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  1. bobkeown

    My iris grade is...

    Just wanted to report that Cree Connected Light Bulb A19 is working with IRIS 2.0 hub. It shows up as a light bulb and an unsupported device. Unlike other unsupported devices, though, like the Singled A19 bulbs, I am able to control these on/off as well as dim them. Consider these products as WORS WITH IRIS!
  2. bobkeown

    Miscellaneous Scenes Not Functioning

    I tried both Android and iOS. Had to give up on the paid service because it could not deliver as promised. I will just have to be a dissatisfied customer with an alarm system that does not work as advertised. Shame on you Lowes. This thing is not ready for prime time by ANY stretch of the imagination.
  3. I purchased an Iris 2.0 hub in January and am still having inconsistencies with the scenes running as programmed/scheduled. For instance, I have a Good Night Scene that turns on the alarm to partial at 11:30, and it runs and sets the alarm on at 11:30 without fail. However, I have never been able to get the Wake Up scene to run at 5:00 AM. All scenes run fine when I run them manually, but when set to schedules or conditions, some work and some do not. I have also not been able to get the I'm Home or I'm Away Scenes to run when the Fobs leave the house. I contacted IRIS to inform them and we ran through all the troubleshooting steps, but at then end of that trial and error session, they just told me that I indeed had an issue. Has anyone else had similar issues??