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  1. jeremybaynai

    help with a garage door opener

    I bought a new house with a REALLY old garage door opener. It's one of those "they don't make 'em like they used to" kind of machines that I don't want to replace, but I do want to make it smart. I'm looking at the garage controller ( but it doesn't come with the remotes and keypad. My question is, does this device just piggyback into the same ports on the opener that a generic remote controller would do give a second point of control? Is there a better Iris-compatible garage door controller out there that i should be looking at?
  2. jeremybaynai

    New Update, New Disconnects

    Same here. Yesterday, when I got home from work, I typed my pin into the keypad and it didn't take. The alarm started blaring, I tried everyone else's pin with no luck. I ran back to my car, grabbed my phone and turned it off from there. The alarm disarmed but the keypad continued to siren. I had to pull it off the wall and pull the batteries!
  3. jeremybaynai

    Garage Door Controller

    I COULD NOT get my garage door opener (full genie opener, not just controller) to be released by V1, and of course after transitioning, didn't have online access to the V1 system to remove the device. I solved my problem (after no help from 2 hours of tech support) by logging into V1 under my wife's account! For some reason, only the admin account is locked down after migration and I could remove devices from her account.