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    completely disapointed

    I think that users here expected a bit of professionalism. With today's outage, I have no control over most of my house, including security features. In upgrading, it was reasonable to expect a level of service similar to what was available with V1. In no way was it expected that the unit would be de-featured and today rendered as useless as a pet rock. I was not aware that it was a complete redesign of the product rather than an incremental product update. Lowes screwed up badly and pushed something out the door that was clearly not ready to see the light of day, even 6 months later. My system and service today at this moment are useless. I can't reach support except through twitter, whose advice was to wait overnight and see if it's better in the morning. This is in no way a professional way to run a business. If Lowes relied on this business, perhaps they would take it more seriously, but as it is now, it's just a pet project that they're trying to work out, but if it doesn't work, they still have their core business. And the people who've adopted the product based on V1 are screwed.