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  1. Dredwolf

    My migration experience from Iris to Hubitat

    You do have to be more aware of the Zigbee and Zwave ranges with Hubitat, but I needed to correct my dependence on WiFi plugs anyway. For the cord, I used a 10 foot phone charging cord, and re-worked my Ethernet cabling as part of switching from Iris.
  2. Dredwolf


    I am about 75% migrated to Hubitat, and while there is a learning curve, simply slowing down to think and read has solved all the issues so far. And the "Dashboard" you can send to your mobile devices to control the functions you preset may not look flashy, but it works. Since I configured what the "buttons" display, I can read climate in several locations from the single dashboard view, and turn things on and off. And I have a dashboard for my wife that only shows what she wants to see and activate on her phone, but she can open a more general one if she needs to. Yes, its different than Iris, but it's feeling more like "my setup".
  3. Dredwolf

    Question for you Hubitat users

    After having my Hubitat hub up for a few days, I started my migration tonight, doing about half my Iris stuff, with least important first. I followed the good advice of un-pairing one thing at a time via the Iris app, then letting the Hubitat hub find the new contact, keypad, switch or sensor, and naming it the same as it was in Iris. Because I knew I was dealing with Zigbee, I made a point of adopting a plug-in switch/repeater that was on a simple schedule as one of the first things. It went pretty smoothly, I did have to reset the Iris V2 keypads though, but I needed to change batteries anyway. During the device discovery, I just decided to exit discovery after each device was found to make each discovery session a new one. I'm not sure if that was noted anywhere, but with my day job recently i had to fix a ZigBee mesh network for a large number of data loggers, and that discovery tool did better if each discovery was a new discovery session. It seemed to work fine, I got 10 devices unpaired, discovered and named in 30 minutes, and played with the local dashboard a bit to see my devices. Because I was working with least import first, I did not have pressure to meet any WAF, and I could learn as I go. I'll move my security portion of Iris last, as the Habitat forums are working through the problems we Iris orphans are having. Habitat is different, but the forums are full of people who want to help, and there are other Iris users migrating, and finding ways to make things work. Give it a few evenings, that's my plan, otherwise, add to my Ring doorbell. Post here if you decide to get rid of that hub, you may find a buyer pretty quickly.
  4. Dredwolf

    How useful is a Ring Doorbell only?

    Finally got a few minutes last night to fire up the Ring Doorbell and test it a bit. Added the apps to my phone and the wife's, and the WAF was almost immediate. I have mentioned that she has hearing loss, but was.......i guess "thrilled" is a good match, with the Ring Doorbell, to the point I could not finish working out how to mount it last night. She was working in her craft room, apparently enjoyed using the Ring Doorbell to keep track of other things going on on the other side of the house. We have Android devices, and she kept mentioning how cool it was to get the motion alerts, and check the door bell view from the notification received, I was a little puzzled at the enthusiasm, but apparently it was huge for the WAF. The two way communication was apparently also intriguing, as she kept using it as an intercom to ask more about the doorbell, where/how I was mounting it, etc. In other words, she was acting like I do when trying out a new electronic toy. I thought the "fisheye" view would bother her, but apparently having a similar lens for her DLSR, she thought the wide-angle was really useful. And already asked if we going to get another one for the back door..... I just bought the basic Ring Doorbell in Bronze, and really expected a lot more resistance to installing and using it. I've still got to work out a mount due to our front door surround and sort out the hard wire for power, but I did not expect this to work this well.
  5. Dredwolf

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    And probably the best tip you can get for helping yourself migrate to Hubitat....use the forums! https://community.hubitat.com/ They do have a person on Support, but the forums are active, and they are very willing to help Iris "orphans". Make sure you read up on Zigbee and Zwave, and get a basic understanding of which devices your are migrating use what type of communication, it will help you transition.
  6. Dredwolf

    Phone call notification SOLVED!

    I decided to delay installing the Hubitat hub, and look at the problems Iris solved, and at least outline how I can solve it with the Hubitat environment before starting. The notification challenge is a concern, and part of getting the security setup to work acceptably without presence detection based on a mobile device is also. We counted on those phone calls in a alert scenario and the notifications for other scenarios, so that either human interaction would occurs, an automatic response happens, or the event is just logged....or all three of needed. The phone call from Iris saved the day a few times, as friends and trained first responder neighbors were much closer than anyone professional monitoring would contact. And the quick notifications meant security cameras got checked for a human decision on several occasions. I'll admit, I'm getting somewhat discouraged trying to find a solution.
  7. Dredwolf

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I answered my own question about the sensors by pairing them, they match the firmware of the rest, and they are V2 contact sensors. I choose to delay standing up the Hubitat hub just yet, I realized I have more questions that need answers.
  8. Dredwolf

    Phone call notification SOLVED!

    Notifications seems to be something Iris excelled at. We timed the security alerts every couple of months, once the entry delay elapsed, those phone calls, emails, and alerts were hitting our phones in less than 5 seconds. And the panic button set up for the wife was mere seconds also.
  9. Dredwolf

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    Starting this myself tonight. i know un-pairing from Iris needs to be done carefully. For those Iris V2 devices i have that are still new in the box, should I connect them to Iris to update firmware/etc? And I just realized I may have bought some V3 contact sensors, we'll see how those work with Hubitat. And with my network, I already have devices that have static IP addresses and/or reservations, but I have them in specific ranges (printers are at x.x.x.200+, cameras are x.x.x.5x, etc), is there a way via command line to set the Hubitat to an IP, or all you can do is reserve via MAC? I'm using the loss of Iris to drive a "spring cleaning" of my network.
  10. Dredwolf

    Platform Poll

    So my Hubitat hub arrived today, and I picked up a Ring doorbell to play with. I got to run a new doorbell wire and fabricate a mount to deal with my inset front door.
  11. Dredwolf

    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con

    Got my hub today. This thing is tiny!
  12. Dredwolf

    Smart plugs that work across most platforms?

    Well, with Centralite filing for bankruptcy, https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/27052166/Centralite_Systems_Inc I still need a smart plug option to replace the Iris Wifi plugs. Recommendations other than the Centralite plugs? Thanks!
  13. Dredwolf

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Picked up my card from the Post Office this afternoon after signing for it. Will let you know how activation goes.
  14. Dredwolf

    Centralite Systems Files for Liquidation

    FUDGE!!!!! 🤬 Okay, so while I ordered a Hubitat this morning, whose smart switches, door sensors, motion sensors and keypads might be around long enough for me use them? Sheesh.
  15. Dredwolf

    Researching the Ring.

    As mentioned, I was hoping to use Ring to fill in the gaps, and I was planning on picking up a video doorbell this evening. And then a friend sent this over. There is a patch, but research is never wasted. Ring Doorbell Hacked