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    Rule to Turn Off Switch Based on Motion Ending?

    I don't know whether Iris pays more attention to this site or their new "Iris Community". In case they pay more attention to the latter, I encourage anyone interested in this feature to click the thumbs up button for the "Vacancy Rule" feature suggestion in the Iris Community. Link to "Vacancy Rule" suggestion -
  2. Greg Williams

    Iris Web UI Preview

    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that a UI that can only stack six devices into 1440 pixels is very inefficient. Please offer views that let me see four or five times as many devices (~30) in a single screen. Also, allow me to adjust the number of devices per page so that I don't have to laboriously load page after slow page just to see all the devices in my home. Also, I hope you'll provide views for rules, history, devices and other lists of objects that allow me to sort and filter these lists. The closer you come to making sorting and filtering as rich as it is in the Microsoft Excel web application, the better.
  3. Greg Williams

    Camera Connectivity

    I should also point out that Lowe's mentioned that I wouldn't have a problem with cameras disconnecting if I paid an extra $8/month for their backup cellular service. I've been planning to consume this service as part of Iris professional monitoring, which has been promised since ~March, but still isn't available and doesn't have any announced release date. I don't like the idea of being driven to this added expense by what seems like a needlessly bad design.
  4. Greg Williams

    Camera Connectivity

    I learned today that if the hub and/or cameras can't communicate with the Internet, or if the cameras can't get enough Internet bandwidth, the cameras may go offline and not come back until Internet connectivity is restored. This seems like another case of inexplicably bad design. Even if the cameras can't send recorded data to the Iris online service, the system shouldn't behave as though it has completely lost contact with them, triggering users and tech support to go down the path of removing them from the system and re-adding them. Note that re-adding cameras to the system require that they be connected via Ethernet, which may be hugely inconvenient if you've mounted them and run their power cables through conduits. Also note that technical support is seems confused about whether and why the cameras need to be near the hub. This seems like yet another reason why Lowe's should redesign how the cameras interact with the system. In particular, the recordings should be spooled to the hub, both so that they can be retrieved in near real time, and also so that data isn't lost due to Internet outages. Ideally, this would also include the ability to attach a large USB storage device to the hub to accommodate a large amount of spooled data.
  5. Greg Williams

    Device Battery Indicators

    I just noticed that one of my gen 2 motion sensors indicates a battery level of 22%, and the other two indicate "OK". Is there a threshold below which the percentage is indicated? In any case, I'd prefer to always see the percentage, and to be able to trigger notifications when the percentage drops below a percentage of my choice. Likewise, I'd like to be able to control how I'm notified when a device disconnects. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am by the lack of what seems like obviously useful features? Is anyone else as amazed as I am that a product designed to provide home security and safety doesn't have basic ability to monitor its own health?
  6. Greg Williams

    Monitoring the Monitoring System

    Are there others among us who are as frustrated as I am with the difficulty in monitoring my IRIS system? It blows my mind that this system is sold as a security and safety monitoring system, and I struggle to monitor when it is functioning correctly. In particular, I struggle to know when important devices like cameras, motion sensors and fobs either disconnect from the system, or disappear from it entirely. In short, how can I possibly trust a system to monitor the safety and security of my home if it won't even notify my when it's malfunctioning? Personally, I would like to be able to configure monitoring to alert me when: 1 The hub's firmware is updated 2 The hub loses and regains connection to the online service 3 Batteries in a particular device are low 4 Fixed devices like cameras and motion sensors go offline 5 Fixed devices like cameras and motion sensors remain offline for more than X seconds 6 Mobile devices like fobs disappear This all seems so basic to me, and technically easy to achieve. And I can't imagine running a professional monitoring service based on IRIS without items 2-6 available. I shudder to think of the legal and safety implications are of a house burning down because no one knew that a sensors was offline. Can anyone offer ideas about why these items are either hard or a low priority?
  7. Greg Williams

    Version 1.10 release notes

    I'm surprised that improved monitoring, local processing and basic stability issues aren't prerequisites for selling their professional monitoring service, which itself should be a significant revenue source, and a competitive differentiator.
  8. Greg Williams

    Version 1.10 release notes

    Has anyone seen this update available for Android yet? How about iOS? It would be really nice if Lowe's were to post projected availability dates.
  9. Greg Williams

    Rules feedback

    - What rules are most important for duration/scheduling You wouldn't have to answer this question if you had a custom rule builder. I'd focus on the custom rule builder. - What rules would be “nice to have” for duration/scheduling You wouldn't have to answer this question if you had a custom rule builder. I'd focus on the custom rule builder. - Since we can do everything in scenes, do we need a custom rule builder Yes. Absolutely. I'm astounded you went to market without one. If one doesn't exist within a year, I will definitely move to another platform. Bear in mind that a custom rules editor that can only be operated with thumbs (i.e. in the phone app instead of in a web-based application accessible on a PC) is likely to be very frustrating to use. So I'd tackle this after you get the web-based interface working. - What if we had the trigger flow in the scene builder I can't believe you don't have triggers. If I have more than one light I want to turn on when motion is detected, I have to create one rule per light? That's shocking. - What other feedback do you have for rules and scenes
  10. Greg Williams

    Rules feedback

    I second this request. I don't understand why we have to wait for the Iris team to decide that a new rule makes sense. I'd prefer a system that allows me to express my own creativity and needs. I understand that the creation of a more sophisticated rules editor isn't free, but I think it would be well worth it. I can't imagine sticking with Iris for more than a year without more freedom to create my own rules.
  11. Greg Williams

    Anyone else seeing FW level .053?

    I noticed this morning my hub had updated to V2.0.1.053. I also see that my hub has been "Online Since Mar 29,2016 13:57". (Menu\Devices\[Hub Name]\More\Connectivity & Power). Does this mean it was updated at 1:57pm PM on March 29? Putting hub firmware updates and reboots in the History log would be useful to me.
  12. Greg Williams

    Positive Feedback

    As much as I appreciate Lowe's paying attention to your issue due to the "livestock risk", I will reiterate my concern that they are rolling out a "care" feature designed to monitor the well-being of human beings, and they already provide integration with smoke alarms and home security features. All of these are human life safety issues. I can't understand why it makes sense for Lowe's to continue to promote these features when their platform is as unreliable as it appears to be. My concern that Lowe's fails to grasp the significance of the Iris platform instability is reinforced by what I experience as the blithe attitude of Iris technical support. I experience the same level of urgency from them that I do at my local hobby shop when seeking assistance repairing a model train. Iris isn't promoted as a toy or a hobby. It's marketed as a home security and safety solution. It should be designed, tested, maintained and supported with an appropriate degree of sobriety and urgency.
  13. Greg Williams

    Camera Card Time Stamp Error

    It turns out my camera's clips are 50 minutes off, not 60, which makes this error even more mysterious. Also, when the camera logs motion detected in the History log, it's timestamps are correct. In any case, Iris support told me today that this is a bug, and that it is not yet fixed in .53. So it appears we'll have to wait weeks for a fix. As for the clip not playing, Iris support had me delete and recreate the rule that captured the clip. Subsequent clips play normally. In fact, they start replay in a few seconds rather than the ~20 second delay to which I'd been accustomed.
  14. Greg Williams

    Anyone else seeing FW level .053?

    Devi8, Thanks for the historical info. I was on the phone with Iris again today. (A rule just stopped working and they had to delete it for me.) I asked when I should expect to receive .53. She said she didn't know. It depended on whether I was in the batch currently being upgraded. Baffled, I asked whether they always upgrade all hubs to the current, or did they leave some behind. (I was looking for the explanation for Dusterp still being on .45.) Alarmed, she said that they NEVER upgraded all hubs at once because "That would crash the system". She finally provided some clarity by explaining that they put all the hubs "randomly" in batches and then upgrade one batch at a time. She still wouldn't offer an estimate of when my hub would be upgraded. Both the tech support rep's communication and the overall approach sound incredibly amateurish to me. Have they not modeled how long it takes to upgrade all hubs (or some percentile thereof)? What will they do if Iris adoption takes off and they have twice, ten times or a hundred times as many hubs? Will they employ legions of people to manually create and run these batches?
  15. Greg Williams

    Anyone else seeing FW level .053?

    Can someone from Lowe's please comment on how some devices could be two firmware versions back? Is this an intentional aspect of their roll-out plan, or error behavior of some kind? On a related note, I'm still on .49. When should I expect an update? Does this take place when one launches a new version of the mobile application for the first time? On another related note, if I give my wife my credentials so she can control Iris devices, does anything bad happen if we use different versions of the app? What if I'm on the iOS version and she's on the Android version? What if we're both using the same mobile OS, but different releases of the app (e.g. 1.71 vs. 1.8)?