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  1. AaHubb

    How are you guys using the Osram bulbs?

    I have one in the front porch light fixture set to turn on and off with sunset/sunrise. Another one works with a motion sensor to turn on only at night if we come home late.
  2. The short answer is no. No device will operate without power ie. manually turning it off at the power source. In order to control a light from both the switch and remotely you need an Iris compatible light switch. You would then be controlling power to the bulb from the switch and no longer need a smart bulb. ..Aaron
  3. AaHubb


    Looks to be closed system with no Zwave, zigbee only. You might want to check out Vera. ..Aaron
  4. I am having a similar issue. I let the controller set for several hours but the firmware update never completes.
  5. AaHubb

    Disconnect - causes and cures?

    I too had been having disconnect issues, especially v1 fobs. I recently moved my wifi router to a more central location in my house so figured I might as well put Iris there also. What a difference. I have not had any disconnects for the last week. The whole system seems to be more responsive/stable. I will keep checking to make sure my wife's fob stays home all night . ​..Aaron ​