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  1. momiris

    Platform Poll

    Just an FYI. If you're moving to s.t. from iris and want built-in battery backup, you may want to stick with the v2 of the s.t. hub, not the v3. The v2 has a few slots for batteries and the radios have slightly better range than the v3. Also just of comparison, my Iris v2 hub has better zigbee wall penetration and range than the V3 s.t. hub does.
  2. Here is a hopeful sounding excerpt from s.t. support I received, after reporting being absolutely shocked that no keypad from any manufacturer, works with s.t., without a community device handler(other than ADT's and requiring ADT's hub as well). I'm a recent iris convert, and I expressed to them " I'm really happy other devices are working but I was shocked there was no keypad support at all, and said I would buy 3 today, if they would sell them even for just piece of mind". I'm a recent iris convert, that is why you see them mention the iris keypad. ”In regards to your recent inquiry, we are unfortunately not compatible with the any keypad and in specifics the Iris keypad. We have however received numerous requests for these devices to be made compatible so we have sent these requests to our product and development team to see if they can hopefully make these devices compatible in the future. As of right now, there isn't a way to add them to SmartThings and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We want to make this a smooth transition for Iris users so we are trying to make as many devices compatible as possible."
  3. momiris

    zwave 12722 disconnect

    awesome! thanks so much Jim. I didn't realize zigbee switches were available!
  4. momiris

    zwave 12722 disconnect

    hey gang. I'm looking for some help with hub orientation and possible solutions to keep my GE 12722, light switch connected. I've got 8 devices installed in outbuilding(garage) with a metal garage door. The garage is located 30ft from my hub and my hub is in a window facing the garage. All the devices in the garage stay paired and working when the garage door is closed except my GE12722. I even have a smart plug installed just underneath the GE12722, and it works and reports wattage correctly. Does anyone have some advice on keeping this Lil guy connected or maybe optimal hub orientation for zwave? T.I.A. mom
  5. momiris

    Cellular backup must be right around the corner

    I'm personally using a asus router that supports usb datacards. I think I might give that a try before I sign up for more services.
  6. momiris

    Gocontrol thermostat fan control

    Thanks for the replies!
  7. Can anyone point me towards how to turn only the fan on, for the gocontrol thermostats? (In the iris app) Thanks!
  8. momiris

    Dimmer switch "flipped"

    My GE 12727 light switch just did this. (Iris sees it as a 12722) Just before or just after the 57 update. It's the only ge light switch I have.
  9. momiris

    Android app bug

    Still happens on my note 3.
  10. momiris

    New Camera/New Water leak detector

    Have you seen any web links for the camera anywhere? I can't find it by the part# in google searches
  11. Think update .53 is rolling out. I had a few devices drop off and come backk and couldn't !ogin the app for a while
  12. momiris

    No chiming on doors

    @Berimbolo Thanks, I did a repair and now it is definitely just specific to one contact now! Last night, the battery in the contact died, so I'm hoping for just a weak battery causing a bad pair all this time. Ill updat when i get anothrr battery and re-pair.
  13. momiris

    Android app bug

    @TheBagMan I don't see the icons like you donwhen mone looks this way. A small update though: If i let it sit in this wierd screen mode for about 2 minutes, sometimes it would finally load.
  14. momiris

    Anyone else seeing FW level .053?

    I recieved this yesterday as well. I was wondering why i couldn't login for a while yesterday and why a few of my devices connected and disconnected randomly for a few hours. Took 24hrs for my zwave ge 12727 light switch to finally reconnect. I was sitting in my driveway trying to login over and over, the app said call tech support. After about 5 different login attempts, it finally allowed me to login and i was able to turn off the alarm. Really could've used a heads up on the update rolling out to prep for any wierdness.
  15. momiris

    New security alarm/custom modes

    Ive put in a similar request, i think it was called multiple partial modes. In the meantime, i manually change which devices are in partial everyday, but doing this every time is a hassle. To semi remedy this for my front and back doors, I put 2 door contacts for each entry door and assigned those to partial.