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  1. Works fine I have just moved away from iris, will throw in v1 door sensor and v1 smart plug for 60$ total shipped
  2. Airwaive

    Return Success?

    No luck for me, My email to customer care was internally forwarded to iris support who immediately denied my request and told me to call so I could get help pairing my devices (lmao). I was uninterested in spending another 2 hours on the phone. The real surprise was being told he was the highest level point of contact at the corporate office when his email Sig clearly stated he was a tech support flunky. My emails have gone unanswered since then. I did return my v2 devices which was met with pushback at store level even though it had only been 5 days!!!!!! Needless to say I'm done with Iris. I'm going to upload a video of me crushing both hubs and v1 devices under my truck if anyone is interested.
  3. Airwaive

    Return Success?

    I just sent lowes customer care an email requesting return authorization for all of my v1 products as well as current v2 products I've purchased. This system has flip flopped from great to horrible in a matter of months. I also called iris CS and was told there was no ETA on system stabilization at this time and it may be weeks to months for full recovery. What joke for self proclaiming "security" system. I'm well aware of the faults of a self monitored security system but its no excuse for zero back end support. Has anyone else had success getting your money back?