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  1. New Products in 2018?

    The last app update mentioned that support for Leviton switches had been added. That's progress as far as it goes. Hope we see support for additional brand devices soon. I know we've given them a long list of wants here in various threads.
  2. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    TG, without this Iris loses a lot of functionality. I can again check all my battery levels at a glance again, among other features that were sorely missed. Glad you got it working again.
  3. Cover Magnet Issue

    Do you think the heat may have softened the adhesive enough that the bond to the magnet failed? They were probably not thinking of overhead use when they designed them. Some 5 minute epoxy might solve this.
  4. Amazon Cloud Cam

    I see Amazon now has a camera available. Saw it for the first time when I logged into this morning. There is a one day deal for Prime members for $89
  5. Amazon Cloud Cam

    I was thinking you could probably use the Amazon camera without the cloud. I believe you can get a free subscription but video is only saved for 24 hours, a paid subscription gets you 30 days or longer. I'm thinking it's as a way to increase the user base for their cloud services. Selling services with a steady predictable income is better than a one time sale, the camera is just the vehicle they use to hook you into Amazon Web Services (their cloud).
  6. Refreshed V2 Devices

    If it were more like my GDO keyfob from Chamberlin, which is only about 3/8" thick and ~1" x 1.5" and has three buttons and uses a CR2032 coin cell that would be great.
  7. Refreshed V2 Devices

    Doesn't really matter to me. The keyfob is still big and clunky and not something I want to have in my pocket. Fits in a women's (or mans too I guess) purse OK but not gonna ride well in my pants pocket on a key ring. Even the V1 keyfob is too big for my taste.
  8. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    Good point. I had checked for that possibility when we moved in, but no luck. Some one was really thinking forward when they wired those rooms for a fan not knowing if they would be installed or not. Thoughtful electrician or maybe it was specified in the plans.
  9. Dumb ceiling fan to smart

    I have the same situation with 5 fans and would love to enable them all under Iris.
  10. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    1st gen contact sensors and motion sensors worked great for me, I have no problem getting more at this price. There are newer versions of Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols that will no doubt be included in the next generation devices. When they come out then these devices won't stand a chance of selling (at least the way I see it), so they are unloading old stock now while they can still get something more than cost for them is my guess.
  11. I was in Lowes today and stopped by the Iris display just ot see if anything new had popped up. Sure enough it did. They had some V1 contact sensors and also motion sensors for sale alongside the current V2 devices. The 1st Gen devices were marked at less than half the price of the current devices. The motion sensors were marked at $14.99. I've been wanting a couple more so I figured at that price why not as the V1 sensors have always worked well for me. When I got to the self-checkout register and started scanning my items the motion sensors rang up at $12.74 each. That was unexpected as the price tag on the shelf had the $14.99 price. Anyway, if you're looking you might want to check out your local Lowes and see if they have any of the V1 contact switches or motion sensors.
  12. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    "Keep in mind that all these systems you are looking at use some type of wireless protocol and are battery operated so there is always a possibility for interference or power related issues that could cause a system failure." And that would be true no matter whose system you were using. If it has wireless and/or battery powered devices then that possibility will always exist. It did take some time but I would say reliability is as good or better than it was with the 1st Gen hub. We don't have all the features that we had with V1, but as far as reliability I would say Iris has been doing well for the past 6 months.
  13. GE Devices Having Trouble

    It has happened to me a couple times, but not in the last 6 months thank God. It's a PITA to get them working again. Don't wish you the pain of restoring everything but glad to see it's not just me that it happens to, as I was beginning to think I was crazy.
  14. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    Funny you should ask. Just last night, for the first time in over 6 months, for some reason the hub decided I left the house in the middle of the night and started to set the alarm. I know this because I heard the beep on the keypad right outside the bedroom and it woke me up. I had not set the alarm last night for some reason, so it was off. Looking in history it shows that I left at 3:27 am and ran the Away scene then that I returned at 3:30am and ran the Home scene. But in reality I disabled the alarm by the keypad so the Home scene never ran. Of course the Away scene, however that was triggered was not by me actually leaving. Only the wife and I were home and both asleep. My keyfob and phone are both in the house. I can only guess that the keyfob lost connection to the hub for those 3 minutes, but the battery level shows as 100% today. Checking the hub from the app it has not lost connection or rebooted in over 3 days, so the hiccup is not there. My keyfob says it last paired on July 20, 2016. Same for the wifes' keyfob, been online since July 22, 2016.
  15. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    I read that there is a new Z-Wave 700 series chip available soon which will offer many improvements and new features over the current Z-Wave Plus chips which are the 500 series I believe. Key features of the 700-Series platform include: Low power: 700-Series will have best-in-class low power radio performance enabling multiyear battery lifetime and more than 10-year sensor lifetime on a coin-cell. Long range: 700-Series platform will enable range of more than 300 feet, covering multi-stories in a house and the far end of the yard. Low cost and fast time to market: 700-Series gets developers started fast with low cost developer kits, tools and readymade certified reference code ensuring minimum time from prototype to certified product. High performance: Powerful ARMĀ®-based platform with large memory on the chip and many peripherals, enabling intelligence at the edge with fast energy efficient computation and secure inclusion in less than one second. Certified interoperable and backwards compatible: Every 700-Series device will have the highest level of security in the smart home with Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) framework and consistent easy install with Z-Wave SmartStart.
  16. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    Well if I had known the ZigBee outlets had energy monitoring I would have gone for them long ago. But I would have had to order them because this is the first time they have been available in the store, always an order online for me which I certainly could have done and would have if I had realized they had energy monitoring. So maybe I will go pick up those two that they have on the shelf and give them a try. I could use more if they work out. I have always had better reliability with ZigBee than Z-Wave here for some reason.
  17. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    But these boxes said they had power monitoring, and I'm not sure but I don't think that was in the ZigBee outlets from GE in the past. That's what caught my eye. There is also an in-wall light switch from GE with power monitoring. It too has the red label on the box. The boxes were slightly different too. The 'old' packages have a hanging tab on them so they can be hung on the display wall, but these (what I am calling) new packages do not have that tab and are sitting on the shelf. I will have to look closer next time I am there, and maybe get one of the receptacles and test it out. I have a spot where remote control and power monitoring would be helpful. I set up a contact switch and a motion sensor on my duct to monitor the fan run time and supply and return air temperatures. The contact switch is firmly mounted next to a register in the basement that is in the side of the truck line. I made a top-hinged flap as someone on here (sorry, don't remember who came up with this idea) had done and attached the magnet to the flap. A little trial and error get it working in a couple minutes. Only problem was the register is metal and the magnet had enough power to prevent the air flow from pushing it open, so I extended the flap below the bottom of the grill and then it worked fine. Now I can see when the fan is running and also the discharge temp as the flap directs the air flow toward the contact switch. Not that accurate I know but I will know if it's not warmer than the return air so that would tell me something happened with the heat pump or the backup heat source (oil-fired boiler). The motion sensor I used as a return air temperature sensor. Didn't have another contact switch and with the motion detection I can tell if aliens are trying to sneak into my house through the ductwork.
  18. V1 Motion Sensors for $12

    Oh, I forgot to mention. These may or may not be new, but first time I have seen them on display at my Lowes. There is now a GE in-wall receptacle that works with Iris AND also from your phone directly (maybe using Wi-Fi). It's in a red box not green like the other GE in-wall receptacles. The price was $45 which is a little more than the others. They only had two on the shelf and I thought about getting one to try it out but didn't. I though I would poll the group and see if anyone had used them yet. Given my history with GE devices I'm hesitant to jump in but it looked intriguing as it also has power monitoring, something that is missing from previous GE devices.
  19. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    I got v2.8 and now I do see the reboot hub option on the mobile app. Does this communicate with the hub using Wi-Fi, BT, or the internet ?
  20. Not that innovative but I use a motion sensor in the garage to turn on an overhead light and turn it off after 2 minutes. It works great when coming home day or night as it provides hands-free lighting. The motion sensor is positioned so it detects the man door opening or the overhead door. My neighbor has an Iris system too and he put a motion sensor in the dogs' house so he can tell if the dog is in there and monitor the temperature. He has one of those heating pads which is operated by a rule that monitors the temperature at the motion sensor.
  21. I have a V1 contact switch and a V1 push button that I am not using that I think I will use to duplicate this in my house. I'll use the push button as the return air temperature sensor since this doesn't require the contact actuation to log fan operation. I bought a couple four packs of them online from Lowes a while back and use them for light switches and temperature sensors in various places.
  22. Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    I have version 2.7.0 installed on my Android phone, which is the latest AFAIK, but I am not finding the reboot option you speak of. I looked on the My Hub device page, went to More, and I see the four sub-menus; My Hub, Product Information, Connectivity & Power, and Firmware. But I don't find on any of those a place where I can reboot the hub. I thought it would be on the Connectivity & Power tab, but no. Am I in the wrong place? Can anyone provide a screenshot maybe?
  23. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  24. Santa Tracker

    Or use the Google Santa Tracker
  25. Hub chime with motion detection

    I agree it would be nice to have all that in Iris. That capability would certainly jump Iris to near the top of the heap among HA apps.