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  1. Ok Cool, thanks guys!
  2. Awesome thanks guys!
  3. No one know or has it been answered somewhere else that I don't see? Thanks.
  4. geofencing

  5. Is this in the works? You can now do it with Echo on certain bulbs but not using Iris through Echo. Thanks!
  6. My iPhone 7 is now recognized by the App and I am receiving push notifications. Thank you IRIS!!!!
  7. The New Update Fixed the problem. My iPhone 7 is now receiving notifications and is listed in the app. Thanks IRIS!!!
  8. Do I need a new Hub???

    Now my thermostats don't work lol! The one is 15 feet from the Hub. Says it's connect and shows temp in app but can't be controlled by app! Never ending! I should be getting paid to keep my house lights on, heat on, house secure........ or maybe just hire a live in maid and Butler to keep things running! I took the batteries out for 30 seconds and put them back and still doesn't work.
  9. Do I need a new Hub???

    Thanks Terminal! It's just weird because I never setup scheduling or have any listed in the app for it. Probably related somehow to what you are experiencing.
  10. Osram Lights and Alexa

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a heads up that I was having issues where I would tell Alexa to turn off or on Living Room Lights and my Kitchen Lights would also come on or off. This was never happening when I first set everything up and I never went back into the Alexa App until now. I found out under my group Living Room Lights, not only were my kitchen Lights checked but also my Thermostat and Front Lights. I did not do this. Unchecked everything that was not suppose to be there and it all works good.
  11. Do I need a new Hub???

    Ok everyone, it seems that this was the Fix for me! Things have been very stable for two days now! Thank you IRIS Team. I was having some very strange things happening that I wish you could address IRIS. I had no batteries in my 2nd Gen. Security Key Pad and it was connecting and disconnecting. I also had my faucet controlling setting scheduling when I have never set up a schedule for the facet controller. And there isn't any listed. I have since put new batteries in the keypad and it is saying connected. The scheduling on the Facet controller has seemed to stop as feel. This info might help with other issues people have. Thanks!
  12. Do I need a new Hub???

    Yes Vett, I'm hoping IRIS on here will answer but I will give them a call on Monday.
  13. Do I need a new Hub???

    Here's one for you; my 2nd Gen Keypad that disconnected had dead batteries. I removed the batteries and it has been sitting all day yesterday and today with the batteries out. But all night it's been connecting and disconnecting??? Is it due to a slow discharging capacitor??? Also, I have a facucet controller that has never had a schedule. Last night it said Schedule applied. I went to make sure there isn't a schedule and there isn't??? Bad Hub? I moved my smart plug last night so I could use it for my Christmas Lights. It is no long fee between my foyer and front yard light switch. The foyer switch disconnected. I'm going to put it back in between the foyer switch and the Hub. Now it looks like I have to buy more 2nd Gen Smart Switches just to get things working and do what I want to do like use one for my Christmas tree. More money! Sorry but this isn't right to have to buy smart switches when the switches the smart switches are helping work are only 20 feet from the Hub!!!
  14. Do I need a new Hub???

    So far so good with the removal, reset, and re-add of the Gen 2 Smart Switches. All my other switches have stayed connected. Will update tomorrow.