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  1. RushDave

    Alarm Just Spontaneously Disarmed!

    I've had a saga around this and similar issues since moving from Gen 1 to Gen 2. I had a rule in place to arm system when all fobs were gone but had spontaneous armings. I have a rule in place to disarm when a fob is detected which still works in gen 2, but is very slow in reacting (Gen 1 would react in 2 minutes or less. Gen 2 seems to take 5-10 minutes.). I bought Gen 2 fobs and had issues with poor battery contacts. Exchanged 3-4 of them and the guy at the store even opened some new ones - gave up on that approach. I've also had issues with locks and the keypad not recognizing people's pin numbers which started about the same time. Was supposed to get a tier-2 call back on this issue last week but that never occurred. There was the whole debacle with the keypad continuing to beep last week after a valid code was processed. This also caused the siren to continue to alert after the code was entered (pulled the battery from the siren that time). And today, I clearly have logging that shows the system being disarmed by the use of the front door lock AND that person's FOB arriving - and yet the system rearmed itself and set off the siren. Was able to kill the siren after a call from the victim and a couple of attempts on the app from my phone. Anyway, I've been testing all of my devices on a SmartThings hub and plan to leave IRIS this week. So sad because Gen 1 was a solid and reliable solution. I'm in software development management and it is a classic case of a system not being ready for release but was released anyway.
  2. RushDave

    Uggh V2 is Failing Worse and Worse

    Very similar experience. Transition to V2 went well at first and has slowly fallen apart to a point that I worry about the security of my home. See my note from yesterday. Regarding range extenders, I have a large home and had issues under V1 with some of the distance zWave devices (garage door openers mostly) dropping of the system. I had a GEN 1 V1 range extender which Lowe's replaced at no cost with a GEN 1 V2 range extender last year when I was still on a GEN 1 hub. When I upgraded to the GEN 2 hub, both range extenders were still plugged in and GEN 2 recognized the V1 extender. It didn't work very well. I bought a three pack of Smart Plugs, worked with IRIS support on the phone and paired the three of them in a sequence building a chain thru the house. Setup the one closest to the hub, then the next closest, then the furtherest. Did all the pairing in the same room as the hub and then immediately moved the plug to the destination location. This has solved all of my range extension issues. WAY better than GEN 1 and I'm pleased with this solution. Did have to spend $40. Regarding the overall experience with IRIS, I'm leaning towards moving to another platform but haven't completely given up.
  3. RushDave

    Brain dump on a various V2 issues

    It is a schlage touch screen. I'll PM IrisByLowes. Good idea.
  4. RushDave

    Brain dump on a various V2 issues

    Moved to V2 in March. Initial reaction was mixed: Lost the Verizon backup to broadband exposing the system to cable cuts that will render it useless. I understand a new solution is coming but have not heard a time table. When deciding to go to IRIS, this was a PRO. No browser-interface - just Apps. The apps are pretty good, but I like having the browser interface as well. When deciding to go to IRIS, this was a PRO. Range extenders were suspect before and really had issues with the V2 upgrade. I dumped them and bought some smartplugs. Not sure I should have had to spend money to fix the issue, but was OK with it. They do work very well and have solved problems I had with V1. V2 is much faster. Like that a lot. My system as a bunch of glass break sensors, keypad, contact sensors (v1), smoke/CO2 detectors, siren, Schlage door lock, 3 thermostats (control late to come to V2 but is there now), 2 garage door openers, 4 key fobs. Bumpy initially, but seemed to settle down in April. Mid May, I started having LOTS of issues. Bought a pair of Gen 2 keyfobs because I found the Gen 1 fobs buttons worked intermittently AND V2 was much slower in recognizing that they were back home. We use them in our cars to arm/disarm the system when we come and go. Worked great with V1. Not so much in V2. Always have to use keypad to disarm system. Ended up giving up on the Gen 2 Fobs - the construction of the battery contacts is flawed and I had 5 fail over the course of a couple weeks. Lowes returned them with no real issue. Really wanted the extra buttons for other purposes and was hoping to have more responsive solution. When the Gen 2 fobs were on the system, they would drop off for no reason and then trigger the rule to arm the system (middle of the night, etc.). Key pad beeping issues - seems to be resolved with today's update, but was a huge annoyance AND sometimes when the system was triggered, the siren would also not turn off immediately. Didn't work to resolve intermittent issue because support told me it was a known defect. This was going on while I was having the FOB issues, so we were having all sorts of noisy behaviors. So, tonight, my wife got locked out of the house because the front door lock lost her code. Spend 30 minutes waiting on support tonight and then worked with them for 45 minutes. Can't get IRIS to allow me to add codes back to the lock. This is going to be a big issue for us as we have scheduled contractors, etc, that now don't have access. This got bumped to tier 2 support, but that's a phone call back to me sometime in the next 48 hours. Too bad I have a life and job and won't be here solidly for the next 48 hours. If anyone has any ideas on this one, I'm open. I thought about unpairing the door lock but was hesitant that it might make it worse (I have 3 codes loaded and 5 that won't load). Anyway, progress on the defects has been pretty slow. I'm in IT - run a large software team - so I am a pretty savvy troubleshooter. Not sure IRIS is going to survive this with me. I've tried to stay positive, but this has become quite the time sink for me and is impacting our lives. Thanks for letting me vent and I hope if any of these issues resonate or you have ideas, let's hear them.
  5. I posted the PM as requested. I've also noticed that the behavior may not be triggered by an alarm event but perhaps accessing the hub with the app. I just triggered messages by viewing the hub on my IPAD.
  6. Each of my defined users get a message that their PIN was changed whenever the system has a triggered alarm. I've had a series of false alarms because of a motion sensor since moving to V2 although I think I may have disabled this motion sensor in V1, so I'm pretty sure that the false alarms have nothing to do with V2. In any case, is this PIN change notification a known defect? Should I also report such issues using the support phone number?
  7. RushDave

    Your FREE Iris Hub Is on Its Way!

    Signed up for Gen 2 back in November immediately when I got the office. February 27th and no sign or communication about the hub. I've got a bunch of devices - are there items that I have that might not yet be supported and that's the delay? Is there a list anywhere on Gen 1 devices supported by Gen 2 hub? I've got thermostats, garage door opener, glass break sensors, keypad, key fobs, siren, smoke/heat/CO2 detectors, version 1 and version 2 range extenders (wondered if the version 1 extender might be an issue - easily removed), motion sensors, GE light switches, GE plug. THoughts?