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  1. I also seem to have a problem in that one key fob reads away but its here. Sigh. Any suggestions?
  2. How do I set up a key fob to be recognized to unlock/lock a door? How do I assign a button on the key fob to a rule? I have them synced to the hub. I have names assigned. Does everyone need the Irs app on their phone? Does everyone need my login to use the key fobs? Can the key fobs be stand alone key fobs and given out and people use them without the app? Can people use their own login on the app? How do I change designation of child/spouse etc. Does it really matter what the designation is? I called tech support and while she was real nice she just said set up a rule. Sigh. Thats not really sufficient. I'd like step one, two, three, four.... presto door opens when you walk up. I'd like step one, two, three, four.... presto door locks after you walk out.
  3. Lois

    Pile of Issues

    st and most significantly, 3 Schlage devices which were programmed and working perfectly prior to upgrade. Since the upgrade, they have done several things including losing all programming and locking me and my staff out of the building. They do not record or log who opens or closes the doors. They do not lock or unlock in the app. They connect and disconnect a whim. They even UNLOCK in the middle of the night randomly. I have since disconnected 1 of the schlage lock levers to try to reset and re-pair it, but now it will not re-pair. The Schlage Deadbolt is idle and not in use at the moment. The other Schlage Lock Lever is partially in operation but does not log events and will not accept new user pins. I have tried moving the hub to within 1 foot of each of these devices but have still had the same lack of functionality. ​Have you called Schlage? Their technical support is great!