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  1. sparc

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I have the Orbit 6 Zone B-hyve Smart Timer set up. Can't link it to SmartThings but it does have an Alexa skill.
  2. Anyone using this and if so what do you think of it. Looks like its a cloud-based service so dependent on an internet connection. Here's a link to the user manual:
  3. Bit it's where you get your first copy that you then save locally isn't it? If you start with infected files from the beginning they'll probably live on through all your future iterations of development or customization.
  4. sparc

    Gen 1 device limit?

    If only there was an easy way for users to see a map of their ZigBee and Z-Wave networks and the relationship between each of the devices in those systems as in who's talking to (or through) who.
  5. What would be worse is if they altered the code and replaced it without anyone knowing so their altered code gets D/L'd by hundreds before anyone realized it.
  6. sparc

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Don't see anything about 32 here. But now I understand your comment.
  7. sparc

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Now I'm confused. You quote a post that says there is no limit but your comment reads as if the post you quoted claimed some limit.
  8. sparc

    Gen 1 device limit?

    32 devices seems like it could be a serious limitation for many installations. Presumably that is as you said direct connects so you could have many more devices one hop away correct?
  9. sparc

    SHM and Motion Sensors

    I have not found a way to do this in either app. And I have not figured out what loonytim is referring to, or how to do it I guess is more correct. Why not a simple IF x = YES, AND y = YES, AND z = NO THEN <do something> I want to tell ST when in AWAY if the door sensor #2 OPENS and Motion #1 is TRUE THEN <sound the alarm> AND <send me a SMS msg> AND <flash all of these lights> I want to do that from within the app not from a 3rd party app because I want it to all be processed locally in the hub.
  10. sparc

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I got mine a month ago but haven't used them yet. To be honest I don't know what I am waiting for. I've been buying replacements for my defunct Iris gear but using my CC because I get 2% back on all my purchases. Maybe I'll use them to pay off the CC or Icom just released the IC-9700 which is tempting. Nothing says I have to spend those Iris rebate cards on HA gear right. :-)
  11. I found the NuTone NPD300Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Plug-In Outlet Dimmer Module on Amazon for ~$20. They look just like the Jasco/GE plug-in dimmer modules sold as compatible with Iris so I thought for $20 I'd give it a try. Works great and even has a feature enabled that the GE module does not. That is what they call "load sense", which lets you turn the light plugged into the dimmer module on/off using the switch on the light itself. Which can be handy at times or for those that don't want to use an app or Alexa to operate their lights you can have manual control. When I first got it I could not get it to pair. Called NuTone TS and got someone right away, no wait. They told me to try doing a device exclusion then pair. That worked. Then I asked about the load sense feature and I told him I had another which looked just like the NuTone but was from GE and made by Jasco. I asked if those were the same and if they might have the load sense capability and he most likely yes. So if you have ZWave Tweaker set it as your device handler, change the setting to enable load sense, then revert back to the default device handler. Note these are Z-Wave not Z-Wave Plus but still work fine with SmartThings. I bought a couple more today, for ~$20 each and free shipping with Prime they are less than half the price of the ones Lowes sold for use with Iris.
  12. sparc

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    You can buy a Z-Wave Toolbox, park it on your network, and it an generate a map for you. Not an inexpensive option but it's there just the same. Hopefully Arcus will include this capability if possible.
  13. sparc

    Device that can show power failure

    DOH! I totally ignored the wall wart in the photo. Sorry.
  14. sparc

    Device that can show power failure

    What is the component inside the little black box so to speak, a SPDT mechanical relay with a coil or a solid state relay? Their product data sheet leaves a lot to be desired. This is the extent of the information provided: • Detects loss of power (110 VAC) • Dry Contact Output • SPDT When power is applied the NC contacts are held open, and when power is removed (in this case by a power failure) then the relay returns to its shelf state or NC correct? If it's a mechanical relay you then have a coil that is energized 24/7. Many relays are not rated for this type of service, even ones intended for industrial use and costing thousands of dollars. I say that because I worked on a project replacing hundreds of relays in an industrial setting that were used in a similar manner. A significant number of those relays started to fail; some in a couple years but the majority of the population after 10 years; and the trend caught the eye of management who initiated the relay replacement project. The failures included sticking bobbins due to swelling in the coils from overheating caused by being energized 24/7 for years. A few were close to catching on fire after they overheated and melted the plastic relay case. Most of the coils that failed were powered by 125V DC or 120V AC, which is what you're working with here. Now your setup is not used in an industrial setting I know but the coil doesn't know or care about that. If those two thousand dollar relays that were designed and tested for service that included being energized for extended periods of time (years) could fail how will your $25 relay fair in a similar situation? Time will tell. Just keep an eye on them is all I am saying. If you have an IR temperature gun maybe record some temperature readings from a deenergized state then every few hours for 24 hours (or longer) and see what happens. Given the way the PLS is marketed it is intended for this type of service (normally energized), but with no information on their website or the product datasheet they bear watching. The solution for them was to institute as scheduled relay replacement program where all the relays were not only inspected and operationally tested periodically but also replaced regardless of their condition at specific intervals based on their operating conditions.
  15. sparc

    Aerotek Dry Contact Sensor

    Thanks, the Z-Wave Reverse DH worked, but that puts it in the cloud. I tries the Z-Wave Tweaker DH and was able to change the parameters as stated and the device said it updated, and it worked until I set the DH back to the default Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor which is what they said to do, but then it reverted back to the reverse logic so I went back to using the Z-Wave Reverse DH.