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  1. Devi8


    Anyone have one? What Iris and centralite sensors carry over? Maybe a exit plan if iris doesn't make it
  2. Devi8

    A post from the Iris Community manager

    Lol you are a admin of a basically dead forum don't think he was taking about you. This forum hasn't scene this much action since the v1 to v2 switch over.
  3. Devi8


    If you look at a post I have above, it's a list of complete devices, Halo is on there, so are the keypads. not sure about the arming stuff, I would like to know that as well
  4. Devi8

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    are you going to be able to use the former IRIS hubs, or is it just the software stuff
  5. Devi8


    I just ordered hubitat, hate that iris is dead but the fact that I'm getting 1200 bucks back, makes me not completely despise lowes
  6. Devi8

    Iris is Officially Done

    Do you keep everything and just get remebursted?
  7. Devi8

    Shut Down?

    Pretty sure most end caps have been taken over by Craftsmen display, There is only that one section by electrical now, hell they even have Halo displays still up at some stores. Most telling is how few stores actually have V3 hubs Available.
  8. Devi8

    Local Processing for Iris

    Pretty sure I read the the V3 was supposed to have local processing
  9. Devi8


    It honestly doesn't matter how polished hubitat is, I have 60 devices that are going to need a new home, I lived through iris V2 evolution I can do it again. I'm assuming with no buyer Lowe's will have to give consumers a time line on shutdown. I don't think it can be just a immediate thing, or at least hope not.
  10. Devi8


    Sounds like my next HUB, too bad I really liked Iris, wish I didn't buy that v3. I still can't believe Lowe's is selling DOA Hubs
  11. Devi8

    Hubitat here is a complete list of supported devices, a lot of my devices are listed so it looks promising.
  12. Devi8

    Shut Down?

    I don't understand how lowes can keep selling these things if it's goimg to grt shut down
  13. Devi8

    Shut Down?

    Did you have to reset your hub? Maybe it crashed and that's the message you get? I seriously would never set foot in a Lowe's ever again if they kill iris
  14. Devi8


    I find the fact that it doesn't have a app and you want one very amusing, when. The V2 iris hub came out people where getting there pitch forks that there wasn't a web portal
  15. Devi8

    Non IRIS branded motion sensors?

    Boch has a couple,
  16. Devi8

    First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Smoke Alarm

    Zsmoke and zcombo are the two you want, I've had much better luck with the zcombo, both zsmokes that I had started going off falsely. eBay is your friend, I've gotten great deals off of there. Don't forget you can grab some discontinued Halo units, they still work with the Iris, and there are a ton of cheap ones on eBay, I've changed out all of my hard wire units.
  17. Devi8

    Water leak Drop outs

    I think you should remove them, factory reset the 3315 and repair them. Let them sit near the hub for a few days Did that with my miss behaving units and they now seem fine
  18. Devi8

    Water leak Drop outs

    Purchased 3 Iris branded water leak sensors, they are obviously 3315s same as smart things and PEQs. After pairing units and distributing them in the house all 3 have lost connection 12 hours later, they are all flashing blue led. I reset and repaired one and it seems to be staying online. Not sure what happened.
  19. Devi8

    Signs of a buyer?

    It could absolutely mean nothing, I just thought it was interesting to see it this afternoon. I've scene those descriptions be wrong before. This is a RBK 50 orbi Mesh router set up Attached is the description through the Orbi app, above was Via The IP address
  20. Devi8

    Signs of a buyer?

    Not sure if this means anything BUT..... I was look at devices on my orbi and check out that device name.... Amazon Iris.... This is my new 3rd gen hub
  21. Devi8

    Water leak Drop outs

    I do also have several PEQ and Smart things sensors that are essentially the same sensor as the Iris branded one. None of them have given me this issue even though they are "unsupported devices"
  22. Devi8

    Water leak Drop outs

    Yeah, I normally never have issues with zigbee stuff. Interesting 🤔
  23. Do you still have the PEQs? I'll take all of them
  24. Devi8

    Signs of a buyer?

    Common Amazon.... Do it
  25. Devi8

    "Ring" doorbell support.

    I am investing in some ring doorbells and flood lights, I would love for them to work with the Iris.