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  1. Iris Camera Quality

    Good point on the IR and B&W. Color would be nice. I have a pair of 60W equivalent LED lights on all night but not sure they would be enough without IR. If I go any brighter they will wash out one of my other cameras unless I put a scrim up to block out the hot spot. At 60w it is tolerable, but any brighter and I would need to do something, probably should now as it may do damage to the camera over time. Auto-tracking could be a problem as one side of my property is a fairly busy road, even late at night there will be a couple cars an hour go by. So might lose sight of something happening on the property if the camera is tracking a car going by. Can you adjust anything to ignore faster moving objects like cars. The Alibi camera you can mask out areas you don't want to react to or record.
  2. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    A empty beer can balanced on the doorknob works well and is pretty cheap. Plus you have the joy of emptying the can in preparation for setting it up.
  3. Local Processing Is Here

    I did a soft reset and when the hub was back online it still was playing the sounds so I closed the browser window to the web portal and it seems to have stopped. The stop button didn't work for me. If you try using the sound check just be aware this could happen to you.
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    I clicked on the Sound Check button and now the hub won't stop blasting out various sounds. Alarm, Paired, Intruder, Unpaired, Safety, Low_Battery, etc. Clicking on the Stop Sound Check button has no affect.
  5. Iris Camera Quality

    That looks great. This is an IP camera with POE? I need to see if I can add a pair of these to my camera system. I've been looking at this one which has auto-tracking and variable or 'smart' IR as they call it and they claim can see over 600 feet at night.
  6. Local Processing Is Here

    When I go to the devices page on the web portal, I can see which are cloud-based and which are local now. I looked at my hub info and I don't see where anything has been updated yet, still at firmware version .058 On the few individual devices I looked at they are "devadv:hubLocal":true But since I don't have the firmware update because I have the NYCE sensors it seems it will not matter. If I removed the NYCE sensors I wonder how long before the update would get pushed out to me, then add the NYCE sensors back into the system. Might create a problem I am thinking so probably better to wait until they are ready. My system has been pretty stable for the last few months, no need to upset the apple cart I think.
  7. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    Yes, this seems like an easy feature to implement. I miss that from my X-10 system also. My work around is to use the sunrise/sunset and offset the time to turn a light on or off. This gives a slight randomness to it but it is no where near a flexible as the random feature on X-10. X-10 does offer a bridge to pass signal from one phase to another. Every house with 240v power will have two phases. I can't remember that ever being a problem with any of the X-10 modules I have had for 30 years. Some were from Radio Shack but they are re-branded X-10 gear and work seamlessly with any brand of X-10 equipment.
  8. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    Cameras work in Chrome, but not IE11, but that's how it's always been for me. For me the camera is a static image in both the control panel and when I click on the thumbnail to go to the larger view. It's not streaming video. Is that what you intended or is something broke on my end? A link back to the 'All Devices' page would be nice to be able to jump back and add/remove items. Don't know about everyone else but for me in either browser unless I have the browser window at about 75% of the monitor size the menu is hidden. So for me to run a browser window it takes up most of the screen but I have a 32" monitor and can run a browser window that is less than half the width of the monitor and be able to see everything in a window about 11"w x 17"h. Just no menu visible unless I stretch the window out to about 24" wide. Makes it tough to do more than one task. I have to either let the Portal take over the screen and let it get buried in the background where I can't see it all.
  9. EMI interference from LED bulbs

    This article was written in 2013 but still some good information in it.
  10. Iris 2.7 email

    Except if part of your alarm perimeter is the NYCE sensors or a uncertified device and you have to remove it from the list of alarm devices to get the update haven't you just created some holes in your system? Yes, I understand the wording of the announcement says that a fix is coming for these devices but no hint as to when, could be a week or a year.
  11. Iris 2.7 email

    I think that's why I didn't get it too. I have a few of the NYCE tilt sensors. Those have been very reliable for the past 8 months. They did give me fits for a while after the change over to the new hub. But have settled out after a few months of problems with them dropping out and trouble reconnecting, they are now working very well. Batteries lasting over 1 year. Man I am sure I just jinxed myself here. :-(
  12. Local Processing Is Here

    Here’s what’s new in 2.7: Local Processing for Security & Panic Alarms Triggered Security & Panic Alarms will now make noise inside the home even if the Smart Hub is disconnected from the internet. Keypads & Sirens paired to your Smart Hub will sound to deter intruders from entering your home. There are a few things to be aware of: It is best that your Hub is always connected to the internet. If your internet service is unstable; consider purchasing a 4G LTE modem that plugs into your Hub that will keep your Hub connected to the internet via cellular backup service. A $7.99/month fee usually applies, but is waived if you sign up for Professional Monitoring. As a safety precaution, we will not roll out this Local Processing feature to Hubs whose Security Alarms are Armed (In On or Partial Modes). We will only update your system while it is disarmed. Places with a NYCE Tilt Sensor or uncertified devices are currently unable to participate in Local Processing. These devices have unique settings that require more development and testing before they are released. However, expect Places with a NYCE Tilt Sensor to receive Local Processing as an update in the upcoming months.
  13. Local Processing Is Here

    I just got an email from SmartThings today saying they were sending out a firmware update that will include local processing for some routines.
  14. In my opinion this is why Iris will go under. The price is too high compared to devices on other systems. And anyone going to Lowes website or looking in the store will see that right off and price will drive them away. The list of unanswered wants or missing or deleted features won't even figure into the equation, price alone will make the decision for most. This clip is off Lowes website today. Roughly 1/3 more for the iris branded leak detector, which only works with Iris. And Iris won't easily sync with other brands, if at all.
  15. Most countries fly their flag a little prouder than Lowes does with Iris.