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  1. Does this seem right to you?

    temps are now reporting normally. I don't remember nor can I quickly find where I noted their driver versions previously, so I cannot say if they've changed. I suspect they have however.
  2. Does this seem right to you?

    The symptoms have spread to higher temperatures. As of about 10pm Eastern last night, my refrigerator has joined my freezers running at +7000F.
  3. Does this seem right to you?

    ok understood. Did this new driver JUST get updated this morning??? If not I find it odd that this should occur suddenly, and in both my freezers simultaneously, after both have been in operation and at those temperatures for months, and at the same time as Terminal.
  4. Does this seem right to you?

    I'm not sure what you mean. all my contacts are V1, but only the two in my freezers went wacko - and still are after nearly 6 hours.
  5. Does this seem right to you?

    same issue here, and at about the same time. two contact sensors in freezers used for temperature reading just shot over 7000F drivers 2.3 contacts in refrigerators and other areas of the house are all fine.
  6. thanks for the tip. Clearly I have not spent sufficient time exploring. Is there a sitemap for the mobile app anywhere that visually shows the logical placement of features?
  7. In V1, we could designate if a door/window contact was a security event or a safety event (I think?) Regardless of the term for it, we could definitely differentiate and designate a contact as one or the other. That allowed me to create rules to get notification if my garage door opened, if my refrigerator was opened, if my medicine cabinet was opened (nosy guests :-), all without setting off alarms. Now they all set off alarms. For example, I used to be able to open my garage door, pull the car in, close the garage door, and then turn off the alarm. Now the alarm goes off as soon as I open the garage door. Why was this very useful distinguishing feature taken away?
  8. thanks for the link. I have posted my feedback there, for what it's worth.
  9. No offense, but I'd like to hear that directly from Iris_by_Lowes. Personally, I find that answer to be unacceptable. What ever happened to 100% parity between V1 and V2??
  10. Iris_by_Lowes, why did you take away temperature graphing over time in V2??? It was such a useful feature in a number of scenarios.
  11. temperature graph with V2 hub?

    Yes, I know about thegillion portal, thanks. The ability to graph over weeks or more (don't recall specifically anymore) was a feature that was very useful on occasion. Too bad we lost it with V2. I recently put some spare door contacts inside my refrigerator and freezer. I get alerts if the temperature rises above a certain temperature, but I was hoping I could determine, for instance, that my freezer was going through a periodic defrost cycle, and not just failing to keep a freezing temperature due to a malfunction. No longer possible to do anymore with Iris. Iris_by_Lowes, why did you take that away????
  12. temperature graph with V2 hub?

    I looked but could not locate that functionality. Would someone please shine a flashlight on the correct button to push? thanks!
  13. temperature graph with V2 hub?

    with the V1 hub, we could see graphs of temperature over time for certain device types. I have not yet discovered where that functionality exists with the V2 hub. Has anyone? thanks in advance.
  14. Ah - thanks guys. If it had teeth ...
  15. Not sure, but this seems to have started with the latest release of the iPhone app. In order to minimize false alarms, I have for the longest time required 2 different event detections to trip the alarm when it's on. It's worked flawlessly until recently. I've recently started getting an alarm condition when just my garage door opens without a second event. Today I got an alarm condition with motion detected on an outside camera. (not supposed to do that at all with my outside cameras. (Deer and raccoons and bears and birds and bees dontcha know)) I initially setup the trigger conditions using the old web interface before we went to V2 of the hub. I haven't touched them since then, and consequently I don't know where they are in the iPhone app. I've looked but so far unsuccessfully. any help? Thanks.