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  1. sparc

    CR123A Batteries

    Thanks, looks good. I couldn't use 50 of those batteries before they went bad though. I'll have to combine with other battery needs to make the $50 minimum for free shipping. I need 36 AAs for window candles at Christmas time and now is a good time to get them. We usually buy AAA, AA, etc. in bulk from Costco is packs of 40.
  2. sparc

    CR123A Batteries

    Anyone have a good source for CR123A batteries. I have looked on Amazon and even ordered some recently but what I received were knockoffs not Duracell. They were made to look like Duracells but when you look close no manufacturer information, no disposal information, and other telltale signs. Got my money back from Amazon (seller didn't offer returns, I wonder why) but now looking for a reliable place to buy. Locally they are expensive, even at Walmart it's two batteries for $7. I have a few Aerotec multi-sensors and they take CR123A batteries. They can run on one or two or on AC from a wall wort but in a couple locations I don't have power nearby so need batteries. One battery usually lasts over 18 months. TIA.
  3. sparc

    My Apps

    Where do we get the app from?
  4. Good to hear the 1G keypads will have another life. Guess I will hang on to my three for a while. I've been using ST but I wish it could use the 1G Iris keypads. We liked having three because I had them set to chime when ever an exterior door was opened. That way if the cat figured out how to open the door and took off for parts unknown we would be alerted. :-)
  5. What is the source of this device? I have a couple Sanyo mini-split systems that I would like to be able to control. They have an IR remote but no provision for BT or Wi-Fi connection. I found this unit from Sensibo which looks promising. Any chance this can be controlled by SystronicsRF ?
  6. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    "If I don't like the route, I can manually change it. In my case, for problem devices, I can create a manual route that only uses Gen 2 smart plugs, which creates dependable routes. " Something that Iris needed but never appeared. But to be fair I don't think anyone gives you that capability except for SystronicsRF. Did they ever come up with a better name? SystronicsRF sound like a company name, not a product name that people will remember.
  7. sparc

    Iris WIFI V1 Smart Plug

    It's a shame they've been bricked once registered with an Iris account and Iris shut down. What about one that had never been used, still new in the box, would the situation be any different?
  8. sparc

    Home Depot not a great place

    No, I do not carry it with me, no need to, but after being denied three times at my local HD in as many months just showing my ID card, I brought a copy with me on the fourth try. When they shot me down the last time (reason given was not active duty status even though I argued that doesn't jive with your stated policy) I said that's it, I'm outta here. I even showed them a HD receipt from another HD where I had bought a lawn mower because they didn't have the model I wanted in stock. They gave me the discount no questions, just showed my card. On the receipt it's printed right on there Military Discount. Didn't matter. So I went across the street while I had everything with me and got signed up at Lowes. Then the copy of my DD214 went back in the file cabinet.
  9. sparc

    Home Depot not a great place

    "Home Depot's official statement even said they give a discount every day of the year" Except that they don't. I had a hard time with them too. After a couple times being denied I showed a copy of my DD214 and my ID card ... Nope … so I said "See ya, I'm heading to Lowes". So I went to the customer service desk and got signed up, showed them the same information that I showed to HD just 15 minutes earlier (since the stores are only a 1/4 mile apart), and I was all set. So now when I go in Lowes. I get the 10% every time, no problemo as Arnold would say. :-) That story off FB may be false, but mine is not. Now I only go to HD when they are the only one that has what I need, and that's not too often.
  10. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    OK, that is a different path than I tried originally ( Automation -> Smart Apps -> Add a SmartApp -> My Apps ) When I try Marketplace -> SmartApps -> MyApps it is a blank page, no apps listed. So my error must be back when I created the app.
  11. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    Ok, then I must have done something wrong somewhere. Have to retrace my steps.
  12. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    yes, does it not work with the old app? I have both installed on my phone but usually use the older (classic) app.
  13. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    Ok, I got the code and created the SmartApp and published to My Apps. But when I go to Automation -> Smart Apps -> Add a SmartApp -> My Apps on my phone it's not there.
  14. sparc

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    Oh thanks for that Otto. Yes, I miss everyone here too. I think Simple Device Viewer will go a long way to filling the gap. Thanks again. One question though, where the heck do you d/l the app from? I don't see anything at that link you provided that directs me anywhere to d/l or install the app.
  15. Iris has been gone for a while now, and everyone has found a new HA/Security platform. But I wonder, do you miss Iris or any of the features of Iris that have not been replicated on another platform? Yes, I know Iris had it's bugs and other negative attributes, as does every other system. I miss the web portal John created. I'm using SmartThings because I already had a ST v2 hub and a couple devices so it was an easy switch. There are other features that are not in ST but there are of course features of ST that Iris didn't have. If I had a choice I would rather be back with Iris vice SmartThings. With Iris and Alexa integration it was working pretty well those last 6 months.