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  1. Anyone interested in Lightify Gateway and bulbs, I have the gateway and i believe 5 bulbs one is color the rest are just the white. Thinking $75 shipped.
  2. chefbart

    Keen Vents $25 off

    If you are interested in purchasing Keen Vents, here is a link for $25 off.
  3. Just replaced my thermostat with nest. I don't have any box or manual. $60 Shipped, paypal for. payment.
  4. I have arlo pro cameras, I really like them and can view from anywhere. I use the arlo app and do not have them on iris.
  5. I have a garage door controller that I am about to take down, if anyone is interested I accept paypal and ship quickly. I believe I still have the box and it was working the last time i used it. Make an offer.
  6. chefbart

    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I like the new arlo pro, it has rechargeable batteries.
  7. chefbart

    For those wanting to try Echo

    i had a problem installing mine on my iphone but tried my ipad and worked right away.
  8. chefbart

    Current Rating...

    Have 60 devices and now returning 18, after changing internet and trying to reconnect my 3 cameras that need to be reset manually. I wasted many hours before giving up. They hardly work to begin with. Last week had a car pull in my driveway and walk around, the camera missed the car pulling in or leaving, only captured a quarter of the car sitting in driveway.Anyway i'd give it a 4.
  9. chefbart

    12 zone irrigation controller

    Yes it works with iris. or is suppose too. It worked better on v1
  10. chefbart

    12 zone irrigation controller

    my orbit is scheduled to run twice a week and never does. also suppose to water hanging baskets every day.. nope.
  11. chefbart

    Cutting the cable

    my antenna is smaller than the dish we had for direct tv and i installed it right on the pole the dish was on.
  12. chefbart

    Cutting the cable

    We cut the cable today, Got a marathon antenna from freesignaltv and we are getting 59 channels on 4 tvs. Got internet from bright house for $40 mo.
  13. chefbart

    video updated

    i have had mine over 1000%
  14. chefbart

    Apple HomeKit

    I'd love to see some iris products work with homekit. I have apple tvs in each room.
  15. chefbart

    push notifications - alexa - coming soon?

    she's like a rebel
  16. chefbart

    Amazon Echo, dot, tap etc question

    Echo is awesome, you should buy two and send me one !!!!
  17. chefbart

    Cell Modem?

  18. chefbart

    Cell Modem?

    we have ATT internet that is out more than 72 hours a day.
  19. chefbart

    Lowes IRIS Customer Service Survey

    I got this call about a V1 camera I returned, I got the call over a week ago.
  20. chefbart

    Keen Vents $25 off

    it's keen home, here's the link, they do limited runs of the products. I never seen any at my lowes. they also have new sizes that will be available.
  21. chefbart

    Keen Smart Vents

    New sizes of vents are now available, for preorder. They also have filters that go with the vents.I ordered a 6*14 for my living room, witch always is too hot or cold.