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  1. synack

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    Got my cards today (4/6) after completing the redemption process on 3/21. That's pretty good turnaround in my opinion. No signatures were required. My postman just left them in my mailbox. Never did get advance email notification though.
  2. synack

    Late to the party ...

    How do you mean, "not as foolproof..."? For irrigation, I'll want to pair an Orbit hose faucet water timer I have. Is this what you're using? It worked nicely with Iris, and I hope to get it working with another solution. Speaking of solutions, since both Hubitat and ST hubs are so inexpensive, I'm pretty sure I'll get both to cover all the bases. I spent half of my 42-year career in IT as a computer programmer, and can speak 5 programming languages although they were all for big iron mainframes. Still, I know how to write code to logically solve problems, so I don't think I'll have great issues with HE and ST based on my simple requirements.
  3. synack

    Late to the party ...

    as I continue to research here on the forum (which I should have done a long time ago *sigh*), I'm seeing that some of my issues have become non-issues, for which I'm truly pleased. As with many of you, my lessons-learned from Iris will be valuable as I look to reinvent my local solutions. I was spoiled by the comprehensive solution that Iris gave us, and now I'm putting my training wheels back on and taking baby steps.
  4. synack

    Late to the party ...

    I figured I'd deal with "life without Iris" after it was dead and gone, not realizing that unpairing devices before Iris was gone would be a good thing. Many of you are head and shoulders way above and beyond my DIY abilities. So I've got a ton of V1 motion sensors in a bag, batteries all removed. Are they all little paperweights now? Same with a bunch of V1 door contacts. I used them for their intended purpose on five perimeter doors of course, but also stuck them in my freezers to keep tabs and alert me on local temps. Paperweights too? Two indoor V1 cameras and two V1 outdoor cameras now staring blankly into space. And three RadioThermostat thermostats, now merely mortal devices with no superpowers. Loved that I could be away for two weeks in the summer and not cool cool the house as much, and start things cooling down the day before I came home. I've done some due diligence before I climb back on the horse, and I'm leaning toward Hubitat. I really do like that it's not cloud-dependant. But I don't see that I can remotely control the heat and A/C through it. That's important to me. I'm fine with implementing two or more solutions if that's what's needed to accomplish basic security and automation goals. So many choices, grasshopper.
  5. synack

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    thanks. No joy. I tried repeatedly, carefully, patiently, ruthlessly (I wonder where Ruth is?) I think the winds are just blowing in the wrong direction for me. I've emailed RadioThermostat with details of my plight and plea for guidance. I'll post back here if something good comes of it.
  6. synack

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    Got it. Still looking to find out how to make the thermostat stop indicating that it's paired somehow/somewhere. I'll contact RadioThermostat directly. Their own "wireless setup guide" states, "When your thermostat is properly powered, it creates a temporary wireless network. Connect your computer to this network by finding it on your computer's list of available wireless connections." This is what I've so far been unsuccessful in doing.
  7. synack

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    RadioThermostat has their own app I downloaded for communicating with the thermostats, but I can't even try doing anything with it I believe because the thermostats still "think" their paired "somewhere". That's based on something I read about the appearance of the word "link" on the thermostat panel. So that's my first goal ... how to fully reset the device so I can then try pairing it elsewhere. The app instructions say nothing about needing a z-wave hub, so I don't know what to say to that point.
  8. synack

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    I DO have a CT101. Three of them actually. worked just great with Iris, but ... there you go. My Iris hub is now unplugged and sitting on my workbench. My CT101 devices still show "link" under the tower icon, and will not start up the temporary wifi network so I can pair them with the RadioThermostat app on my iPhone. I have done considerable troubleshooting and research on this, including factory resets, but so far nothing has helped. (I do get the blinking yellow light and press mate/mate, I've also popped the batteries, but nada.) Of course, I do maintain manual control of my heating/cooling, but that's not we're all here, right? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. much appreciated! thanks!
  10. I got two email notifications on this today. I have not logged on to my Iris system from any new devices in months. I tried calling tech support, but after 10 minutes on hold (with terrible static and piercing beeeeeeep noises), I got disconnected. Figured maybe the big snowstorm down south might have had some impact somehow, so I thought I'd just toss is out there and ask if anyone else is suddenly getting these notifications. thanks
  11. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  12. Thanks for that tip. What I actually did was I went to the Alexa app and renamed "basement AC" to "Living room lights", and then all was right with the world
  13. I recently enabled the IRIS skill on my home Alexa. I renamed a smart switch which was "Basement AC" to "LIving Room LIghts", and plugged a few lights into it. My IRIS iPhone app shows me "Living Room LIghts", and allows me to turn them on and off manually just fine. But instructing Iris verbally to turn "Living Room Lights" on or off only gets me a response of "Sorry, I didn't find a device named Living Room Lights." It does however recognize and respond to the verbal command to turn "Basement AC" on or off, and turns the living room lights on and off. So somewhere, somehow, IRIS has held onto the association of "Basement AC" with that smart switch. I'd appreciate any suggestions. thanks!
  14. Ah ... missed that completely. Senior moment.
  15. That's my experience so far ... every time the washing machine pauses for any reason (changing cycle, etc.), the power usage drops and triggers an alert. Using the mobile app interface, the lowest threshold I can set is 20W, so it doesn't know the difference between a pause / low-wattage cycle change and a "load finished" condition. I'll look into the delay you mentioned. I don't recall seeing that option when creating the rule. If you can help zero me in to it, I'd appreciate it.