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  1. Clyde15

    Official Release of Iris 2.1 and What is Included

    Thank you for the response, but these sensors are all a few years old. Based upon the verbiage "(custom order only)", I made the assumption that there is a new product out (or coming) from Bosch. But you are saying that the WP11 and WP13 are the most current, correct? I'm looking for a sensor to place aside my cameras to minimize the false detects and want to order the most recent versions.
  2. Clyde15

    Official Release of Iris 2.1 and What is Included

    Which Bosch sensors will work with this latest version? Bosch Pet Immune motion sensors can now be paired with Iris (custom order only).
  3. Clyde15

    Camera Time Stamp bug - again

    After daylight standard time began, the time stamp on my cameras is off by an hour. This happened in spring with the switch to daylight savings time also. In spring, Iris fixed the problem in an update. Will this be fixed soon? Or is it possible for the users to fix this?
  4. This issue (Z-wave switches dropping offline) is the what has made V2 useless for me. None of our yard/security lighting is reliable anymore. I have tried removing/re-pairing and air-gapping multiple times over the last few months with no consistent fix. I'm concerned that the receiver/transmitter in the new hub is of lesser quality than the V1 and that is causing the issues; there would likely be no easy software fix for that...
  5. Clyde15

    Worth investing the money?

    I agree that now is not the time to invest. V1 was a great product. V2, even after several months, continues to lack the basic functionality that V1 had and the base station seems to have a lesser antenna pattern causing devices to drop. Perhaps in a few more months it will get better.
  6. Clyde15

    New security alarm/custom modes

    Agree. I have several areas that are not typically used unless guests are over. More alarm modes would be beneficial.
  7. Clyde15

    Please fix the v1 keypad sounds

    Concur. Recommend adding user selectable sound based upon which door or window opens.
  8. Clyde15

    Dusk dawn settings for all lighting sources

    Concur. Please include that v1 feature. It's essential for outdoor lighting.