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  1. MaverickNH

    Motion Sensor Inside Safe?

    Can I pair a motion sensor, put it in a metal safe, and expect it to re-connect and signal when the safe is opened! Bret
  2. I have 2 IRIS Outdoor Cams OC821 and 4 Indoor Cams RC8221 set up on my V2 hub and IOS IP Cam Viewer Pro working just fine on my intranet. I’ll be porting those out for external access soon but want to switch to Android so I can set up a system to record and sync to DropBox. With the camera defaults, what storage capacity per minute per cam area might be needed? I can get a used Android Tablet 2GB RAM/64GB disk reasonsably cheap, so would consider that as my base unit. I guess Android Desktops never caught on with large SSD storage... Alternaitive recommendations appreciated. Thanks for the help! Bret
  3. MaverickNH

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Coming way late to this thread, sorry if I missed an answer in the 28 pages ;-0 i tried logging in on an iPad, first to the IRIS Server url and then the portal. The IRIS Setver login yields a blank page and the Poral page has a login upper right that leads to the same ITIS Server login? I’m not sure how to login - thanks for the help! Bret
  4. MaverickNH

    Smart Fob Reset & Pairing

    I was able to bend the side contact out a bit. I pressed the rear of the glued-down bottom contact down and tried to bend it up a bit but it cracked off - very brittle metal. So I guess I’ll get a new one.
  5. MaverickNH

    Smart Fob Reset & Pairing

    My Smart Fob battery had died after long disuse, so I replaced it and it was picked up within a few minutes. I was looking to reassign the Fob to my wife, so I removed it. The remove completed OK. I have been unable to repair it with the Fob a foot away from the hub. I did the manual reset, although the text instructions and video do not agree on pressing any button 5-times or 8-times. I also see no "blue light" on the Fob at any time, either after inserting the battery, resetting or attempting to pair. The contacts appear intact. The battery is fresh and measures good. Any help appreciated. BRET
  6. MaverickNH

    Proximity "Tag" for Iris Camera On/Off?

    That will do for now - thanks for the help!
  7. I'm using Nest cameras that turn off with an iPhone geofence - I'm home the cameras are off, I'm away they are on. I've just sent for some Iris Indoor Cameras. 1. Do I have the same option to turn off/on by my iPhone location? My wife refuses to use apps on a SmartPhone - is there a "tag" of some sort I can put on her car to turn cameras on/off when her car home? BRET
  8. Mine still working on latest Firmware and 1.8.
  9. MaverickNH

    Firmware update to .049 ?

    Yep - still 49 here!
  10. MaverickNH

    Outdoor Camera

    I have had two Iris Outdoor Cameras and only rarely do the motion detectors trigger at all. Both point at my front door and don't trigger when anyone enters and exits.
  11. MaverickNH

    Important Information About Todays Outage

    I didn't know about this until I called Lowe's Iris support about troubles sending PINs to my Shlage Touchscreen Deadbolt and listened to the recording saying PINs were lost, devices unpaired, etc., and that tech support could not help with issues. I am very tempted to chuck everything in a box, take it all back to Lowe's, and just buy a big dog that sleeps a lot and runs away. Less aggravation and at least somewhat effective.
  12. MaverickNH

    Iris Outdoor Camera not Waterproof

    They gave me a new one, no questions asked. I put silicone caulk over every hole, screw and seam. If they ever activate the microphone and speaker, I'm SOL.
  13. MaverickNH

    Schlage Touchscreen deadbolt won't pair correctly

    I have the Hub2 physically touching the lock on a 14ft cable, but can't get more than 1 PIN to pair right. Factory Reset, Z Wave Removal, Re-Pair and I bounce between 1 and 2 PINs accepted. Often adding a 3rd removes all but one. I need 4 PINs which seems impossible. I'm burning batteries just resetting the lock to where it accepts default codes.
  14. MaverickNH

    Iris Outdoor Camera not Waterproof

    The Iris Outdoor Camera I installed less than a month ago failed during the first rain. I can see beads of water inside the lenses. I used the supplied silicone water seals and even added some silicone tape, but the unit is flooded and dead. My airVision airCAM, feeding Weather Underground, is three years going strong. It's back to Lowes. Hopefully they won't ask for the full kit back and all, as that's attached to the house. I just want a replacement that I'll try to shield from water.
  15. MaverickNH

    Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

    I have a Hub v2 with all devices never paired with another hub previously. After installing the IOS v1.7 app, I did a App Device Removal, Lock Factory Reset, App Z Wave Removal and then App Re-pair (my lock is <10ft from my wired hub and line-of-sight) and my PIN suddenly appeared on the list! So I added another PIN, waited a few hours, and it appeared as well. I added a 3rd and it appeared. Then I added the 4th and final PIN and was back down to just my PIN. Now I can get no more than two PINs listed (mine and another). I've tried a complete remove, reset, repair cycle a few time with no success. And no, unlisted PINSs do not work. Only when listed do the PINs work. Any thoughts appreciated.