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  1. loonytim

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    It does. The only thing that I know of that a ST + Amazon/Google assistant integration doesn't do is unlock doors. smart. lol. I can only imagine people shouting "Alexa Unlock Garage Door" from my porch.
  2. loonytim

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I will have to investigate the Scout option. When I had set up my smart things system the Iris V1 keypads were not compatable and it would not allow me to use my iris devices as a security system. I haven't explored it any further than that, but now that I know Iris is out, I will see what I can find out. What I liked about the Iris system was that it would send me and automated call if there was an alarm triggered in my office. Need to see if that is available on ST now.
  3. loonytim

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I've been happy with Smart Things, except I haven't been able to get it to do the security stuff I would like.
  4. loonytim

    March Shut-Down

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while. Today I received the official end of life announcement for Iris by Lowes. March 31, 2019, if you haven't seen it yet. I'm pretty angry about it, but the reimbursement is a nice gesture for screwing over so many of us. At any rate, I'm using Smart Things at home and it has been working well. What I need is a system that will use my Iris devices and will easily allow me to do the security stuff that Iris did. Have any of you found a comparable and compatible system? Thanks! <sigh> - Tim
  5. loonytim

    Smart Things?

    I too am very happy with my ST install in my home. I'm 'meh about my IRIS setup in my office. Its been working as long as I don't pay much attention to it. For example, I went to test my 5 First Alert smoke/CO detectors on Tuesday... I tested each one, and 4 of 5 went from battery level "OK" to "0%" and then started beeping to have the batteries replaced. -- I replace them about every 3 months. Not a single alert until after I tested them, then the emails came. Tuesday I also disconnected a smart-plug that had a small heater attached to it. Thursday morning I got an alert that it had been disconnected from the system. They're small things... Until they're not. I have been slowly migrating my office away from relying on IRIS. My cameras are now a stand-alone unit. My thermostats are now stand-alone units. I use IRIS for door locks, lighting control and a motion controlled alarm at this point. I do feel that they have been making some progress, just not in the areas that are important to me. oh well.
  6. loonytim

    all 4 of my cameras disconnected simultaneously

    Check your hub/router that they connect to. Every once in a while mine will drop off. They do about the same time the router update's its firmware. Sometimes they don't reconnect.
  7. loonytim

    My iris grade is...

    Have you guys gone to the Lowes Website and looked at the reviews of the Iris Hub? There are 14 of them. Both of my reviews (one before and one after the website "upgrade") are not there, as I am sure many of yours aren't either. I'm not cool with that.
  8. loonytim

    My iris grade is...

    I'm at a C. (Today anyways) Like others commented. The awesome potential is there (or was there in V1), but the roll-out and pace of improvements has been so poor it is embarrassing. I haven't expanded my system since we were forced to upgrade to V2, so I am spending zero dollars on Iris products (except the mandatory $10 monthly fee for it to function) whereas I have spent another small fortune outfitting my home with Smart Things and compatible gadgets. The nice thing is that my system has seemed much more stable now a days, so that does make me happy-ish.
  9. loonytim

    Initial Release of Web UI Coming Later this Week

    Huge step in the right (back where we came from) direction. Thanks Lowes! A glimmer of hope...
  10. loonytim

    This AM

    I had to move one of my First Alert detectors at my office because the steam from an autoclave would set it off (Autoclave was about 10 feet from detector). Fortunately when it did set off the alarm, the office was empty of clients/patients so it wasn't too scary. That was on V1. I don't know if it would set off all the sirens on V2.
  11. loonytim

    No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Get rid of Iris. ;-p Sorry, I couldn't resist. I don't think there is much sense in harping on it, I've been using V2.0 for a year now. I've been seeing all the promises for a year now. I have seen very little in actual development to even get close to what V1 had. I've switched my home over to Smart Things and I am phasing out all my iris stuff in my business. I just don't see them improving things at an appropriate enough pace for something we were all forced into. Just my 2 cents.
  12. loonytim

    Why it is important to test smoke detector on Iris

    For the record: It's important to test them on Smart Things also! I triggered one over the weekend and never got an alert and when checking the detector in the app, it never changed status.
  13. loonytim

    Cameras & Videos - Incredible and Irritating

    Sparc, is that a "new feature" In Our upgrade to v2? I remember v1 cameras would update on wireless. It took a long time and did t always work, but you had a button to push on their web app that let you choose when to upgrade them. Wow, there are like 3 parity items in just this simple post. Hah.
  14. loonytim

    No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I'm more concerned about it being listed as "investigating" or in their "backlog". - it has been there nearly a year now...
  15. loonytim

    awful Iris end caps/displays.

    I have to give Lowes some credit! I went this morning to get a photo of what has been an abysmal display for their Iris system... BUT... They are in the process of updating it. The inventory side of things is still a bit off, and there are plenty of pre-opened packages, but they have some of the newer features showcased and a new display. I guess that's some progress.