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    So, You want Alexa to Announce Alarm Modes?

    I know it doesn't matter since it's a virtual switch but why use close to represent OFF and open for ON? Seems the reverse of how a real switch works. Is there a need to reverse the logic for some reason?
  2. sparc

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Yes, all my contacts and the majority of my motion sensors are V1.
  3. sparc

    Echo Enunciates

    I'd like to see either Alexa or SmartThings come out with an app for the Gear S3 SmartWatch. Would be nice to control devices from the watch connected via Wi-Fi to the hub so no phone required.
  4. sparc


    I prefer the V1 smart buttons over the V2 version. I too have a number of them in use. Unfortunately I have not been able to get SmartThings to recognize them as with most V1 Iris devices.
  5. sparc

    Echo Enunciates

    Anyone know if the NYCE tilt sensors work with ST? I have three, one on each door. They've been working great with Iris. I hope I can continue to use them.
  6. sparc

    March 31st - Doomsday?

    I doubt the app will delete itself, it will just stop working because there will be no cloud services to connect to.
  7. Most Kenmore branded stuff was relabeled Whirlpool equipment, so it may be possible.
  8. sparc

    Echo Enunciates

    Since this is in the ST topic area I assume this works with SmartThings only? Is it possible to set a different volume level for various announcements such that a 'door 1 opened' announcement plays at a lower (or higher) volume than say an alarm or someone calling you using Alexa drop in or intercom functions or your Flash Briefing.
  9. sparc

    Zwave maps

    I believe the Z-Wave Toolbox can build a map, among other things. thegillion you might be interested in one of these if you don't have one already.
  10. Yes, I am aware of that. I was thinking more of using with other systems like SmartThings and others.
  11. Isn't it possible to load new firmware to Iris V1 to remove any proprietary code and make them generic so they can be used with any system? Yes, I know that requires someone to write that code but if that was done wouldn't that open up all those devices to be used elsewhere. Will Arcus (and SystronicsRF) need to do this to be able to communicate with Iris V1 devices?
  12. sparc

    Any HomeSeer Users Here?

    Homeseer has been around for a while. I am surprised no one commented on them or relayed their experience with their system if you've tried it. Their site says they have a free mobile app and free remote access plus all processing is local, not cloud-based. They have a number of different controllers. The Zee S2 looks to be based on a Pi3, the others look to be mini computers. Homeseer can even control your archaic X10 stuff that you gave up on and packed away 10 years ago. The app looks to be nicely laid out, see this short YT video: They offer some unique options of monitoring system status, such at this option which lets you see system status on all wall switch in your house. RGB LED Indicators In normal mode, LED indicators glow to reflect the on/off/dim status of each circuit using a palette of 7 possible colors. Normal mode colors can be set once and left or can be programmed to change every day or on holidays, birthdays and other special events. For example, you can program dimmers to glow green and red on holidays In status mode, individual LEDs can be controlled to reflect the status of nearly anything in the home. For example, if it's after midnight and the garage door was left open, the 3rd LED on all the bedroom dimmers can be programmed to glow yellow (or any color). If a smoke alarm goes off, all LEDS on all dimmers can blink red. If no status conditions are active, wall switches automatically return to normal mode. Here's a list (too long to include in this post) of compatible devices and products from their website. No mention of Iris or Centralite though.
  13. sparc

    Any HomeSeer Users Here?

    Here's what I will say as my first impression of HomeSeer, just from what I have played around with today. There are a number of free drivers but then there are many you will pay to add additional capabilities to the basic HS software package. $29 here and $49 there and pretty soon you'll have $600 or more wrapped up in software alone depending on what you need to connect to your choices in hardware. I was told in an email they didn't have support for Iris ZigBee devices without reverse engineering them which I guess they have not done. No support for Iris V1 devices of course so for me that's a big negative because I have so many that I would like to continue using and not have to trash 70+ devices that still work IF there is software and a hub to go along with them. So I will play with HomeSeer for a bit more. I have a 30 trial on the software, and I'll see where that goes.
  14. sparc

    Any HomeSeer Users Here?

    A thread about migrating from Iris to HomeSeer from the HomeSeer forum
  15. sparc

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Same boat here, three iris V1 keypads and the same siren that I hope to use in whatever my next HA system is.
  16. sparc

    Any HomeSeer Users Here?

    I have a Pi 3b+ and the Homeseer USB stick already so I am going to try their software for the Pi3 which has a free 30 day trial license. After that it's $99 to continue using the Pi software and no monthly fees.
  17. sparc

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    VHS or Betamax...who will win? Only time will tell, and did. In the end they both ended up in the same place. Apple or IBM-PC who won? Depends on who you ask. Totally different marketing strategies, be a hog and keep it all to yourself or license the heck out of what you developed and sit back collect the rewards.
  18. sparc

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus
  19. sparc

    Seeking simple clarity

    I thought the V1 hub was dead and done for a long time, with no promise of support from anyone in the future. It is a doorstop. But, I thought the Iris V2 and V3 hubs had a chance at a future, at least according to some of the posts here so if I had one I would not toss it at this point or int he near future. Hang on and see what shakes out in a few months. There may be some life in them yet.
  20. sparc

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    Does that mean it will be limited to just the Iris branded and the GE devices? That's how I am reading your answer to Q4. It's gonna need to be more 'open' than that to be successful or accepted.
  21. sparc


    "These guys only started a few months ago" A total guess on your part I think. They've stated that they began working on developing their system 2 years ago.
  22. sparc

    Zigbee Channel?

    Nice write up but it only talks about ZigBee and Wi-Fi, there are other players in that same splice of spectrum as I have said before. I have a school across the street from me with a mesh network with about a dozen wireless access points(WAP). When I'm home I see at least 5 of them all the time and I am 500 feet away. I have 3 neighbors all who have their own Wi-Fi access points. Then there is my own mess of 12 Wi-Fi cameras (2 Iris, 9 Wyze, 1 other), 4 Alexa devices, and two access points. Fortunately all of this is on 2.4GHz, and 5GHz is free and open, so I force whatever I can like mobile devices and other equipment that is dual band to the 5GHz band which around me is wide open. At least until others start upgrading and move to 5GHz also. Get one of the Wi-Fi analyzer apps for your phone and do a little sniffing to find out what channels are in use around you. Hopefully ARCUS and SystronicsRF will give us the ability to designate what channels we use so that we can mitigate interference. Your WAP should already give you that ability in setup.
  23. sparc

    Auto vs. Manual Redemption $$

    Hmm, he came onboard middle of 2018 and a couple months later Iris is on the chopping block. Can any correlation to be drawn from that?
  24. sparc

    Alarms and SHM

    Custom ringtones, I used to have those before Samsung screwed up my Note 8. They promised they were going to bring them back but it's been close to a year now and nothing so I stopped holding my breath cause I was turning a really dark shade of blue and it wasn't making a difference. :-) Custom notifications was one of the features that I wanted when I bought that phone. Then to lose it 6 months later was so nice of them I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate that bozo move on their part. And the best part is they didn't intend to remove that functionality, at least that's what I was told by a Samsung tech. And of course there is no going back (not easily anyway) once you install one of those so called upgrades so you are hosed.
  25. sparc


    Well in my opinion they are late by your standards/expectations not by anything they promised to this group or Iris users in general. If you can't wait, if you can't be without HA or security for a couple weeks or months for whatever reason (which may be perfectly valid reasons not disputing that) then I guess you will have to move on to something else. But that decision by you as I see it is based on your assumptions of when a viable product would be available not on any promises that they made which they have not kept.