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  1. Anyone interested in Lightify Gateway and bulbs, I have the gateway and i believe 5 bulbs one is color the rest are just the white. Thinking $75 shipped.
  2. I have arlo pro cameras, I really like them and can view from anywhere. I use the arlo app and do not have them on iris.
  3. I have a garage door controller that I am about to take down, if anyone is interested I accept paypal and ship quickly. I believe I still have the box and it was working the last time i used it. Make an offer.
  4. Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I like the new arlo pro, it has rechargeable batteries.
  5. For those wanting to try Echo

    i had a problem installing mine on my iphone but tried my ipad and worked right away.
  6. Just replaced my thermostat with nest. I don't have any box or manual. $60 Shipped, paypal for. payment.
  7. Current Rating...

    Have 60 devices and now returning 18, after changing internet and trying to reconnect my 3 cameras that need to be reset manually. I wasted many hours before giving up. They hardly work to begin with. Last week had a car pull in my driveway and walk around, the camera missed the car pulling in or leaving, only captured a quarter of the car sitting in driveway.Anyway i'd give it a 4.
  8. 12 zone irrigation controller

    Yes it works with iris. or is suppose too. It worked better on v1
  9. 12 zone irrigation controller

    my orbit is scheduled to run twice a week and never does. also suppose to water hanging baskets every day.. nope.
  10. Cutting the cable

    my antenna is smaller than the dish we had for direct tv and i installed it right on the pole the dish was on.
  11. Cutting the cable

    We cut the cable today, Got a marathon antenna from freesignaltv and we are getting 59 channels on 4 tvs. Got internet from bright house for $40 mo.