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  1. Same here. I have a V1 motion sensor outside but well protected for over 2 years. It watches the back porch and turns on the light at night for 2 minutes if it sees motion. So when you come walking up to the door it spots you before your foot hits the first step and BAM! the light is on just like that. I wish it were possible to have motion sensors fire off the door chime to the keypads and/or hub when it sees motion. That is something that I can't believe they don't have enabled. I mean why limit a motion sensor to only be used to operate a switch or turn on video recording? Being able to watch for movement and have an audible alert to the keypads and/or hub would be great. Same goes for the not-so-smart button, you can't trigger a chime on the keypads when a smart button used as a doorbell is pressed, the chime goes only to the hub. I can't hear that feeble hub ding throughout my house even on the same floor. If I am in the basement working in my shop I never hear the hub upstairs chime. We use a not-so-smart button as our doorbell. I guess that was a not so smart decision on my part, believing the promise that they were going to enable that feature with the V2 hub but it never happened.
  2. sparc

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    I wish they would enable support for the Wyze cameras. I picked up a pair of those off Amazon and they are nice for indoor use. The app is great. Cameras can be set to listen for a smoke or CO alarm and send you an alert if heard. They have motion and sound detection (with push or email notification) and two-way audio. On board recording to a microSD card (not included), free 14 day cloud storage of alert clips. For $25 they are tough to beat. Super easy to setup. Plug it in, push the button on the camera, and it tells you what to do next which is use the Wyze camera to scan a QR code on your phones Wyze app. I had the two cameras setup, connected to my LAN, and running in less than five minutes. So easy I bet a 5 year old could do it. The Wyze cameras work with Alexa, so you can use your Echo Spot or Show to view any camera with a verbal command. They also support IFTT so you can come up with all sorts of uses. "Alexa, view garage camera" is all you need to say. You can set do not disturb times and also do full screen or partial screen motion detection with the ability to adjust the detection levels for motion and sound independently. I will never buy another overpriced, featureless Iris camera. For the $300 I spend on two Iris cameras I could buy 12 Wyze cameras.
  3. sparc

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    How about when they shut down support for the 2G hubs, will that do it?
  4. sparc

    Ring Floodlight Cam Install

    Nice but why not use an exterior style box? They will do what you want and are watertight. The price difference is minimal. Here is one example. There are others also available at Lowes in Brown which are a few dollars less, but still a metal, exterior weatherproof box.
  5. sparc

    Iris Portal Survey

    Done. Thanks for creating the survey.
  6. sparc

    New Difference between Basic and Premium

    So if before moving to the basic plan could you set up an additional user (with a generic email and PASS) and give that new user a PIN which you could use as a shared access and sort of bridge over not being able to add new users. I get 6 email accounts with my broadband cable service. We only use 4 of them, so potentially I was thinking someone in the same situation could use an available email account that is currently tied to nothing (since it doesn't exist yet) and add a generic user. You'd have control over who could access the email account through your ISP account management and be able to disable it, change the PASS, turn email on/off, etc. I have no interest or need to do this myself, just thinking out loud.
  7. sparc

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Today (10-15-2018), the Lowes site you link to says it is no longer available.
  8. sparc

    Iris Web Portal

    Is it possible for the Iris Portal to show Rules and Scenes that a device is used under? When your list of rules and scenes gets long ( I have over 100) it is difficult if not impossible to find a rule that is controlling a device without drilling down in each one. If the rules and/or scenes were listed under each device then you could either navigate to that rule/scene (because you would now have the name) to edit it or ideally just jump there via a hyperlink directly into edit mode. I have a GE in-wall receptacle that I had scheduled to turn on/off at night last Winter based on temperature and I can't for the life of me fine the rule or scene that is controlling it. I thought maybe I had built a schedule under the device settings but there is nothing there. When I got to history in the app and filter to that one device I do not see anything indicating how or when it keeps getting turned on. Right now it's looking like the only way I can stop it is to delete the device and add it back in with a new device name so that whatever rule or scene keeps turning it on won't find it.
  9. Get the Sense energy monitor. You can have it send you a notification or email when anything turns on or off, or has been running for x number of minutes. Sense is totally separate from Iris, they do not interconnect.
  10. sparc

    Cameras discontinued? Whats going on with iris?

    Agreed. I have one and its garbage.
  11. sparc

    Use Tilt Sensor to trigger alarm

    if you search the forum you will find a hack that someone did, can't remember who sorry but it was a great idea, to use a door/window switch rigged up as a tilt switch. the complete unit mounts on the door and when the door is opened the switch tips away from the magnet and alarms just as it would on a door or window. it's too difficult to setup. Makes no sense that the tilt switches are not included.
  12. The issue is not Z-Wave devices, but GE Z-wave devices. As many of you know I had loads of problems with my GE Z-Wave stuff for over a year. About 6 months ago it calmed down and all were working fine, no disconnects or having to pair them to the hub again. They worked the way they should. For a couple I found that because they were mounted in metal boxes in the wall that they had trouble making and keeping a solid connection to the hub or the nearest device capable of repeating a signal to/from the hub. For one I was bale to replace the metal box with a plastic one and the other because it is a 3 gang box and it would be very difficult to remove and rewire all those cables with making a mess out of the wall in a room we had recently refinished I choose to use a V2 smart plug installed in a receptacle within 6 feet of the problem GE in-wall switch and that solved the problem. Everything has been good until about a month ago when a update to the hub was pushed out. Immediately after that my GE devices all dropped out, not all Z-wave just the GE stuff. Since then they connect/disconnect when ever they feel like sometimes a multiple (>3) times a day but usually once or twice a day. Restarting the hub or removing and repairing the devices has not fixed the problem. SO now I will again call tech support to get some help with getting the problem devices working as they should. This is the third time that after a hub update the GE stuff has had connection problems. That to me indicates something is getting corrupted or otherwise incorrectly updated when the hub is updated. Maybe someone is using an old version of the software or including an old piece of code related to the GE devices and it's getting included in the update which then overwrites the code in my hub and in effect reverts the hub back to using some troublesome or invalid bit of code which causes the problem. I don't know the situation where the code is authored but I can imagine that if not all the workstations of the persons writing pieces of the code are not all in sync as to what software they are using that some may have a different version of some library or bit of code they are referencing and when it all gets put together one piece can't communicate with another. Just a guess but it seems to me like a good place to look. Does this happen to anyone else I don't know. Have any of you that have had all or a significant number of your GE devices drop out seen any correlation to when hub updates are pushed out to end users? Maybe there is a link but you haven't paid attention or noticed. TO people like Vettester whose 67 Z-wave devices work flawlessly always I guess you are just lucky, or maybe I am unlucky. Whatever the case you did not say how many of your 67 are GE branded devices. I have 5 different style GE devices and I have to wonder why 7 devices of my 9 GE devices of 5 different types can all drop off the network at once and all my other Z-wave and ZigBee devices remain connected. Either there is something in the code in these GE devices that does not jive with that in the hub or the hub has a problem communicating with GE devices because of some old or corrupt bit of code. In any case nothing has changed on the landscape here, nothing has been moving that might affect routing through the network, no devices have been added or removed from the network, and nothing that could cause interference has been introduced into my home that might cause interference to or inhibit network connectivity.
  13. sparc

    Keypad battery life

    Glad my V1 keypads are working OK (knock on wood). I like that they use AA batteries. Takes 6 but they last a long time.
  14. sparc

    Keypad battery life

    Just tried the pairing function on the Iris Web App and was able to get it paired OK. I did another reset and while pressing the ON button the 8 times it beeped and flashed once that I don't remember it doing when I reset it before, so I probably didn't do something right on the previous tries.
  15. sparc

    Keypad battery life

    Android only so far. Didn't know you could use the web app on the PC to add devices.
  16. sparc

    Keypad battery life

    OK, so I should be able to add this third V1 pad without problem. Or I guess I should say that my problem with adding this third pad is not due to any limitation on the number of keypads. Can't get it to pair up. Tried resetting the keypad a couple times following the instructions: 1. Remove all batteries for 30 seconds or more. 2. Install only 2 batteries. 3. Press the ON button 8 times with a 1 second pause between each button press. 4. Install remaining batteries. 5. Follow normal device add routine in the app. Problem is I can't get it to pair up. I have the pad within 8 feet of the hub, but no go.
  17. sparc

    Keypad battery life

    Did we ever determine if there was a limit on the number of keypads allowed? And if so what was/is that number, or is it unlimited? I am trying to pair a third V1 keypad with my system but it doesn't seem to be getting recognized. I did follow the reset procedure using only two batteries, didn't make a difference.
  18. sparc

    How to remove device preview images

    Then set your camera to take lower resolution photos or manually reduce them using any available image editor.
  19. sparc

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    In the US there are other services already allocated to that portion of the spectrum, both of which could cause interference with Iris devices that it would have to tolerate but could make their operation unreliable. Radiolocation has the primary allocation and Amateur Radio has the secondary allocation, both services are active in this segment of the spectrum.
  20. What material are the boxes in the wall, metal or plastic? I went through this for a long time before someone here asked that question of me. My problem switches were all mounted in metal boxes which effectively shielded them on all sides except the front face, and on one of those I had a SS cover plate so totally enclosed in metal which is grounded and basically like a faraday cage. It seemed that nothing got out. Was a PITA but I changed out a couple of the boxes (the single gang boxes), and the others I places a V2 plug-in smart switch somewhere in view of the front of the box and close to the problem switch. This gave the GE in-wall switch a chance to get a signal out to a device that could act as a relay to the hub. So far (knock on wood) its done the trick as I haven't had a problem in over 6 months, and I used to complain about this every few weeks it seems for about 18 months. That was my situation, may or may not help you. But I'd suggest you look for problems other than the obvious if this keeps happening.
  21. sparc

    UPS backup referal

    I use APC units of various sizes and have for years on everything. The only thing I will look for next time I buy one is a UPS that will let you turn off the alarm when the power fails so you don't have to listen to the darn bleeping for 3 days non-stop. I use a separate UPS for my alarm system and another to backup the video system plus a third for the network and cable modem. They are all co-located on a rack with all the LAN, video, alarm and HA equipment. When the power goes out and all three get to singing it will drive you nuts. And that doesn't even take into account the two units for computers and another for the TV, Tivo box, and audio equipment, but those I can shut off if I'm home. All the critical stuff is in the basement so it's not too loud but you still hear it. I like the units with power conditioning built in so that excess voltage (spikes), brown outs (sags), and frequency fluctuations are controlled/isolated from the equipment by the UPS. In a way you are running off the UPS 24/7 and the UPS is being powered off the mains. You get filtered, steady power output. Cost a bit more but not that much.
  22. sparc

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    If it wasn't for the battery status page on John's web portal it would be a PITA to keep track of all the batteries.
  23. sparc

    New Products in 2018?

    The last app update mentioned that support for Leviton switches had been added. That's progress as far as it goes. Hope we see support for additional brand devices soon. I know we've given them a long list of wants here in various threads.
  24. sparc

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    TG, without this Iris loses a lot of functionality. I can again check all my battery levels at a glance again, among other features that were sorely missed. Glad you got it working again.
  25. sparc

    Cover Magnet Issue

    Do you think the heat may have softened the adhesive enough that the bond to the magnet failed? They were probably not thinking of overhead use when they designed them. Some 5 minute epoxy might solve this.