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  1. cody.cook

    GE Dimmer Switch

    I have a GE Dimmer switch that was connected for over two years. It recently lost connection to my hub. I’ve tried rebuilding my z-wave network. I’ve also tried disconnecting and reconnecting. I’ve played with the location of my range extender. Nothing seems to be working. Any other ideas?
  2. cody.cook

    Thermostat Problem

    I have the basic themostat that comes with the old Iris kits. This morning, my house was at 71 degrees, I had it set to "COOL" for 73 degree threshold, and the A/C was running. This isn't the first time it's happened, but it also doesn't "always" happen. Any thoughts? Is there a more reliable thermostat out there? Cody
  3. cody.cook

    Major thermostat bugs still exist

    Mine ran the A/C for hours after we left for vacation despite being 15 degrees below the cool to point. What the heck? I ended up having it off for the rest of the vacation and it didn't get within 5 degrees of the cool to point. What the heck?
  4. cody.cook

    Humidity Sensor

    Is this still true? Only device that reads humidity is thermostat?
  5. I'm sure this is discussed elsewhere but help me understand what it means to "work but not be supported." Does this simply mean it won't be branded as a "Lowe's Iris" device but will otherwise work as expected? This would imply that I can buy with confidence. Or, is there something I should be concerned about if I buy one of these devices?
  6. cody.cook

    Thermostat Bug

    My thermostat is setting its heat point at 48 degrees at 11:38 PM. I can't find a scene or schedule that even looks like that. I woke up yesterday morning with the house 5 degrees below where I want it. Figured it was an anomaly until it happened a second straight day. I didn't do anything to schedules or scenes with my thermostat. How do I get it to stop doing this?
  7. cody.cook

    Successful Upgrade Statistics

    The migration tool pulled over almost all of my devices. The only exception was my GE light switch/dimmer. I joined this forum and easily learned how to fix it. Otherwise, I just want the sunset feature back... and I'm good.
  8. cody.cook

    Linked accounts with Version 2

    The better question is "why is the sunrise/sunset feature so difficult?" Once it comes, I'd love to be able to have things happen five or ten minutes before sunset. Would others be interested in this concept?
  9. cody.cook

    iOS: Rules are now grouped by type!

    Good. My porch lights were on all night before I learned the scene schedules didn't work. Sort of undid the value of the efficiency play. Now, if we can just get the sunset feature!
  10. cody.cook

    iOS: Rules are now grouped by type!

    do scene schedules work yet?
  11. cody.cook

    Platform Update Scheduled for March 24th

    I'm in now.
  12. cody.cook

    GE 12729 Dimmer Switch

    I was able to get this to work, even though everything says this is not compatible with next generation. I feel stupid for how simple it was, but perhaps by reposting, I'll save others their time. The Lowe's support for this system is questionable, at best. Here is what I did: 1. I used the z-wave removal tool. 2. I paired using the pairing for GE Dimmer Switch 12724 Z-Wave. I'm so glad I didn't uninstall and return! Now, for the sunset feature to come back.
  13. cody.cook

    Sunset Magic Rule

    I'm sorry. I know how frustrating it can be to see people repeat topics. I wish I had known this forum was available last year when I got V1. I'd love to expand my Iris capabilities in my house, but not until some of these things get resolved. On the positive side, my system is now much more responsive. Thanks!!
  14. cody.cook

    Sunset Magic Rule

    I had several devices set to activate at sunset on Version 1. It was one of my favorite features of having a smart home. Am I missing that feature in Version 2 app? Why would they discontinue this? Do I really have to change these rules every couple of weeks to keep up with the changing seasons? Why the step backwards?
  15. cody.cook

    GE 12729 Dimmer Switch

    My transition to V2 went mostly smooth. However, it told me that Next Gen can't pair with my GE 12729 Dimmer Switch. That's very unfortunate, as I love the ability to have my front porch lights come on and off at certain times. Questions: 1. Are there any tricks to getting it to pair, even though the migration software said it couldn't pair? 2. Does any from Lowes track this forum? If so, are there any plans to upgrade software to pair with these devices in the future?