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  1. mdterps

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    That’s weird. I moved over 6 from Iris with no problems. I’m pretty sure I just removed the smart plugs from within the Iris app (which reset them and caused them to start blinking) and then they all added right away as a “thing”. Then I just logged into the IDE and changed to the standard smart power outlet device handler. I do know the iris smart plugs are now listed in the new smartthings app as a supported device under the outlets. Maybe support would be able to help?
  2. mdterps

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    I used this from the smartthings forum:
  3. mdterps

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    Are you trying to pair it as a zwave repeater also, or just a Zigbee device you can control?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has successfully paired this hardwired under cabinet light to Iris. I bought some of these and after several calls to Iris support, was unable to pair as anything other than a New Device 1. We tried resetting numerous times and repairing, but all attempts were unsuccessful. One of the Iris reps I spoke to said this item should be compatible, however, tier 2 wasn't sure since this specific item isn't listed in the app (but is listed on the website as works with Iris). Please let me know if you have been able to pair and control this item. Thank you!
  5. mdterps

    GDO as Alarm Devices

    I have had several similar problems over the last few days where my garage door indicates it has opened in the history. However, I have confirmed for sure the door did not actually open. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. mdterps

    V1 Outdoor Camera Disconnect

    I agree, all bugs have been resolved in my new indoor/outdoor camera. It works perfectly and even the motion sensitivity has been fixed and it really works well!
  8. I have noticed that when I am not actually looking at the iris app on my iPhone, my alert notifications are working when motion is detected. However, when I am in the app, and I set off a motion sensor I no longer get any type of notification that the motion sensor has been triggered.
  9. mdterps

    [iOS] Camera recording is blank?

    When I get these, most of the time when I download the clip, I am then able to view the downloaded video with no problem. I have also found that if I click on the video a couple of times, it will sometimes play within the app as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. mdterps

    New Indoor/Outdoor Camera Pixelation Bug

    I believe it was when the 1.11 update came out that I noticed the clearer picture. I didn't make any changes on my end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. mdterps

    New Indoor/Outdoor Camera Pixelation Bug

    Since last week I now have a much clearer picture on my new outside camera. I am now able to increase to 30 fps and my picture and recordings are now much better quality and similar to my old outdoor camera. I almost think the nighttime recording is better with this new camera. Also, the motion detection and recording has been working very well (although it is very sensitive and does detect flying bugs).
  12. mdterps

    New Indoor/Outdoor Camera Pixelation Bug

    Mine is still not working correctly. I am having the pixelation at anything over 5fps. Even on 5 fps, when there is movement in the picture I get a blurry recording. I also tried a higher fps on a wired connection, and the picture is just as blurry. Here is my speed test: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. mdterps

    New Indoor/Outdoor Camera Pixelation Bug

    No problem. The power supply end that plugs into the camera looks to be the same type of plug (just a different color), however, I didn't compare them before I mounted it to make sure they are exactly the same size. I can confirm this tomorrow. It does have a different type of waterproof seal that is used but is removable and could be used on a different cord. The mount is definitely different. What I am not sure of is if the new mounting piece on the camera could be removed and then if the old mounting screw would fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. mdterps

    New Indoor/Outdoor Camera Pixelation Bug

    I am not sure what's wrong with the new one. I do have one of the original outdoor cameras and the video on that one is very clear. usmcss - I was having the same problem where my original camera motion sensor would not pick up someone walking past. What I did was add a separate motion sensor (it's a covered porch) and use that to trigger the camera recording. I have been very happy with how this is working. For several weeks it has always started recording before the person enters the frame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. My 2.4g wifi (which is what my camera is connected to) just ran 38Mbps download. My 5g runs 175Mbps. I am using iPhone, however, I have also tried changing the settings on android and on cellular with the same results. The first picture is 30 fps and the second is 5 fps: