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  1. mikeyc

    Signs of a buyer?

    Amazon has Ring, so this would fit in nicely. I just hope Google doesnt buy it, google is the kiss of death for technology companies...
  2. Same here. I pm him, but he hasnt responded yet to me.
  3. mikeyc

    Best adhesive strips for sensors

    i use the same stuff as scunny. the drywall will come off before the sensor will. haha
  4. I PM you. I would be interested in the GE switches, all of them
  5. mikeyc

    Smoke Listener

    I found a work around many years ago, it was posted on this forum somewhere. If you have a Kiddie System, they sell Smoke or CO relays which connect to the existing system. When Smoke or CO happens that relay closes the circuit on the relay output. This is normally designed for alarm panels but if you get a Utilitech Water flood sensor and hook the two wires to the output of that relay, when the smoke goes off, it will tell the utilitech sensor to trigger a "water alarm". I just tell that to NOT shut off my real water valve and instead send me an alert on my phone. The utilitech sensor is like $35 and the relay from kiddie is like $20. Much much cheaper than even replacing 1 smoke alarm. I have two of these setup, one for CO and one for Smoke in a rental property. Works wonders when the renter sets off smoke alarm and 2 minutes later i am on the phone calling them.
  6. mikeyc

    Hacking backup battery...

    I did a similar thing, but i used a 6vdc battery and i hard wired my kwikset door locks. saved me a ton on battery cost, but instead of 5vdc from usb i went and did 6vdc from a 6v battery.
  7. mikeyc

    Iris down?

    similar problem. I have a schedule to turn on my outside lights at sundown... last night three different iris hubs in three different states, all forgot to turn on their lights....
  8. mikeyc

    temperature graph with V2 hub?

    It doesn't exist on the Iris app or the Iris website. There is a way to do it with thegillian portal.
  9. mikeyc

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    I am having an issue with two net Z-Wave devices. I am familiar with your web portal and i have downloaded a copy of my z-wave map. It looks cool, but it has listed device numbers 0-14. Okay, so i went to the z-wave device page http://www.iriswebportal.com/zwavelist.html .Here is my question, how do turn CUxXRS01MTY2y/y95QkAAAAAAAA= into the specific device number?
  10. mikeyc

    Kwikset 910 z-wave constant disconnect

    YES.. 100X YES... I had the same exact problem. The problem is the cheap Z-wave radio chip in the 910/911/908/912 locks. I had the same problem for several months and it was driving nuts the same as you. My solution was at first to buy a GE (not Iris) smartplug GE_12719 and pair it with Iris, and then put it 1/4 away from the lock towards the Iris hub. Problem went away after a Z-Wave mesh rebuild. After a while i decided to swap out the smartplug for the GE Toggle hardwire switch for my outside front door lights. Problem never came back. I have 6 of those GE toggle switches next to the 6 exterior doors and the 6 kwikset 912 locks, and they are flawless. I originally tried the Iris Z-wave (gen 1) and it didnt fix my problem. I also tried the Iris Smart Plug (GEN 2) and it didnt fix my problem either. The reason the GE devices work and the Iris devices do not work as repeaters is because the GE support secure z-wave messaging, which your kwikset lock requires. The cheaper Iris devices dont support it, so the encrypted packets from your lock to the hub dont get relayed properly with Iris brand repeaters, but the GE brand works flawlessly.
  11. mikeyc

    V1 Items for Sale - SOLD

    would you do 10 contact sensors with shipping for $50?
  12. mikeyc

    Is Iris By Lowes shutting down?

    Is it possible Lowes is getting ready to sell or spin off Iris ?
  13. This is a compliment to thegillion----> If 1 guy sitting at home can build the WEBUI over 3 months in his spare time and achieve 90% of the functionality as the offical Iris App, then 100 trained monkeys at Lowes should have had it done 2 years ago.
  14. mikeyc

    Hard wired smoke alarm system

    I did a bit of hacking of my own system and i borrowed a unsupported hack from Smarterthings. https://community.smartthings.com/t/monitor-wired-smoke-detectors/1915/15 Basically, i took my existing hardwired Kidde smoke/CO system, attached two relay modules to the RED signal cable (one for CO and one for Smoke) and hooked that relay output to the input of two utilitech water sensors. If my Smoke or CO goes off, since it is a "safety" device. I get alerted. Wife has tested this several times by accident with her cooking...... haha
  15. mikeyc

    awful Iris end caps/displays.

    622, 2429,2258, 3168,1571,1034.... all Iris endcaps which are fully empty, trashed (like the original photo), or full of other vendor's products (like nest, GE, keen, amazon, etc) i shop those stores on a weekly basis, every week picking up parts and supplies for my job. it makes me cry.
  16. mikeyc

    Using a different kind of battery in devices

    I did something a little bit different. I have 6 Kwikset locks around my home and they suck batteries badly. I ended up replacing the 4 AA batteries with a single wire, going back to my basement, to a rechargable 6VDC battery and a DC battery charger. It cost me about $30, but it saves me almost $60 the first year and it has saved me almost $300 overall
  17. I will be the low-ball person here and offer $30 shipped. if you dont get any other offers i can paypal it over in the future.
  18. mikeyc

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Can i request a feature? On the Iris app, i can go to temperature and see a full listing of all the temperatures of all the devices. Can we get a similar feature added? Also i second the idea of having a ZIGBEE or Z-Wave map, would be a great feature to have.
  19. mikeyc

    Kwikset Battery indicator

    Yes. I thought about drilling a tiny hole and fishing the wire inside the door originally, but i found that the wire was so thin, that a coat of paint, made it virtually invisible. That plus the WAF (Wife Acceptance factor) of drilling a hole was less than me painting the whole door. That part is completely up-to you, i was just making a alternative suggestion since I had the same issue with Iris not telling me my batteries were about to die at any second and then having to quickly replace the batteries as soon as i get home, since Iris doesnt tell me the overall percentage so i can plan ahead and monitor usage.
  20. mikeyc

    Kwikset Battery indicator

    the wire is really tiny, but what i do is run it down the door towards the bottom of the door, make a sharp 90 degree turn towards the wall, leave about 1 inch of slack to allow the door to open and close near the hindges and then run it down the door caseing to a tiny hole in floor to goto basement. I attached the wire to the door with some gel super glue (clear gorilla glue)... Basically wipe the gel glue on the 1 side of the wire, and stick to the door. hold it for 2 minutes and do another 3 foot section of wire. Once everything is done, I repainted my whole door (it needed a coat of paint anyways) and the wire blends in to the door almost perfectly. For the connection to the lock, i just went on ebay, bought 5 extra kwkiset battery holders ($5 each) and soldered the end of the 18/2 to the proper terminals and pushed it into the lockset. Grabbed a exacto knife, cut out a tiny notch on side the the door cover for the wire and screwed it down for the last time. Looking over what i actually bought, it was more like $30, but still well worth it in the long term. 4 pack of AA lithium costs about $8 every 6-7 months, so it still saving me money. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Cerrowire-100-ft-18-2-Solid-Thermostat-Wire-210-1002C/202206425 http://www.homedepot.com/p/Gorilla-20-g-Super-Glue-Gel-7700103/205485334 http://www.batteryclerk.com/products/werker-wka6-5f-6v-5ah-sealed-lead-acid-battery.html?cat=Sealed-Lead-Acid&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=73074&gclid=CPbC8anqgtECFQlLDQodd5gMmw http://www.batteryclerk.com/store/p/76547-UPG-6V-0-5A-SLA-Battery-Charger.html
  21. mikeyc

    Kwikset Battery indicator

    Alternatively, if you are a risk taker, you can hardwire the lock with some 18/2 to a 6vdc AGC battery, and battery float charger and never change batteries again..(Never meaning 4-5 years) total cost $10. I have 5 kwikset locks in one of my houses (Model 911 with added z-wave module) and the cost of running a single battery and 18/2 wire paid off after 6 months of AA battery changes. I find my locks open and close beautifully. I am planning on doing this again to my second home with the same locks.
  22. mikeyc

    SwitchMate support

    While bluetooth is unsupported on the Iris hub, the Iris hub does have bluetooth built in.
  23. mikeyc

    Gen 1 door/window sensors on Ebay

    I bought a couple of those contact sensors myself, and i should have them shortly.
  24. mikeyc

    Forum outage

    While i dont want to blame Lowes for the Forum outage... I would like to point out that the Iris "cloud" is also hosted by Amazon. I would assume Lowes has better backups then the forum owner's hosting company. Not trying to stir up anything, just pointing out the obvious/non-obvious situation. I stand corrected they use Azure and not Amazon.
  25. Thats the problem , it is actually both. If i was to build a new product, I can not advertise a product to be "Iris by Lowes" compatible. Why you ask? Two reasons. The first is trademark/copyright law. Iris by Lowes is a trademark, and if i want to advertise my product using it, i need to pay money to Lowes to use their trademark Iris Logo or other "marketing fees". Otherwise everyone could claim on their shiny packaging their products worked with Iris, and Lowes would have no way to stop them. That use of the Lowes trademarks is not free, it costs real money. Upwards of $15k-$500k (the exact numbers are classified, and i don't know them either) This isnt chump change and it can easily break the budget for many smaller companies. Second shelf space is not free, always. Some times you are right, Lowes purchasers go out and buy 100k units of a product and put them on a shelf. But sometimes vendors either need to buy space, (aka bribe Lowes to carry their product because Lowes doesnt want to sell it) or certain sections of their stores are strictly "Slot-fee only". Typically in 35billion dollar companies, they is the seasonal department, but it really is up to each retailer to find ways to squeeze money in every inch of the store how they see fit.