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  1. fms72

    V2 Keypad lights

    Does the blinking amber for system is not ready to arm work for anyone?
  2. This has to be obvious but how the heck do you remove the battery from the smart button? Flipping the gray switch looks like it pops out the tray 1mm but I haven't been able to pry it out.
  3. fms72

    Status LED Behavior on V2 Keypad

    I have an elderly individual in the household who is hard of hearing. The audio signals are too quiet for her so she relies on the LED. Without knowing that there is still an open device, it's too easy to arm again too early and inadvertently force it to bypass the open devices.
  4. fms72

    Login "Remember Me"

    When I've been prompted to login, I kill the app and relaunch. For whatever reason, I've never been prompted for the login after relaunching. This is with iOS.
  5. Is there any way to determine if all devices are closed from the keypad before arming the system? On my two V2 keypads, the status LED always lights up green. If I force the alarm to arm (push twice), the status LED will flash orange once and then start flashing red. The orange flash is not obvious and the system then proceeds to arm with the open devices bypassed. From another thread, it seems that the status LED should flash orange when there are devices that are still open. Any insights on how I can determine the status of the devices before going ahead and arming the system? Thanks, Oliver