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  1. Anyone heard from John. He is hard at work on ARCUS I guess.
  2. I agree. I had my share of problems with the early GE Z-Wave switches too.
  3. Yes, the old switches were tough to fit in multi gang boxes, especially if you had a dimmer or something other than your standard on/off switch.
  4. Wow, I though that happened a long time ago.
  5. It's summer time, most boards/forums slow down this time of year.
  6. I read where GE & Jasco have brought out what I guess would be the third generation of their wall switches. Supposed to have better connectivity and more secure and some other tweaks. Been pretty dead here just trying to drag up anything to keep this place half alive. :-)
  7. sparc

    Iris Centralite / v2 range extender?

    Nice. I didn't realize they supported v1 devices.
  8. sparc

    Iris Centralite / v2 range extender?

    Sorry, as I understand it except for use with Arcus and SysRF I don't believe that Iris v1 devices are usable in another system. And both of those systems are still under development and very green so in my opinion don't really qualify as fully functional HA systems.
  9. sparc

    Iris Centralite / v2 range extender?

    The v1 Iris repeater has a backup battery in it IIRC, as did the v1 smart plugs. but the v1 smart plugs didn't do energy monitoring. but since you can't use them now doesn't really matter I guess.
  10. sparc

    Iris Centralite / v2 range extender?

    The v2 smart switches worked as both ZigBee and Z-wave repeaters IIRC. Sounds like your only RF path out of the garage is through the overhead door if you lose the connection when it's closed. Must be a metal or metal clad door. Have you tired relocating the motion sensor in the garage or is that not an option. It may be able to provide the coverage you want from another location where it can maintain the connection to the hub or a nearby repeater.
  11. sparc

    Door Chimes

    Was trying to set up an Alexa announcement when a Aeron Smart Button connected to SmartThings is pushed, but it seems that Alexa only recognizes contact and motion sensors and not buttons, UNLESS its an Alexa button. Also, is it possible to play royalty free sound bites or ringtones through an Alexa device (Echo, Show, Dot, etc.) if you have those files stored in the cloud somewhere?
  12. sparc

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I believe all that is available in the Orbit APP as well as on the web interface, except maybe the motion sensed activation, which would be a nice touch for dogs that happen to wander into the yard. But I don't have motion sensors placed to support that.
  13. sparc

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I have the Orbit 6 Zone B-hyve Smart Timer set up. Can't link it to SmartThings but it does have an Alexa skill.
  14. Anyone using this and if so what do you think of it. Looks like its a cloud-based service so dependent on an internet connection. Here's a link to the user manual:
  15. Bit it's where you get your first copy that you then save locally isn't it? If you start with infected files from the beginning they'll probably live on through all your future iterations of development or customization.