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    chefbart reacted to OhioYJ in Product Reviews   
    As much as I want the platform to succeed, I can't in good conscience recommend the platform to anyone in it's current state. My grandparents lost their internet over the weekend, and AT&T told them it will be two weeks before they can come out and get to it. We don't have off line processing, I'd hate to have to explain to them a system that I'd recommended is not not functional to any degree at all because they have no Internet for the next 15 days.
    Lowes has without warning just up and decided to leave our homes vulnerable by deciding to kill our systems to do updates that say fail in some cases, or quietly do updates that make items no long alarm devices (garage door controllers), etc.
    Just my opinion, and perhaps I'm just being a "negative nancy". However I believe in my case, until Iris / Lowes gets their act together and gets us back closer to V1 state I couldn't recommend this to anyone. So my "positive review" or show of support, will just have to be no review at all. Which is and has been what it is at the moment. Which is sad, back during V1 I used to recommend it to people. I'm so glad, my dad did not buy this for his two houses now.
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    chefbart reacted to B-Zombie in Warning sound before alarm is trigger?   
    Was there ever a fix for having the hub sound a warning that the alarm was triggered and about to notify someone?  I really miss that feature, it was a great reminder to turn off the alarm or to ward off intruders. 
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    chefbart reacted to sparc in Warning sound before alarm is trigger?   
    That has caught me a couple times too. I did not hear anything from the keypad as I entered (keypad is next to door) and forgot the alarm was armed. One minute later the alarm sounded off and made its first telephone notification to my neighbor, who then called me before I could disarm the alarm and text him to tell him it was a false alarm and only me.
    If the keypad would beep every 10 or 15 seconds, or something along those lines when counting down the user set delay that would be nice.
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    chefbart reacted to IrisWhat? in push notifications - alexa - coming soon?   
    As it stands right now, Amazon Echo is the well-behaved child your grandparents might have approved of: it doesn’t speak until spoken to. But soon Alexa could be piping up to offer information without being prompted first.
    According to a report from The Information, Amazon is considering enable push notifications for Alexa that would let the virtual assistant speak up with alerts from any Echo-connected apps and gadgets.

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    chefbart reacted to sparc in Frame Rate 1 FPS   
    Wow, 13 Iris cameras is quite an investment and would
    certainly fill your online storage quickly even at 5FPS.
    I found that for the price of two Iris outdoor cameras
    I could buy a complete 16 channel video surveillance
    system with a 1TB DVR and 8 HD color cameras with 65' IR
    night vision and all the cabling I needed to connect them.
    The system can be accessed remotely using their free app
    and there is no service fee. I have about 13 days of 24/7
    recording capability at the resolution and frame rates I
    have selected but could get more with a larger hard drive
    or lower frame rates.
    I do have two Iris cameras but after I bought the second one
    we decided to go with the stand alone video system. Another
    plus from a security standpoint is with the video and the alarm
    systems being separate hacking your way into one does not get
    you access to the other. So maybe you could take down the video
    but the alarm functions in Iris would still be functional.
    The DVR is also accessible from any PC on the network with
    a browser and you can search through all the recorded video,
    set up alarm zones in each cameras field of view, define
    boundary lines that will alarm when crossed, adjust sensitivity,
    mask off areas, and much more. It is possible to display all 8
    channels on one screen or any number from 1 to 16, set the scan rate
    to x number of seconds each camera is displayed before automatically
    switching to the next, and more. The system also has outputs that can
    be tied into an alarm system or used to actuate other devices such as
    relays to control various functions. All for less than $400 and no
    monthly fees.
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    chefbart got a reaction from sparc in Amazon Echo feature request   
    it would also be nice for arrivals, so so has arrived.
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    chefbart reacted to jwwhite001 in Cell Modem?   
    That is bad internet...down 72 hours per day...
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    chefbart got a reaction from rdisom in Cell Modem?   
    we have ATT internet that is out more than 72 hours a day.
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    chefbart got a reaction from rdisom in Cell Modem?   
    we have ATT internet that is out more than 72 hours a day.
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    chefbart got a reaction from rdisom in Cell Modem?   
    we have ATT internet that is out more than 72 hours a day.
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    chefbart reacted to awraynor in Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap Showing in + Devices but not yet Pairable. Update, now pairable, kicking ass and taking names!   
    Funny that Siri is Iris backwards, or vice versa from your point of view. 
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    chefbart reacted to scunny in Cutting the cable   
    I've recently developed an interest in cutting the cable using OTA HD antenna for local programming and something like a Fire Box for all other content.
    We have a very diverse and highly tech educated user base here and I'd love to hear what you guys are doing along this line if you are.
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    chefbart reacted to pavalov in Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap Showing in + Devices but not yet Pairable. Update, now pairable, kicking ass and taking names!   
    Wow. I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention. With 5 minutes' work, I've got a new voice input for controlling IRIS, and it's at the other end of the house from Echo (my PC). So, I understand Lexa is available to do the same with an Android phone. Why is there not an Apple version yet?
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    chefbart reacted to Enzo in Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap Showing in + Devices but not yet Pairable. Update, now pairable, kicking ass and taking names!   
    Yes, the Alexa integration is fantastic, and works really really well, so I hope they go beyond the basic Smart Home skills that Amazon defined for Lights, Switches, and Thermostats and also allow us to make custom requests like:
    "Alexa, ask Iris to open the garage door"
    "Alexa, ask Iris to water the patio plants for 30 minutes"
    "Alexa, ask Iris to set a 24 hour rain delay"
    "Alexa, ask Iris if any windows are open"
    "Alexa, ask Iris to run my 'Evening' scene"
    I have no idea what additional custom skills they might be planning, but it seems like the possibilities are endless.
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    chefbart reacted to scunny in Device disconnection notification   
    It appears at least on Android that when a device becomes disconnected the push notification is sent 24 hours afterwards.
    Would you like to have the option to set the notification parameter to immediate?
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    chefbart reacted to Otto Mation in GE Outdoor Plug   
    While it is unplugged, hold the on/off button and plug it in. Release the button after it has been plugged in for about10 seconds. If that doesn't work, use the z wave removal tool.
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    chefbart reacted to Nanker Phelge in Outdoor cams' motion sensing is awful since update   
    Mine seem somewhat better after this last firmware release, but no where near what they once were with V1.
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    chefbart reacted to Thepurplewing in No Hub Offline Notification   
    I've lost Internet and power twice this week when traffic accident T's took out power lines and fiber lines.
    When the power and Internet returned, I received a notification that my hub had been restored. This repeated when the second accident occurred. I, again, got the restoration notification.
    So I simulated it, dropping the power and the Ethernet cable and I got no notification but when I restored power and the Ethernet, I almost instantly I got a restoration notification.
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    chefbart reacted to tread in Amazon Echo feature request   
    Some ideas I would like Iris to incorporate into the Echo ,
    I would like "Alexas" speaker  to work as a doorbell with an iris smart button since the v1 doorbell has not been revisited in v2. (parity)
     Maybe selectable tones or the ability to play our own recorded audio files.  
    A voice announcement would be great as well from Alexa. ex "Someone is at the front door". I miss the v1 announcement capability. (parity)
    Notifications would be nice to have her announce as well, "Back gate has been opened",or "Partial alarm activated, bedroom window opened, activating alarm in 5,4,......" 
    My Echo is in the mail. Cant wait for possibilities
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    chefbart got a reaction from scunny in A few general questions..   
    Great, Grrr, Grrrrr
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    chefbart reacted to pwynn in A few general questions..   
    When will the computer app be out?
    When will the voice be back?
    When will you be able to change the volume on the hub?
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    chefbart reacted to c379776 in Open/Close Garage Door With Fob   
    Yeah, one button to open it and the other button to close it   It shouldn't have to be two buttons!
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    chefbart reacted to pwynn in hub louder, voice back and chime when doors are opened   
    I have not idea why they got rid of these features??? My parents cant even hear the system now that the hub is so soft. The chimes were great when you were home alone without the alarm set and the voice made it seem like it was a real alarm system not some 59.99 ge system.
    Just my 2 cents..