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  1. much appreciated! thanks!
  2. I got two email notifications on this today. I have not logged on to my Iris system from any new devices in months. I tried calling tech support, but after 10 minutes on hold (with terrible static and piercing beeeeeeep noises), I got disconnected. Figured maybe the big snowstorm down south might have had some impact somehow, so I thought I'd just toss is out there and ask if anyone else is suddenly getting these notifications. thanks
  3. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  4. Thanks for that tip. What I actually did was I went to the Alexa app and renamed "basement AC" to "Living room lights", and then all was right with the world
  5. I recently enabled the IRIS skill on my home Alexa. I renamed a smart switch which was "Basement AC" to "LIving Room LIghts", and plugged a few lights into it. My IRIS iPhone app shows me "Living Room LIghts", and allows me to turn them on and off manually just fine. But instructing Iris verbally to turn "Living Room Lights" on or off only gets me a response of "Sorry, I didn't find a device named Living Room Lights." It does however recognize and respond to the verbal command to turn "Basement AC" on or off, and turns the living room lights on and off. So somewhere, somehow, IRIS has held onto the association of "Basement AC" with that smart switch. I'd appreciate any suggestions. thanks!
  6. Ah ... missed that completely. Senior moment.
  7. That's my experience so far ... every time the washing machine pauses for any reason (changing cycle, etc.), the power usage drops and triggers an alert. Using the mobile app interface, the lowest threshold I can set is 20W, so it doesn't know the difference between a pause / low-wattage cycle change and a "load finished" condition. I'll look into the delay you mentioned. I don't recall seeing that option when creating the rule. If you can help zero me in to it, I'd appreciate it.
  8. I imagine new home appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc) are now getting smarter and are communicating with the IoT. Meanwhile, my older washer and dryer do not. Anyone come up with an after-market DIY method of alerting Iris when the washing machine or clothes dryer complete their work? Complicating this I think is that my washing machine (as most are) is powered by 110V, but my electric dryer is 220V. (I use a smart switch to remotely control a window AC in my basement, but that would never do for the clothes dryer.) My apologies if this has already been asked. thanks in advance for any shared wisdom.
  9. I don't know when this began, because it used to work but I don't know when it stopped working. So I cannot associate the failure with any other event or change in my home configuration. (There haven't been any changes.) With the return of hot weather to my locale, I recently realized that the rule to alert me if a door or window is open when I turn on my central air has stopped firing. I can see appropriate events showing up in history, and I've confirmed the rule is active. Any troubleshooting suggestions? thanks.
  10. synack

    Does this seem right to you?

    temps are now reporting normally. I don't remember nor can I quickly find where I noted their driver versions previously, so I cannot say if they've changed. I suspect they have however.
  11. synack

    Does this seem right to you?

    The symptoms have spread to higher temperatures. As of about 10pm Eastern last night, my refrigerator has joined my freezers running at +7000F.
  12. synack

    Does this seem right to you?

    ok understood. Did this new driver JUST get updated this morning??? If not I find it odd that this should occur suddenly, and in both my freezers simultaneously, after both have been in operation and at those temperatures for months, and at the same time as Terminal.
  13. synack

    Does this seem right to you?

    I'm not sure what you mean. all my contacts are V1, but only the two in my freezers went wacko - and still are after nearly 6 hours.
  14. synack

    Does this seem right to you?

    same issue here, and at about the same time. two contact sensors in freezers used for temperature reading just shot over 7000F drivers 2.3 contacts in refrigerators and other areas of the house are all fine.
  15. thanks for the tip. Clearly I have not spent sufficient time exploring. Is there a sitemap for the mobile app anywhere that visually shows the logical placement of features?