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  1. Devi8

    Has anyone had good luck with the V2 fob?

    V2 fob is garbage, if the tang for the battery Doesn't break it will eat through battery or have disconnect issues, tried 3 smart things arrivals no joy on all 3, the emergency pendants seem to work very well, I have 2 in the cars and they are great
  2. I don't even bother, I buy a new one and return the old one a day later
  3. Devi8

    Water Softener on V2

    God I want one of these, I always forget to get salt
  4. Devi8

    New HVAC system. Recommended Thermostat

    Just maintain use of the CT101 and add a few rules monitoring room Temps with other devices, if a temp drops it will send you a notification.
  5. interesting considering it plugs into a more then likely 15 amp circuit.
  6. Devi8

    battery status for all devices?

    i've been getting emails from Iris telling me Batteries are low, so far for 2 of my keypads and one smart button.
  7. Why are you selling for 20 on here but only 17.99 on eBay? Shouldn't the price be even cheaper without paying eBay fee's?
  8. Mine is now on a v2 smart plug 1hp pool pump, looks to be functioning flawlessly, I had initially thought the rush current of start up would be too much, however a 15 amp circuit handels 15 amps so do these plugs.
  9. That was my same thought. Thanks
  10. Can I use a simple smart plug or do I need to do the relay trick, pump is a 1hp intex saltwater system approx 8 amps, the Iris or ge are both rated at 15 max amps on a obvious 15 amp circuit breaker not sure what the draw back would be
  11. Devi8

    Gen2 Contact Sensors and outdoor plugs go offline

    I haven't had any v1 or v2 contact sensors disconnect, only ge plug occasionally
  12. Devi8

    Outdoor siren

    I'd too would like a actual outdoor unit, scunnys mod works but I want a single unit
  13. Devi8

    Worth investing the money?

    Think its time to simmer down, maybe take a week or 2 off the blogs... You went from the Biggest Iris supporter posting on how other Hubs are inferior to constantly posting how awful the Iris experience/hardware is.
  14. Devi8

    monitoring water temp

    I wish they would make something with a probe, I'd love to use it with my pellet smoker