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  1. sparc

    Z-wave Locks

    "These Schlage locks are pretty old, it's probably time to start swapping them out." Funny, if they were the old 'dumb' locks they would last forever just about, but now that they are 21st century tech they are cr@p in only a couple years. Makes me wonder if we are really moving forward or just found a way to empty our wallets faster thanks to engineered-in obsolesce .
  2. sparc

    Bringing back IRIS by Lowe's

    I would like to be able to put my four V1 keypads to use.
  3. So what have you put AI to work doing for you with the lockdown and COVID19. Found any uses for your devices that might save you and everyone in the house from touch contamination or some other use that make you safer? Or what applications have you seen being put in place now or envision for AI in the future.
  4. sparc

    Lowe's gift cards expiring

    Yours may still be good, depends on when you received them. There is a number you can call to hear the remaining balance. If zero and you haven't used them call and see what you can do. But maybe before doing that give them a try on Amazon to see if you can use them to buy a gift card like scunny suggested. Then you can use them anytime to make an Amazon purchase.
  5. sparc

    Iris GL08_2 Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plugs

    Thanks Otto, no reset for the outdoor plugs huh. Any idea who makes them? I could not find them under any other brand name. It does says Intertek on the back and there is a number, but I tried searching on that and came up empty. Where is our resident hacker John (gillian) when you need him? 🙂
  6. I have two of these. I'm sure it's been discussed here some time in the past but after 15 minutes of searching the forum and the web I can not find anything about them other than the little bit of info on t Lowes support site.;D;f:011,e41974fd-46a3-4ecb-98ed-a43a82a60a35;f:012,acf39f86-c2b5-4a46-a97b-495e5191e57e;g:027 I've tried to pair them with Alexa directly since they are Wi-Fi and shouldn't need a hub. Am I wrong? I think I tried these before and the answer was they are not compatible with any system. But I'd just like to verify that before I trash them. If I could get them to work with Alexa or SmartThings that would be nice.
  7. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    I bought 5 of the Samsung sensors, wish I had got double that. I deployed the 5 I had in addition to the 4 I already have in the system. They are much nicer than the Centralite which Lowes rebranded and sold under the Iris name. The contacts on the top and perfect for soldering leads to and adapting them to serve some other purpose. The price is right at ~$18. I will get some more. I can see using one to connect to a glass breakage detector from my old hard-wired alarm system on the slider and a couple other applications.
  8. sparc

    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    Is your question directed at me? If so the alerts I am seeing are not from Xfinity, I don't use any Xfinity supplied hardware. The firewall in my router catches them and emails me a report every day with the IP number of the attacker, the date/time, and type of attack (DoS, Port Scan, etc).
  9. sparc

    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    I see DoS and port scan attempts just about every day too. Not that many only one or two a day but they are there.
  10. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Technical details: power: 1 x CR2 battery Even better deal now that I know they use the same battery.
  11. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    good. I'll research that.
  12. sparc

    Lowe's gift cards expiring

    I rolled mine into a couple Festool tools last Fall. Didn't take long to use them up at Woodcraft, no leftovers here. 🙂
  13. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Thanks to you both. I was looking at the Centralite because they used the CR2 batteries and I have a bunch of those with lots of life left in them. But I want 5 more water sensors and the savings of $17 each for the Samsung sensor over the Centralite is too big to ignore. Looks like I'm going with the Samsung sensors. I'll have to buy something else that uses CR2 batteries so the 50 I have don't go to waste. 🙂
  14. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    " I have 17 leak sensors in the house" Otto what leak detectors are you using. The v2 model is the one that was rebranded and sold by Iris. I'm looking at getting some of these, they're ~$35 each and use the CR2 batteries which I have a ton of after taking all my iris gear that wouldn't run with ST offline. This is version 3. I have the the version 2 now and they have worked well and batteries last a long time.
  15. sparc

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Thanks Otto. OK on the sprinkler setup. But for me my sprinkler system is blown out every Fall and not needed back in service until the end of May. So if I use an active zone I'm sending water into a potentially empty line which then I would have to worry about freezing if it was winter time. I was thinking of using a new zone so I can set everything up inside the basement and pitch the pipe to the outside so there will never be standing water in the line outside where it could freeze. Have to buy another zone valve but that's not a big deal. But I think it would be better to use a control valve that's designed for domestic water use and not a sprinkler system. I don't think sprinkler piping and components have to meet NSF-61 and UPC codes like pipe and fittings used on potable water do. And that would mean a fail on a home inspection for a sale which will happen in the next few years. Or take it out before the home inspection is another option. Do the LeakSmart Valves work with SmartThings? I see Lowes still has a few of those available.