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  1. mjs61084

    Setting the Alarm and Updates

    I understand what you're saying, but in my opinion it still isn't right. in V1, it didn't matter whether a door was open or a sensor had recently detected motion, you pushed the arm button once and walked out the door. Unfortunately this method didn't alert you to a door being left open. In V2 Iris broke the system, we could no longer set the alarm except from our mobile app once we left and motion was no longer detected. Last summer they fixed the problem again, one push would arm the system, even if motion was detected, but this time if any door or window sensors were opened they would have to be closed to arm the system or they were bypassed, except they didn't rejoin when closed. Now we have what they changed several weeks ago that we have to push twice nearly every single time to get the system armed. It's not the end of the world and it may sound silly that I'm complaining about it, but this definitely isn't how most traditional alarm systems work. On most, all doors and windows must be closed to arm the system, motion doesn't matter. If I had it my way this is how it would work.... I press the arm button once, leave my home. Any sensors that were opened during the arming (door,etc) would rejoin after closing. OR the same scenario, but that if any doors are open I would have to close first like a traditional system and then I could push twice if I chose to bypass. Having to push twice makes things more complicated for people who don't use iris regularly. Cleaning people, babysitters, house sitters, etc. most people want to just push once and walk out. IMO this new way just creates confusion for people who aren't regular iris users.
  2. mjs61084

    Setting the Alarm and Updates

    You are absolutely right, very frustrating! When I bought my system 2 years ago I didn't have stand there, then when the V2 hub came out I did. It was fixed last summer and then it just broke again a couple of weeks ago. The person who replied above is right though, hit the alarm button twice. I had asked this question on the official Lowe's forum and got an answer, but forgot to report back. The first time it will make a weird noise the second time it will start arming. The silver lining to this is that at least everything rejoins after a certain amount of time. After they fixed the problem over the summer, it would arm if the motion sensor was active, but not if a door was open. This wasn't a problem before. So the good news is that now I can arm with the door open (I used to have to shut it first which was annoying). I really hope that iris is looking into this and fixes it in the near future. We still shouldn't have to press the keypad twice. It should just work the first time. It's definitely possible because it wasn't like this in V1.
  3. mjs61084

    Arming of the system while motion is detected

    After the most current update this is a problem again. Any suggestions on how to fix this??
  4. mjs61084

    Setting the Alarm and Updates

    After the most current update, this is a problem AGAIN!!!! Does anyone have a fix or suggestion? This is super annoying....
  5. mjs61084

    Dusk to Dawn settings

    I also had the same problems. It seems like from the post I had written that some people experience this problem and some do not. My workaround was to create scenes to turn the lights on and off. I have an "on" scene and an "off" scene. Has been working perfectly for several weeks this way.
  6. mjs61084

    Osram Lights Not Activating Correct Brightness

    Ok, I'll try that as well..thanks!
  7. mjs61084

    Osram Lights Not Activating Correct Brightness

    One other thing I remembered I had changed was going from an actual time to sunrise/sunset. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? It would be great if you could report back what tier 1 says.
  8. mjs61084

    Osram Lights Not Activating Correct Brightness

    Interesting, now that you mention that. I just purchased the bulbs about 3-4 weeks ago and they were working fine until last week. Last week is when I downloaded iOS 10.1. I wouldn't have even given thought to that though since I've had them for such a short time. They have been fine the past several days though setting them up as a scene. It's not ideal, but I guess it's a work around for right now and they are following expected behavior this way. I would think the app programs the hub and shouldn't have an effect on settings. Usually iOS dot upgrades shouldn't cause the app to go haywire like that. Thanks for bringing this up!
  9. mjs61084

    Osram Lights Not Activating Correct Brightness

    Have you tried to activate them using scenes? This has been working for me, so I hope it continues to work.
  10. I have several Osram LED light bulbs. When I navigate to cards-lights-and set a schedule, the lights come on, but not at the brightness that I have set. They turn on to 100% even though I have them set to 20%. They work as expected for about the first day or so and then they start going to 100%. My work around for this is to set scenes for the bulbs. This corrects the issue, but I shouldn't need to set up a scene when there is scheduling on the bulb card.
  11. mjs61084

    Motion Activated Scene

    Please add motion activated scenes!! This would be super helpful for those of us that want to increase light brightness when motion is detected. This would be super helpful..
  12. The system was able to be armed when motion was detected and when doors were open. A delay was used so that the user had time to leave the premise. Please at least fix the motion sensor problem in V2, this is very inconvenient and impossible to set without using the phone app. When my house cleaners and dog walkers leave they can no longer set the alarm.
  13. mjs61084

    Cannot arm with keypad if motion detected

    +1000 on this one. Iris please fix this ASAP!
  14. mjs61084

    Easiest way to arm the alarm

    Thank you! I wasn't sure how to do that. I'm glad that someone else is 110% in agreement with me. Since switching over I've had multiple issues and was ready to go get something else. For me at least, if they could fix this problem I think I could deal with the other problems. This is absolutely insane in my opinion. Too bad iris doesn't see this as a bug. I was really hoping it would be secretly fixed in the most recent push.
  15. mjs61084

    Easiest way to arm the alarm

    Exactly, those are the same options that iris gave me, which really aren't very good options. Someone told me to move the sensor to right above the door, but that didn't work either. If you think about it, someone who has an open floor plan or a business this would not work. It really defeats the purpose of an alarm system. Like at my work, we have A different brand alarm system and we set it and have 90 seconds to exit. It doesn't matter if we walk in front of the sensors or not. This should not work like this. Especially since it didn't work that way in V1. V1 was right, V2 is not.