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  1. V1 keypad issue after .061 update

    Our hub has .063 as of today...I think they did a hotfix for the V1 keypad that actually did not have a new update number. Now that they have pushed .063, I am not sure what this one has fixed.
  2. V1 keypad issue after .061 update

    UPDATE!!! An original issue with the V2 Hub is now fixed. This is the scenario where you set the alarm on the keypad before you walk out the door. Open the door to walk out and either the alarm does not set OR the alarm discounts the door that you walked out of. This was a huge issue for our home because we have children that do not have the capability to active the alarm on the app. It is also way more convenient to set it as you walk out the door rather than having to get out the phone and set it when you leave. I guess there still might be hope for our systems.
  3. V1 keypad issue after .061 update

    The Iris Team must have pushed a fix for at least the V1 keypad issues. Came home today and was greeted with a door chime on the keypad. AND, it is the old V1 chime...not the BUZZ!????????. Also, the buttons have sound again.
  4. V1 keypad issue after .061 update

    That is what my v1 keypad has been doing since the last hub update...also no response on the keypad to doors being opened. The hub will chime though Checked my sound settings for door contacts. They are all set to chime.
  5. V1 keypad issue after .061 update

    I am also having issues with the V1 keypad since this hub update. No keypad button sounds when alarm is not armed along with no door sounds (I.E. chime/buzz). Hub makes chime, but no keypad sound. Weird that when you go to de-activate alarm, I get keypad sounds though. Then when de-activated, there is no confirmation sound and the off light is delayed. I removed all devices, reset the hub, and paired devices again. I got no result from this. I guess we'll have to deal with all of these issues until hopefully this is addressed by the Iris Team.
  6. HUGE problem with 1.7 app update(Android)

    Fixed!!! Thank You Iris team!
  7. HUGE problem with 1.7 app update(Android)

    Motorola Droid Maxx running 4.4.4. Thanks for the info.
  8. Well, now they updated to v-1.7 and along with it comes NEW problems. I cannot go into the security card AT ALL!! App stops working and shuts down. I reported it. I've tried restarting the app from a reinstall- no luck. Tried restarting phone-no luck. Figures the MOST important Part of the app cannot be used...great!
  9. CT-101 Smart Thermostat and V2 Hub?

    Same here with issues about the app not reflecting changes made manually on the thermostat. Otherwise working OK. Also there should be an indicator on the app for filter change reminder. V1 app had this.
  10. It would be nice if we can have the ability to set the alarm on the keypad (On or partial) without needing all doors/windows closed. Usually I have the front door open, ready to leave when I set the alarm. I know you can do it with the double tap but it eliminates monitoring that contact. Gen 1 had this ability and without it is an inconvenience. Please fix this issue
  11. 1st Gen Motion Sensor

    It worked perfectly! Thanks a ton.
  12. 1st Gen Motion Sensor

    How do you reset the 1st Gen motion sensors? Could not find anything on it to reset. There is a button inside the sensor, but it is comes in contact with the post on the back cover when you close it.
  13. 1st Gen Motion Sensor

    I can't seem to get my 1st gen motion sensor to pair with 2nd Gen hub. I went into pairing mode in the app. The hub's green light flashes and that's about all that happens. New battery in sensor by the way. It used to work with the 1st Gen hub. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  14. Device Battery Indicators

    Would like to see battery level displayed for each device as V1 did in it's app instead of "Battery OK". It would help to keep on top of what batteries need attention ahead of time.
  15. In Android App settings, Can't Reorder Cards

    Ahhh are correct! Before this update, you could just long press a card anywhere and then move it. Thank you for the info!