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  1. mikeyc

    Viewing your redemption list and total refund

    Nice! thanks for the info, it helped confirm everything i through was still true. appreciate it!
  2. mikeyc

    Free V1 Stuff

    i will offer you $50 in paypal or check to cover shipping and a little profit for the whole lot if you consider me.
  3. mikeyc

    Arcus Smart Home

    We use this in our offices with our existing Hikvision cameras. they have free and paid plans. https://www.openalpr.com/
  4. mikeyc

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    I ask the same question.... If they are only good on Arcus/Systronics/DEAD-IRIS why would i sell them to someone else who would not be able to use them? they are dead and useless unless arcus/systronics brings them back to life. that is like selling a car to a little old lady from her church money if i am knowing the engine has a blown gasket and the transmission is blown and it has an exhaust leak...haha... that is pretty much the status of IRIS right now, if you wanted a car analogy
  5. mikeyc

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    Why would i sell them to someone else when, unless Arcus or Systronics get out of alpha/beta stages they would be worthless to everyone else?
  6. mikeyc

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    Yes i only had 2 unpaired sensors, but otherwise yes i got credit for all 175+ V1 Door/window sensors across 7 accounts. $$$$ I have written Systronics via email, and via this forum several times, no replies. I guess they have enough Beta testers and i didnt make the short-list. Smartthings only works with V2 and V3 sensors correct, so i am left with me choice of waiting for arcus/systronics, or dump 175 devices and buy new on new ecosystem.
  7. mikeyc

    Lowe's, love it or hate it?

    Mine will be used with "Agent Orange" and with whichever vendor i decide to get to replace Iris. Bestbuy has ST on sale right now for anyone looking to move quickly to a new platform
  8. mikeyc

    Arcus Smart Home

    While I am playing chicken with the March 31st Deadline by hoping for a prayer on either Systronics or Arcus, I did have a thought that might also happen. If Lowes is helping Samsung ST with the migration, it is possible Lowes may turn over, either through Arcus or Samsung the proprietary Alertme (V1) API Source code designs. So it is possible that maybe all those V1 devices may suddenly find a home in Samsung's world. While i have no facts to back this up, it would make sense if secretly Iris was sold to Samsung, but Samsung wanted a clean slate instead of a migration, so Lowes turns over the full 100% source code unredacted to Samsung for some $$$$ and also agrees to open source the rest of it. Maybe i am hoping for things which arnt real, but i would make sense. Of course Arcus would be a great solution when it gets off the ground fully. My bet is thegillion is likely 2-3 steps ahead of us already since he seems to have prototypes brewing in his magic cauldron of code.
  9. mikeyc

    A post from the Iris Community manager

    Yes. There was another thread where one of the potential buyers, and there were about 5 companies who placed bids, which was unnamed, offered a significant amount of money to purchase Iris and Lowes basically said they rather shut it down. Sounds like Lowes had given up on Iris before they even put it out to bids. I will point out a accounting trick, sometimes companies which are not doing good financially (AKA Lowes) will rather "loose" money on shutting down a product rather than make a profit on selling it. The reason is business losses are tax deductible so it helps Lowes to shut this down Q1 instead of Q4 so their 2019 taxes show a XXXXXX million dollar loss to avoid taxes on their 2019 profits.... just a thought to think about....
  10. mikeyc

    A post from the Iris Community manager

    Well maybe they should have hired him, One man is smarter then a whole team of iris engineers. HA-HA
  11. mikeyc

    A post from the Iris Community manager

    @scunny Okay i believe you. I was actually thinking someone else. who isnt a mod or admin but seems to always be 3 steps ahead of lowes in software development. But i respect everyone's privacy.
  12. mikeyc


    I signed up on your website and i definitely would be interested in testing. @SystronicsRF
  13. mikeyc

    A post from the Iris Community manager

    Yes it is rough because he can only tell what the corporate masters tell him to say/do. Now that Iris is official finished, i do have a question. Does any of the admin/mods here want to admit (after March 31st) if you were a core member of Lowes Iris on their payroll? I know a while back there was some discussion that a couple of the mods/admin may actually be Lowes Iris employees who may have inside info, but cant comment because they work for Lowes. I am sure after March 31st you , whoever you are, are looking for new work since your paycheck has been "shutdown by Lowes". I would think that atleast a few of our most important members here, may be double agents, so to speak. Anyone want to speak up? This isnt meant to be negative, since i am sure everyone here fully pushed for Iris to survive, but it would be interesting to know who were they key players who brought us the v1-v2 migration tool (which was a great tool for 95% of folks) and who spent time coding the Santa Tracker (wtf man)
  14. mikeyc

    Iris is Officially Done

    They are promising A LOT. Would i be willing to put up with buggy software for 6 months? I did for 5 years with Iris, what would the difference be? haha. In all Honesty, I want to take a look at their Beta very badly, so i have a rough idea what it looks like. I need to jump to a new product, and i have over 175 V1 Door sensors between my 7 properties. Do i spent another $4000 on sensors for smartthings or do i wait for systronics? That is the $4000 question!
  15. Hello, After i have finally vented enough at Lowes shutting down Iris with little notice, i am moving on to better pastures, as we all are now without a choice. Here is my question. I have a lot of v1 Door/Window Sensors (175+) and dozens of Motion Sensors (about 90 according to my refund from Lowes). Here is my question/Dilemma. I am looking for a door/window sensors that also reports temperature and is zigbee. I am hoping systronics can revive my sensors when Lowes shuts down, but i rather ask for options if i need to go out and buy 175+ door/window sensors. Smartthings looks interesting, but i am open to other suggestions. Does anyone have suggestions on a cheap door/window sensor with temperature built in?