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  1. Thepurplewing

    Thought this might be interesting

    They spent a boatload of money and still had junk. The $50 mil included everything they could thrown in
  2. Thepurplewing

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    You have 3 that know about Iris? The store I bought all the Iris stuff from had ZERO employees who understood Iris. Example: I was buying about a dozen GE Smart switches in Lowe's and the "electrical" person rolled up on me and said "Those are speciality switches, they won't work without a special controller", I explained I had Iris and he said Iris doesn't use GE, it has all its own devices. I had to show the poor guy that he was wrong.
  3. Thepurplewing

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    It is hard to comprehend that this alarm system that has been frankensteined performs better than Iris. I really wanted Iris to work but over a year out and it's still the same issues. SmartThings is not perfect and it's a taller learning curve but it is a stop gap measure until someone comes along with a better mousetrap.
  4. Thepurplewing

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    When I returned all my V1 devices and dumped Iris in the ditch, I had a long talk with the manager in the store a few weeks later. He said no one in store management has any idea what path Iris will take. He called it the red headed step child in the store. It could be a wonderful system but it is underfunded, understaffed, and undersold. There is no advertising outside of the stores except for a few reviews. Those reviews for V2 aren't very good at this point. I'm using Smart Things but I'm not 100% sold on it. I'm using it for HA but my alarm is still a very old modified Nutone alarm that works. I just got tired of Iris failing or being wonky at 3 am.
  5. Thepurplewing

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    Sales Associates are guessing, I had one tell me that Iris was being phased out for Apple HomeKit because Apple had a bigger display. I'm sure there will be some changes made as Iris is a small player in Home Automation. Much of the Iris line is available on Amazon, as is Smart Things.
  6. Thepurplewing

    Genie Connect Pairing Process

    I called Genie support and got some great help from them when I installed the Genie on Iris. I had a similar but slightly different issue and with their help got it to work. Since I switched to Smart Things, I use the Genie app until ST becomes compatible with The Genie Aladdin Connect.
  7. Thepurplewing

    GoControl Thermostat

  8. Thepurplewing

    GoControl Thermostat

  9. Thepurplewing

    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I switched over to ST after Iris failed me one too many times. I loved V1 and invested heavily in devices and then poof, V2 and I tried but eventually took it all back. ST has a tall learning curve and takes time to learn but it is t rocket science. I really like the ecobee3 Thermostat and the ability to control room temps with either motion, temps, or both. So far great uptime and reliability. I'm still looking at other systems. It so far ST is doing the job for HA, my Security is still running on an ancient Nutone system that's been modified. I added a relay and have a Rube Goldberg interface with ST. It's all temporary until I get time to build something better.
  10. Thepurplewing

    GoControl Thermostat

    New Price I have a GoControl Thermostat I got in June and used it until mid-August when I removed Iris from my house. It works well with Iris. It is a Z wave device. These list at $59.00 and I will take $20 (was $30) including shipping to the lower 48 states. PayPal preferred. Contact me here or
  11. Thepurplewing

    Security system

    I'm using the remnants of a 40 year old Nutone system that was modified in the early 90s by some ajar company to add a new dialer. I finally got it reprogrammed to call the Sheriff's Office and replaced the smoke detectors that had an install date of 6/92. All windows and doors are on the system and it ain't SH technology but I have a plan to add a contact point to alert me.
  12. Thepurplewing

    Halo smoke detectors now iris compatible?

    I emailed Halo several months back and got a canned response about a release date. They were supposedly ready to go last winter then delayed a number of times since.
  13. Thepurplewing

    GE 3-way dimmer wiring

    Give me a day or so at work to slow down, we just changed out a burned out and blown up 270 ton transformer in 25 days. I've had the same issues, I can do it on the phone and email more simply. Let me head settle and I'll help you solve it. Your biggest trouble will be the dimmer switch. I'm sure we can solve it.
  14. Thepurplewing

    Ive updated to iOS 10 but it still crashes. Reading the reviews and after talking to a store manager, a small percentage have crashing problems. I'm on a 6 Plus that was bought when released. I'll reload the app today and see but it's the only one acting up.
  15. Thepurplewing

    It is crashing on iOS and not on all of them. I updated the phone on Tuesday so I have the newest iOS software updates. I checked it moments ago and it still crashes. It's a known issue they haven't fixed yet. Reading the reviews, others have the same issue.