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  1. helyeah

    v1.12 Release Notes

    yes! thank you Terminal, this is exactly what I need.. thanks for pointing me to this thread. I will give this a shot.
  2. helyeah

    v1.12 Release Notes

    I know this is an old post, but wondering if anyone can explain how to integrate their IRIS Camera with an NVR. Specifically, I have an Amcrest NVR and read that Dan8785 was able to do this with his system. Dan, can you or anyone explain what you had to do to get this to work? Maybe there is some nuance to this that you've figured out and can share. I tried to manually enter the IP, username and passwork with no luck. Thanks in advance!
  3. Text/notification/email or call when hub goes offline. V1 would alert me by text and email when my hub went offline due to internet connectivity issues, V2 does NOT. This is a security concern if burglars cut my cable connection outside and trip my alarm, I would not be notified remotely (and I'm a premium customer). An alarm would put me on alert and I can also call comcast to yell at them to get my internet back up. Please bring this feature back ASAP!!!
  4. helyeah

    Rules feedback

    It would make sense to add door lock/unlock status in the alarm configuration page for partial and on alarming. I want to know if all my doors are locked when I am arming the alarm (partial) for the night. I.e. In door happens to be unlocked, I won't be able to arm the alarm.
  5. helyeah

    Text Messages

    Agreed, push notification is not useful for security alarming. The direct phone call is ok, but text is better. Phone calls I have to pick up and answer in a quiet place to hear the message. Text I can read instantly!
  6. helyeah

    V1 Keypad Stuck in Silent Alarm Mode

    Never mind. Found answer in another thread to increase delay to anything but zero.
  7. helyeah

    V1 Keypad Stuck in Silent Alarm Mode

    I'm experiencing a different v1keypad issue. I press 'partial' and the 'on' button on the keypad flashes and goes through the 'on' delay sequence ( I have zero delay for arming partial). I am able to arm 'partial' from the app no problem. Also this issue is intermittent. Sometimes fine other times no. I also unpaired and repaired 5he keypad and that didn't help. Any ideas?