cancelled my Amazon order and I will return all OSRAM bulbs on my system.
  6. navcore

    Logging into App

    My hub is back online but I still cannot log on to the iOS app for hours. Saying no account match. Just found an old Android phone and installed the app, got in without issue.
  7. navcore

    OSRAM Lightify Color Temperature Adjustments

    I bought two of these and paired to Iris without issue
  8. navcore

    Upgrade to V2 Mistake

    I had lots of issues with ZWave devices too, especially the door locks. A week ago I moved the V2 hub to the dead center of my house. Since then, all ZWave devices work as programmed.
  9. navcore

    Can I use both IOS & Android Apps with a Hub2?

    I am using both iOS and Android apps with V2 hub too. Two nights ago I was able to delete, factory reset, re-pair, and push three PINS to two Schlage Touchscreen deadbolts with the Android app while the V2 hub was in 10ft range of the locks. Then I was able to see the results on the iOS end.
  10. Re-paired my 2 touchscreen locks and added 3 users to the locks on Android v.1.8 tonight and the results are shown correctly on iOS app too.
  11. navcore

    BE469 Lock - 1 Code Only

    1. It would only take a 4-digit code 2. To add another code, you need to set up a new person with a code, and add "Access" to the Schlage 469 lock.
  12. navcore

    Presence settings

    I cannot agree more. Seriously thinking about using V1 just for that function. The V2 could not put the Honeywell thermostat back to schedule with the HOME scene. I would like to see some major changes on the thermostat control.
  13. navcore

    No web browser UI to monitor & control system

    A web browser UI would be nice because I need to monitor both my home and company systems. To log on and off from the phone app is a pain.
  14. navcore

    Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

    I had the same issue with my two locks and I ended up using a long Ethernet cable to bring the hub to the door. Once paired, no problem ever since.